Monday, January 30, 2017

Caution About News

It doesn't matter if you believe American State Nationals should be in the drivers seat and that Trump is only the CEO of the Corporation, What he does still will effect you greatly and the globalists know it.  Sorry but that is just how it is. Maybe not how it's supposed to be, but how it is.

This comment is by one of the people who was kicked out of the John Birch Society with me back in the 60s for being too political.
We all need to make the most of Donald Trumps actions across this country as long as he keeps walking the line to freedom.

Thanks Bill,

Paul Stramer

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From: Bill Baker
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2017 8:58 AM
Subject: Caution About News

Don't get up set by all the bad new spread by the leftist news media about the so call catastrophe  being caused by President Trump's current ban on people trying to get into the USA. Gorge Soros, one of the most powerful and wealthiest communist in the world, is funding much of the so called spontaneous demonstrations at air ports and else where in the US. He has been funding many such demonstrations and backing many far left political candidates including Hillary Clinton. He has even placed add offering $15.00 per hour to demonstrate.

What you are seeing on your TV is a massive highly funded and organized campaign to negate the efforts of President Trump to preserver and restore  our constitutional republic as originally intended and protect the citizens of the US from people outside this nation.

The political left in the media, entertainment industry and in public office are going to use every means at their disposal to stop President Trump's efforts to reverse our nation's slide into a socialist state.

Communist George Soros and others of great power and wealth are working hard to destroy individual national sovereignty of all nations in the world because of their goal of a one world government controlled by the communist controlled United Nations. For those of you who do not know, the original founding charter document for the UN was written by Alger Hiss. Alger Hiss was later identified as a communist agent in FDR's administration. You can look him up in Wikipeda if you don't believe me.

What you are now seeing and will continue to see will be a fight for the survival of this nation as originally constituted. President Trump loves this nation and has taken it upon him self to help restore it. Power forces are going to bring great pressure to defeat his efforts. 

President Trump will need the help of every God fearing and loyal American citizen who believes in the US Constitution in order to accomplish his goal. With God's help he will be successful.



Anonymous said...

Well I wouldn't be so sure of any of that...Like I say, it is better not being in their system at all then not. (when it comes to state people that is)

But our newsletters have been going nuts recently with this. They are all alleging that the US Federal Reserve is behind a coup. I guess I believe them.


"Federal Reserve is a monopoly institution that creates massive inflation, and burns money created out of thin air at a process far faster than the public needs or desires.

It creates the unemployment, by forcing businesses and homes into foreclosure. How it balances interest rates is its way of simply getting rid of the competition, definitely an agency that deserves an audit.

Pressure your Senators to Immediately Sponsor This Bill To Audit the Fed

The Federal Reserve must be openly audited in full transparency before the american public. I have a feeling they would find a lot more than the official heads of Citibank and the Swiss National Bank let on.

The People Must
Audit the Federal Reserve.
Audit the agency of IN-QTel.
Audit the Department of Health & Human Services and/or abolish it
Audit the Department of Defense / DARPA

And then the people themselves must repeal legal tender law and allow for silver currency in every state, as seen in North Dakota."
"Recognizing the devaluation and vulnerability of the U.S. dollar the L.P.N.D. supports the state of North Dakota establishing a (commodity/asset/gold/silver/ and/or combination) backed currency through the North Dakota State Bank." *"

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