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Date: Monday, 30-Jan-2012 13:44:16

As the Georgia court hemhaws on the Obama eligibility issue the lack of prosecution against Obama for lying his way onto the ballot for POTUS is sending a bad message to wannabe ID thieves and other forgers. Obama is getting away with it and courts are reluctant to prosecute him for these alleged crimes. (1)
As if we haven't got enough ID theft and forgery in America we have this USURPER jackass in the White House who obtained his passport by false declaration, (2) had his birth certificate forged and used up to 39 different social security numbers. (3)
Obama is just a lying, bought-off FALSE PRESIDENT jackass Chicago gangster forger Ultimate ACORN NUT. This executor BUM(4) has given America the bum's rush, enabled by the criminal Democrat party whose members had JFK killed, and is getting away with his crimes which encourage a massive future crime wave. Every two bit ID thief who is watching how Obama succeeds through use of numerous social security numbers and a forged birth certificate must be salivating at the prospects of committing more ID thefts.
I'll tell you something else for a fact. Every citizen who witnesses Obama's lawlessness (5) is apt to feel a certain degree of rage and hatred for so-called law and order which has not held this USURPER jackass POTUS accountable. As such each citizen is likely to feel a certain despicable contempt at those in charge of this so-called American system and is a lot less likely to cooperate with government in the future. This is what engenders detachment from government, perhaps even to the point of telling the IRS to shove it.
What we are witnessing is the pantywaist courts and leaders enabling Obama to destroy the last vestiges of U.S. credibility.
Therefore, Obama is hardly any role model, and certainly not any motivator of law and order, rather quite the opposite. At this rate of inaction by the courts this Marxist disaster jackass-prez is likely to soon have the country completely in shambles, in an unrecoverable state.
1. See: Georgia Birther Hearing Proceeds Without Obama, Without Effect

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Anonymous said...

Obama and wife representative, turned in their birthcertificates and soc. sec. numbers and opted out of the "corporate system" as they filed with the UUIC and listed themselves as members of an indigenous tribe Washika or the like. I found a site explaining it and listing the tribe. They no longer can be tried under the current legal system and have to be tried under common law. at this time they gave up their membership also to the BAR assoc. They checked out of the "slave system" represented on their birth certificates and soc. security bank ID slave holder number. No wonder he doesn't feel compeled to arrive at a court which cannot have juridiction over a non citizen without a birthcertificate or soc. sec. number. anyone can do this as I read. You just sign up as a member of an indigenous tribe or people. Once filed you can only be tried in a common law court and these courts are set up within the US mainland in pockets of states. I think I copied the article. Definitely remember the part about giving up their BAR assoc. too. It's either the UIC or the UUIC. No one ever listened to me before but maybe now you will.