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Allendale to Aninadzija January 23d 2012

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Intel from Allendale - January 23, 2012
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Date: Tuesday, 24-Jan-2012 16:34:36

Allendale to Aninadzija January 23, 2012 ~ Alien Races with a Different Set of Rules
"there is a huge project going on behind the scenes right now ladies and gentlemen. It concerns your economic and finance system"
[Hi Al, how are you? Have you got any burning news or info for us?]
That I do indeed. Well, here you go: there is a huge project going on behind the scenes right now ladies and gentlemen. It concerns your economic and finance system. Indeed the naughty boys have come to the realization that their time of control has come to an end. Some of them are breaking up from the hard core illuminati and wish to join the reforming movement in the finance sector.
There are talks and negotiations about this right now all over the world. You have an idea of what I am talking about if you follow Ben and David’s respective blogs. That James Martinez interview on Conscious Media Network TV also holds a huge piece of the puzzle. Great news and changes are about to take place, ladies and gentlemen.
You don’t have to call it NESARA, you don’t have to believe it will happen, and certainly don’t put your whole life on hold on its account. There is no time limit to how long these negotiations will take, as there is no time limit for Ascension for that matter. The divine deadlines for Disclosure and First Contact, as well as for Ascension are and have always been extendable. So please, do all you can for the light and to push for exposure of the illuminati and promote the presence of benevolent alien races in the Universe and particularly on planet Earth.
We are all part of the one big huge Space Family, so no need to have hateful feelings towards the cabal, or to hate grey and reptilians. These are ancient races, much older than Earth human races. These races have contributed to the creation of the human race in many ways, of course, it was for their own agenda, but the Creator will grant these races the same love and compassion as he offers to all the beings in existence.
These races have a different set of rules to yours. Most of the greys are in fact coming from your own future in order to help reconstruct their DNA. Not all these races are negative being, nor want to harm you. It is a complex matter to grasp, and we will continue this conversation on another occasion. For now, Allendale out.
Allendale to Aninadzija January 23d 2012 ~ Alien Races with a Different Set of Rules | AnonymousChannelings


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Anonymous said...

The word is INTERVENTION by these races. We DON'T WANT their INTERVENTION, which has deliberately held us back all these years so they can use our DNA and biologics for their own purposes. It's not like they came here and took a sample. They came here and STAYED, with us in the experiment pen, continuing to MANIPULATE the human race and using our DNA for their own nefarious purposes. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE FREE WILL, WHICH THEY STOLE.

WE created the free-energy technology patents that sit in the US Patent Office under a false "national security" label. "THEY" had a hand in keeping that technology from us.

We have continuously been mind-controlled to believe that WE (NOT the aliens MANIPULATING behind the scenes) are the reason for all the ills besetting us, when that is BLATANTLY UNTRUE. It's THEIR manipulation that has put us so far out of kilter and held us back.

They made deals with the governments and military to ABDUCT, STEAL, RAPE, MIND-CONTROL and INTERFERE with us on a continuous basis. I don't consider them my "brothers and sisters" and I don't believe they are "us" from the future. I say "CEASE AND DESIST". They've already done ENOUGH damage.

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This message does not raise any type of RED FLAGS except the portion talking about the 'hard core Illuminati' wanting to be placed in the 'FINANCIAL SECTOR'.

Surely they will need a number of servings of 'HUMBLE PIE' before they are used in any position of leadership. Our finance sectors will be moving into areas that they have NO experience in anyway.

I am certain that the population of Earth will want them to PROVE themselves before being used in any area.

I forgive them and wish them well, however we have serious business to attend to restructuring our planet due to their tactics.

For now I personally believe that since we are 'ALL ONE' we should use the talents of anyone on the planet who so desires to offer them to get us back on track.

We will need as much '20/20 HINDSIGHT VISION' to take us from 'HERE TO ETERNITY'

Anonymous said...

Dear Allendale,

I have great respect for what you did to help David Wilcock be eased about the dark threats he received recently. Your words where few, but those said where powerful and direct to the issues at hand.

I think it would be beneficial to all lightworkers if there could be further direct dialogue with you to express and share what we believe are issues still unanswered.

The fact that you are Irish, I would recommend you call another Irishman, John MacHaffie as one possible spokesman and start building a direct bridge with lightworkers he is in direct contact with. John"s blog is read by many and would also help get your message out to all.

Allendale, Thank you for taking this suggestion under consideration to help pull us all together further.