Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Obama’s Very Symbolic Trip to Palm Springs

Why Obama’s First Stay After White House Was With Married Gay Couple In Palm Springs CA

There Are 3 Primary Reasons for Obama’s Very Symbolic Trip

No other POTUS has ever left Washington, D.C. under such strange and unexplained circumstances.

Many have been wondering why Barack Obama’s very first stay after he left the White House with his 'wife' Michelle was Palm Springs, California.  It was there that the former First Couple stayed with a married gay couple at their mansion “with the 8-car garage”.

Shortly after arriving, Michelle Obama then took a private jet owned by billionaire Richard Branson to his private island in the Bahamas.

Reason #1

This “millionaire’s pleasure palace in Palm Springs” was a very significant place to stay for a President who many have dubbed the first gay president.  Which is exactly why Obama went to overnight with the gay couple. His first message to all of his supporters is that he really is gay.  And, that this fact of life ought to inform the correct understanding about the ‘greatest achievement’ of his 2 terms in office–the effective legalization of gay marriage nationwide.

Reason #2

The second reason for this trip was to send the message loud and clear that he will not stop advocating for the LGBTQ agenda.  Of all the things he did, this was his top priority, even in the midst of the greatest recession since the Great Depression.  When he wasn’t dividing the country along racial, religious and gender lines, he was very busy making sure that military veterans would have their transgendering operations paid for. And that young children could declare that they were the other sex so that they could legally have a sex change.  And that gender bathroom use in Texas would be tied to federal funding for schools.  Once again, he considered gay marriage to be his single greatest accomplishment during his 8 years as POTUS and would therefore always be a zealous LGBT advocate.

Reason #3

The third reason for flying to California was to symbolically show his enthusiastic support for the crazy state of California.  If it comes down to a secession war between the U.S. Federal Government and California, Obama stands squarely with California.  The values and priorities of the ultra-liberal state are perfectly consistent with the foundational principles of the pseudo-progressive Obamanation.  The disproportionate Democratic representation of California will ensure that the Trump agenda is thwarted at every turn, just as the Golden State has done since the 2017 inauguration. Obama will offer his full support to every California initiative designed to stop or impede Trump‘s intention to re-introduce the rule of law.



Anonymous said...

Is there a possible scientific reason that the coastal States tend to be more prominent with people that are socialist, communist, gay, atheist, anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional, un-American, anti-God, controlling, manipulative, self righteous, proudly ignorant and outspoken in their selfish beliefs. Is it the salt air? Population density? Anyone have any input? I would like to here it as I am honestly curious about this phenomenon.

Freewill said...

It's gotta be the salt water!!

archangel said...

Well since Obama is a Muslim enemy combatant, he's in line to be stoned to death or thrown off a building, yes? You tube that and watch it go mega viral. Orgasmically delightful.

790 said...

Not all of us out here in So Cal are gay gender confused people. And we hate those peeps! The Hollywood culture perpetuates this bs lifestyle. Hillery didn't win California she engineered /stole the votes based on the Hollywood liberal subculture that uses the media to promote their agenda!