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Foreclosure Showdown In Cincinnati at the U.S, Bankruptcy Court of Ohio Jan. 25th !

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(fwd) UPDATE: Foreclosure Showdown In Cincinnati at the U.S, Bankruptcy Court of Ohio Jan. 25th !
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Date: Tuesday, 24-Jan-2012 16:04:42

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Foreclosure Showdown In Cincinnati at the
Southern District Bankruptcy Court of Ohio, Jan. 25th !

"district court of the United States"
vs. "United States District Court"
Rodney Dale Class of North Carolina Assisting Ohio Couple In Case
Against American Savings Bank, Et al. 


1.24.12 12 Noon EST
Post Oak Public Relations

postoak.pr@gmail.comCincinnati, OH -- New Time ! A showdown of wills is scheduled for Wednesday, January 25th at 2:00 PM at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Ohio, at 221 E. Fourth Street, Atrium Two, 8th Floor, Cincinnati.
At stake is the will and the rights of the people versus the machinations of the government.
Rodney Dale Class, well known North Carolina Private Attorney General, is assisting an Ohio couple in their foreclosure case against the American Savings Bank, Farm Credit Services Of Mid-America, Quality Car & Truck Leasing and Scioto County Board Of Commissioners/Revolving Loan Fund C/O George L. Davis, III, Et al.
Mr. Class is assisting the couple, who are the Plaintiffs, by invoking the de jure "district court of the United States" rather than the de facto "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT." This invocation is causing some tense reaction from the Defendants. The case number is 11-bk-15607 and is scheduled to be heard by Administrative Law Judge Beth A. Buchanan.
Some of the Defendants attorneys are demanding that the Plaintiffs withdraw their paper work from the court.
If you're planning to attend to observe or serve as support for the Plaintiffs, plan to be at the court building at least by 1:00 PM. Use the case number above when inquiring.
The Bankruptcy Court main phone is: 513 - 684 - 2572.
Directions to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court at:http://www.ohsb.uscourts.gov/GeneralInformation/Div_Offices/Cincinnati/Cin_Office2.aspx?Selection=Directions
Rodney Dale Class' website: http://rodclass.com

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