Sunday, January 29, 2017

Trump’s First Weekly Address

President   Trump’s   First   Weekly  Address   To  The  American  People

We will upload the address here every week to insure that you get the update from your president. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you President Trump!! I see an honest effort to give us our country back. May Yahweh and Yahshua go before you in all that you do!

David said...

We support President Trump 100%...and always will.

holy cross said...

Both are demons - and they ARE going before him - straight into the abyss... The only GOD is the Trinitarian Theophany - God Our Lady, God Jesus Christ and God the Holy Ghost. Many demons with those names were lumped under the "Lord" name when the satanic bible began it's insurgence by the JOOS a thousand years ago. Wake up protties, you were duped and used. check it out.

Anonymous said...

holy cross
WOW! You are a little ray of light aren't you? There will be a WAILING and GNASHING of teeth. That pretty much describes your demon rant, you precious little snow flake. I feel bad for you.