Wednesday, January 25, 2012


From the California Dude

We have opened the door and sent forth an invitation to begin our reunion with our lost, to us, family members.

This reunion that we now seek may, at first, be strained and somewhat fearful on ourpart, but is very important to us as we proceed along our spiritual growth path on our way to enlightenment and ascension.

We begin our reunion within the sacred confines of our homes and our families and it is this joy of discovery and reunion which will burst forth from the intimate confines of our homes and spread to our extended families, friends and neighbors. This is the process;  friends meeting friends and neighbors meeting neighbors, all sharing the rediscovery of our lost families.

Once again we send forth the invitation to our Galactic family to commence our dialog and to take the next step on our journey to enlightenment and expanded consciousness as we proceed on our life and spiritual growth path.

Communication begets understanding and understanding banishes fear of the unknown. We know that you are out there, our collective family have seen the phenomena your craft and presence produce. Some report that they have visited with you and have enjoyed the experience. 

We now request that these visits become common, the every-day experience of communion and visits of friends, neighbors and family.

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