Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's the Media, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 24


By Anna Von Reitz

When I was a kid and I would come home from school with some piece of popular psycho-babble my Mother would always rear back and look at me closely and ask, "Where did you hear that?"
If the answer was a teacher or some other unfortunate adult, Mother had a way of going to the source and correcting things on the spot.  Otherwise, the answer was always the same: "Consider the source."
That is what we all desperately need to be doing with mainstream media.
I have told this story before, but will tell it again because it is something that you can all do (and easily prove) for yourselves.
Back in the 1980's my husband, I, and a small group of about eight friends did a little experiment.  We all agreed to listen to one or another of the popular Nightly News programs--- CBS, ABC, NBC, and BBC at that time.
This involved a piece of paper divided into four columns headed: "Sex", "Death", "Both" and "Other" with an extra column for the "Date" of the show.
As we watched news stories, we would tick off whether the report concerned sex, death, both, or other content entirely.  What we found is that an absolutely astronomical and totally unlikely percentage of reports involved sex and/or death and nothing else of redeeming value.  Just that.  Sex and/or death.
We also noted that there was no apparent rhyme or reason for any of it.  Why, for example, did the traffic death of a teenager in LA make front page news nationwide, but hundreds of similar deaths all over the country never made a mention on page B16 of the local paper? 
Are your Shinola Sensors going off yet?
And what possible "good" did it do any of us to know about the traffic death of a teenager in LA?  Was there any lesson in the story that could save us or someone in our family a similar fate?  Some problem that we could solve to make sure other such deaths wouldn't occur?
No.  There wasn't.
So what possible reason, benefit, or value was there in listening to such a news report? 
None we could think of.
The media was just selling us sex and death on the rocks, straight up, no reason or redeeming action or benefit implied.  That then prompts one to ask---why? 
The short answer is that dwelling on senseless sex and death information makes us feel both aroused and afraid, two conditions that make us overall more willing to buy consumer goods and accept more and more and more government intervention and control.
It's a simple enough recipe when you look at it and it is also clear who benefits----the government gets to sell you more services and gets to control you at your own request, because they have succeeded in making you feel scared, depressed, helpless, and in need of such services to protect you and yours from nameless universal disaster.
The fact is that more government services wouldn't have saved the teenager in LA, but that doesn't matter.  Your brain isn't thinking in this higher state of critical review and logic. 
Instead, when that cute Gecko appears, hawking GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Corporation) insurance products, you are ready to go out and buy, buy, buy.  And when the latest, greatest wonder drug ad for "Immortal Life Pills" follows, you are desperate enough to ignore the long, long list of potential adverse side effects. 
Sitting in front of the Boob Tube night after night you've been duped into thinking that you are doing so to catch the "Nightly News", when in fact what you have been conditioned to do is watch an endless recitation of disaster and titillation that doesn't help you in any practical way.  This does, however, net you a little shot of adrenalin provided by your own body. 
You aren't a "news addict", you are an adrenalin addict. So you keep coming back and doing this absurd abusive ritual to your own detriment, reliably, night after night.  You are, quite literally, hooked.
It's the best behavioral training practice since Pavlov's dog, and you just lap it up and the Mainstream Media just goes on heaping the plate.
After you have learned to turn off the "news" or just scan the headlines for anything of actual value, you will notice that you eat a lot less and sleep better at night and generally enjoy better health.  This is because chronic long term abuse of your adrenalin response is no longer occurring.
You can easily test and confirm what I am telling you for yourselves and I highly recommend that you do so.  Keep a tally and instead of just mindlessly listening to the purported news as if it really is news, listen to it critically---and question the content.  Why am I hearing about this?  What good does it do me to know?  How does it matter?  What can I do about it, if anything?  Nothing?  So-- Why am I sitting here listening to this?
I keep an ear half-cocked for anything of real importance, but news stories
of importance tend to be few and far between and quickly buried---because frankly, our media is attuned to do everything and anything but provide you with news.  When they do so, it's an accident. 
Their real mission is to sell you stuff and to entertain you and to influence--that is, skew, your decision-making process.  Anything that does anything not in alignment with these goals is a waste of capital investment and from the standpoint of the media moguls, is to be strongly discouraged.  Anything that might wake you up or empower you to think for yourself or notice the little man behind the curtain is worse. 
Many gallant journalists have seen their careers go down in flames and have faced unemployment, ridicule, professional ostracism, and not a few have faced death in order to bring you actual news.  For your own survival and your country's survival it is essential to encourage and make use of alternative news sources and to learn to recognize real journalism --- and real journalists --- when you catch a fleeting glimpse of one.
They still exist, and more keep stubbornly appearing. 
Malcolm X once famously said, "Only a fool let's his enemy educate his children." --- taking a little license to paraphrase the same truth, only a fool let's his enemies control his media.
When you look at who owns the media in America it is immediately apparent that that is exactly what we do.  The vast bulk of media outlets in America are owned by six foreign multi-national conglomerates and those organizations are aligned more or less with foreign banks and foreign governments that have axes to grind and motives to promote disinformation and influence our opinions ---often to our own detriment. 
As my Mother said all through my childhood: "Consider the source". 
When Britain wants us to get involved in a nasty little war for profit, guess what? We get plenty of news about ISIS from the mainstream news organizations aligned with the British banks and the British government storefront.  We are shown beheadings and children being burned alive in wire cages in order to provoke all those yummy adrenalin rushes and at the same time outrage us enough so that we are willing to take violent action against the criminals.  And all the while, the real criminals who are funding ISIS and promoting these bestial acts for pay, are sitting smug in Westminster playing cards. 
The BBC grinds the British axes, the Times-Warner Group grinds the US axes, Fox Network goes back and forth and mostly to the highest bidder and on and on it goes.  All you have to do is look up the ownership of these corporations and it is easier enough to see how and why the "news" you get is skewed.
The Sex and Death Propaganda remains much the same as it was in the 1980's and the only recent change has been the addition of False Happy Propaganda. This is a far distant second in terms of mainstream "news" content, and even more distasteful in a way, because it is even more deceptive.
This brand of propaganda encourages you to believe good things that simply aren't true.  They give you a different kind of addictive high by encouraging a little jolt of serotonin release in your brain.  This makes you feel good and keeps you coming back for more.  The sad part is that like Santa Claus, this is just more distortion of the truth that ultimately leads to disappointment and disillusionment.
Beware of news that sounds too good to be true, because 99.9% of the time, it is too good to be true and isn't.  It's just the same old cads playing a different tune and seeking to lull you into fat, dumb, happy, and patient complacency---and by default, complicity. 
Millions of Americans who have begun the process of awakening have been at least momentarily sidetracked and derailed by tales of gallant behind the scenes military action in their behalf, arresting and removing the bad guys, emptying out and destroying vast underground bases, repurposing FEMA camps, forcing the rats in Congress to sign legislation restoring the Republic and providing remedy to the people.....and blah, blah, blah.
The truth is that the United States military forces (in which far too many American state nationals have served, either because they mistakenly thought it was their army or because of illegal conscription) have been grossly and shamelessly misled and abused for a hundred and fifty years, cheated, defrauded, lied to, and left without the back pay, insurance, medical services, educational programs, and other support they are owed.
Suffice it to say that all these Tall Tales about a wonderful "New Republic" and near-miraculous feats of military intervention to make things right in the world are in my opinion just the second brand of propaganda---- propaganda designed to make you believe that everything is safe and secure and all right when it isn't and isn't going to be, until you wake up and make it so. 

Stop believing the lies and the fairy tales, the Horror Stories and the Happily Ever Afters alike.  You cannot expect what now passes for journalism to provide anything approximating a fair and balanced world view for you.  Like so many other things, discerning the truth about what is going on in the world is a DIY project that requires effort and thought and research from you. 
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Anonymous said...

i laugh at the news now and take everything they say and reverse it.

Trump defunded paying for abortions and will not fund any organization the performs or promotes abortion.

But the media declares Trump made abortions illegal.

Not true, he just made using Federal taxpayer's money to perform or promote abortion illegal, anyone can pay for one, any doctor can perform one and individual states, cities, towns, churches etc can pay for one just don't expect Federal tax money to do it.

Privage Medical insurance company's can create plans that cover it and men and women alike now have to take responsiblity for having safe sex which can only promote better health and less STD's and Aids like disease sucking our medical system out of billions of dollars for treatment each year.

Personal responsibility for your own actions can only be good thing and men and women alike must choose to respect a woman's body which is simply not an object for the pleasure of careless men who stubbornly insist on unsafe sex.

Women's right to choose should start with the right to always demand safe sex as well as the right to terminate a pregnancy if they wish.

Anonymous said...

Judge Ana hits it out of the park again!!