Monday, January 30, 2017



This is step one prior to Martial Law --
They have underground tunnels and several have been turned
into prisons aka/ Concentration Camps..
They do "facial recognition" on everyone !



Published on Jan 13, 2017
Every AMERICAN Must watch this. Action is required.


Anonymous said...

Personally, until we are 'supposedly' rounded up, I don't believe this will transpire- The 'Elite' want it to, but it is nothing but fear porn-Anyone that is computer savvy can photoshop a photo, with other pieces of pictures added to it- The democratic party is probably behind this as they are pissed off because they lost, and from what I'm seeing, they are trying everything in their power and toy boxes to TRY to get even, but it won't work- It's too little, too late-

Freewill said...

I haven't been in a WalMart store in years... Biggest store I have been in in a long time is a K-Mart

Anonymous said...

They have been blowing underground tunnels to smithereens!! Hope they get every last one of them

Anonymous said...

Might as well ignore them now given how badly they were defeated..

With all the ammo they stockpiled they couldn't even take out one our decent size militias. They would be slaughtered in a heartbeat, this is just the stupid demo crats demanding attention

790 said...

whaaah i cant buy booze at wallmart,,,,,and its a conspiracy,,,,, Dont Shop at Wallmart. my god the answer is right in front of you......

Anonymous said...

What people need to understand is the SNARE the elites/globalists have used and are using to foment the world they want that he is describing simply in this is called CONVENIENCE and another is CHEAPER, or FASTER. Anytime an advertisement is about any of these issues--sit down and think before you I want to keep my rights or give them away. PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN, WITHOUT THINKING ANYTHING THROUGH, TO GIVE UP THEIR RIGHTS AND CHOICES. they have lost deeper values as to what is important in the big picture over what they can get cheaper, faster or more conveniently to "save time"...that is really big on TV--THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY---and eventually we WILL CONTROL YOUR CHOICES AND YOUR MONEY.

EXAMPLE: Century Link now charges MORE if you don't want auto debit--I FOUGHT THIS AND WON so far...the more it is accepted without outcry, the more it will be instituted with other is the next step toward losing control of your bank account. PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEAK UP, GO WITHOUT OR WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. People are willing to give up THEIR RIGHTS--for CONVENIENCE. People just don't look at the big picture as to where all these "neat conveniences" are purposefully leading--they just believe the deception..because eventually they will opt for NO CASH--then they control YOU AND YOUR MONEY. i am thankful that I can still write checks and ave rejected or avoided any other means-because I HAVE CONTROL OVER MY ACCOUNT but the way everyone around the world is opting for CONVENIENCE AND BANKING FASTER with their phones and tech gadgets it may not last long. It also opens a bigger door for thieves. the newest is someone calls you and says "can you hear me?" IF YOU SAY YES THEY RECORD YOU AND CALL BACK SAYING YOU OWE THEM MONEY FOR AGREEING TO WHATEVER THEY HAVE ALREADY RECORDED. Just an example.

Great new automated cars that don't need drivers? IS THIS A CONVENIENCE?? well, they track you and can shut your car down if they want..great when they have everyone aleady forced into a city. they already have a switch in all "computer based" cars that they can turn them all OFF.

They put Walmarts in all of the small towns on purpose--because the had a LONG TERM PLAN--AGENDA 21, 30 to force everyone into cities and monitored apartments. Instead of small town people being loyal to the mom and pop stores that had been there for generations to serve their needs--people went for the BAIT--CHEAPER...all these faithful stores closed up out of business and the people are left with Walmart-now walmart can do what they want-and they have already closed down alot of them--WHY? TO FORCE PEOPLE INTO THE CITY.

Now with Trump, things may change drastically PRAISE GOD and small businesses can get started back up in these small towns, which new regulations made too difficult, but in very small towns a business may not be able to thrive.

BUT THESE ISSUES STILL REALLY NEED TO BE A RED FLAG REGARDING ALL OF OUR RIGHTS AND CHOICES. Frankly, I resent that my rights and choices are being diminished because all of these people don't think.