Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lee Wanta's High Speed Rail Map


Anonymous said...

In the early 90's Bush Sr tore up a major trans-continental railway for his "trails across America" - replacing the full rail track system with an asphalt road. What the H was that all about? The deliberate destruction of a major USA infrastructure!!
I guess that to make people use more oil, gas and rubber - as was revealed to be the real reson that they did when they tore up trolly tracks in LA, Detroit, and other major cities.
Trump and he new Attorney General should investigate that and another reason to try Senior ( America's biggest pedophile and co-conspirator of 9/11 attacks on USA ) for treason.

let'smoveforward said...

What about the VIOLATIONS of Americans' land rights in the process of acquiring the land to build this thing on? Just because someone has his own 'dream' does not justify violating others rights to peace, prosperity and pride of ownership. Consider what has already occurred in the Bundy and Hammonds situations, and currently with the violations of the U.S.A. Treaty with the sovereign native American Indian Tribes over the Kelcy Warren pipeline in the Dakotas? America does not need that pipeline. All the oil this nation and the planet could want or need for the next 30+ years is available right now in South Texas alone - capped off under orders of the EPA and Bushes. WHEN does all this ridiculous illegal seizure and VIOLATIONS of American's RIGHTS STOP? The planet is hundreds of years behind where it SHOULD be in terms of technology and, putting it simply, it is TIME TO MOVE FORWARD - not to continue the dead path our nation has been on for the past 300 years. FORWARD THINKING - NOT STUCK IN THE OLD RUT THINKING. Hopefully, the restored Republic is NOT going to continue in the former path of the cabal U.S.A. crime syndicate which Americans are counting on now being a 'thing of the past.'