Monday, January 30, 2012

THRIVE Movie - Comment from an 'in the know' observer


Much of this is correct. As one who has been involved in private placement, major international projects- some funded and others funds stolen, gold and currency transactions, oil and gems you learn along the way who the "controllers" are and how they operate.

These controllers stole funds raised by the American people for helping earthquake victims such as in Haiti and hurricane victims such as with Katrina and continued calling themselves Americans-just because they could get by with it. They have participated in the ruining of others nation's currencies and thus their economies through market manipulation.

They have systematically done what they could to do destroy the health and well being not only in this nation, but around the world. Environmental contamination, geo-engineering, pharmaceutical, military-industrial complex (Monsanto included here-Agent Orange and Round Up, amongst others) and the corporate/financial/banking/government quad. All to bring the strings of power and heavy streams of income to the choice few. They are not just American's though. They belong to various old families of Europe and elsewhere.

I walked away a year ago from all this and now just homestead and help where needed. I went to homesteading because  also knew of their plan to kill most of the world's population. Here in the states they have had the camps ready for some time.

This will not come to pass though. They are defeated and that will soon be known to all. The arrests are beginning and those who have committed high treason will be among the first to be brought into custody. The truth of 9-11, the Federal Reserve, Lee Wanta, the death of JFK, etc and of the many machinations designed to cause harm and keep the truth from being known will become known.


Anonymous said...

Lets All Cheer ,sing I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone. The distrotions are being cleared on all levels, in all dimensions. Forever more shall Love prevail,,Nothing can Hide from the Light of Soul.

Anonymous said...

SO... Bad things are going to happen....B/S I will give "THEM" NO many humans lives, in this realm" have you extinguished...OH you're going to get your just deserts. Your greatest fear is happening in front of your face...WE are conscious...GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see some signs, but I'm patient. After reading Ronald Holt's blog that we will reach a Convergence in 2012, and knowing we are moving from the underside of the Galactic plane (my words) to the Upper side of the Galaxy plane (my words), I will love to be alive in the next 13,000 years of light. To think how dark our collective spirits have been; and we are supposedly a 'higher intelligent form', Yick! Sometimes, it feels like monkeys have a better social order than we do.
Can't see how a timeline 2 can even exist from a galactic standpoint. If a great awareness will happen automatically in December 2012, then patience will be a virtue. How many will be deceived between now an then? Someone may be winning, but the game is not over until it's over. If we think we've won, we may stop working for the light in love and start taking sides. So many are at the border line of Ascension. A move in any direction can change their course between now and December 21, 2012.