Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump HALTS Obama’s $221,000,000 parting gift to the “Palestinians”

Thank you, President Trump. The Obama rush of $221,000,000 to jihad terror organization will fund Jew-killing. Obama’s parting gift to the Jews.
To the very last minute, Obama was aiding, abetting and arming Islamic enemies of freedom. He released $221 million to the Palestinians in his administration’s last hours. Officials say outgoing administration defied GOP opposition and sent funds to PA that had been blocked in Congress.
The Muslim leaders of “Palestinian Authority” exhort Muslims living in Gaza, Judea and Samaria to kill Jews and attack the Jewish state. They glorify murder and reward terrorists and their families, and indoctrinate their young to grow up to be homicide/suicide bombers. These funds will be used to slaughter, maim and destroy.
That is Obama’s legacy.
“State Department freezes Obama’s $221m gift to Palestinians,” World Israel News, January 25, 2017:
The Trump administration has frozen Obama’s parting gift to the the Palestinians.
Former US President Barack Obama, in his waning hours, quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority (PA), which Congress had been blocking.
The Trump administration announced it is freezing the move.
The State Department is reviewing the last-minute decision by former Secretary of State John Kerry to send $221 million dollars to the Palestinians.
Kerry formally notified Congress that State would release the money Friday morning, just hours before President Donald Trump took the oath of office.
The funds — supposedly intended for reconstruction in Gaza and good governance programs for the Palestinian Authority — were being blocked by at least two Republican lawmakers— Ed Royce (R-CA), the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger (R-TX), who sits on the House Appropriations Committee — in response to Palestinian attempts to join international organizations, from which it intended to launch more international campaigns against Israel and before a peace deal with Israel.
Such holds are generally respected but are not legally binding.
When asked about the transfer by a reporter during Tuesday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that “[Trump] is very concerned about how taxpayer money is spent, whether it’s sent overseas and what we get for it in terms of the relationship or our support for a democracy or aid to another country for their defenses. But he’s going to be examining all aspects of the budget… He’s going to make sure that every deal, every dollar that is spent by the government is done in a way that respects the American taxpayer.”
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jay w said...

not this loud mouth again , she needs to go away, killing death , blood is all this woman talks about , before the russian jews invaded palestine it was one of the most peaceful places on earth........look it up.......

Anonymous said...

Trump is Freemason. Faal gives a brief history of Masons in USA. Also brings up info about those nude Trump statues...
Doomsday Warned Near As CIA Nears Open Civil War Against Freemason Leader Trump --

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I must add , according to my own research and having read P.Geller's various articles at least 8 years now she most likely IS a deep state zionist cia asset.....So when posting ANY of her trash , that IS who you are helping........just say'in