Monday, January 23, 2012


This is a humble request to commence immediate direct communications with your light workers. WE NEED YOUR ACTION & ASSISTANCE NOW!

We leave to your discretion the form of communication to be used.

Too many Good People are hurting.

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

Thanks, John. You said it!

Anonymous said...

I second that motion Mr. Machaffie!!

Anonymous said...

We Must Rescue Our Own Selves. We must join together with like minded groups and focus Our Vision of the dismantling of the Present Gov. and Removal of the Negative energies. This is Our planet not another civilizations aka Star nations or GFL. Messages always if they are of a clear source present this fact. We must over throw the dark ,,You can affect a change by being happy , forgive yourself,,Love Yourself ....Things are changing look closely at what is coming out in the open in your neighbors and the world,,people are awakening from a deep sleep. Some of Us have been awake quite awhile and have reason to be frustrated.
We are at the finish Line. Drawn from the depth of Your Heart and You find Peace. If its Anger ,,frustration,resentment , observe it ,acknowledge it ,sit with it ,,Its coming up to be released. We got a powerful solar flare today removing all that we are not,,and the beginning of the water dragons return....No accident thier. Ride the Wave.
Eckoo shawww taaa Eckooo EEEEE nay oooo

Anonymous said...

Thank you John for your new posting and assistance.Any help we can get is much appreciated. I do see lots of things that are happening, falling into place as per pre- Nesara announcements, so that is a good sign. Stay positive and as focused as you can people, Let`s keep pushing for answers and good visual signs in our skies. Good night and all be well. :)

Anonymous said...


I see the recent post about light workers being "impatient" and I fully understand this, but things are the way they are because karma has to be played out until the higher ups(higher then celestial beings) say enough is enough, we in 3D don't really see the whole picture. We need to be more patient living our life as best as we can, and not too focus on any channel material, because when it happens its going to be a surprised!

Would I like direct communications with my Galactic brother and sister? Sure! but is it really prudent? I doubt it.As far as first contact is concern I don't really expect anything big to happen until 2016 to be honest.

Anonymous said...


And to be fair, even the channel messages from God on this blog is vague and promises action will happen "soon". I say, we light workers should just spend more time in the real world and less time obsessing over channel messages from God/Galactic.

Anonymous said...

Communicate with the almighty God, for God is your friend. It is a simple truth, and difficult to accept that the rest of the world's suffering is due to your own. God has given you the power of choice in every moment to make a better life for yourself and others.

The Galactics should not be communicated with, as you or most on this planet do not have the ability to determine friend from foe.

Let your worries go. Where is your faith? Remember your childhood. Life is full of wonder and joy regardless of world affairs.

Humanity has a long road to travel out of the abyss created, but I must assure you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will see. Stay strong at heart, give your faith to God and realize life goes on. Don't give up, there is plenty of time to live.

Life is eternal.


Anonymous said...

This Galactic Stuff could be a psyops operation by the dark to deceive us one more time, while they continue to pull their dirty dealings on us. I hope not, but can't be sure.

Anonymous said...

First I would like to thank you for the comforting words that you have brought to us. With that said I would like to bring to your attention while journeying through the causal realm where the ascended masters gather there is an agenda or plan that has been implemented. It is all well and good but it may not be your journey while traveling through. If you don't abide by the plan some get mad. Yes some ascended Masters get mad. That is there remaining "karma". Their has been some Ancient Templates released on Earth in August 2011. They had been protected for eaons of time by a very caring group. They had there plan for those ancient templates. The ancient templates had been released to a person in the physical realm to care for also. The previous caretakers did not want those released until a so called appropriate time but this individual choose to release the ancient templates for human beings incarnate in this physical being and it has benefited humanity as a whole. When Grandi was on his mission on Earth he came across a spiritual teacher. This teacher had said if he wanted to follow him he would have to give up his earthly quest and follow the spiritual teachers teachings. Ghandi refused and continued his earthly mission. Out of the 23 realms in Heaven he is now in the 17th. In the 7th you become at-one. What I'm suggesting is even though you may be getting dictates you must follow what you know in you heart is right. If you can help in alleviating the suffering of another soul and do not you are culpable for the choice you have made. Remember it is always your choice and resposibility for what actions you choose to day. May you be blessed in all that you truly love and value. In loving grace...

Anonymous said...


You ARE a Lightworker! along with everyone else who spreads light and truth! just a gentle reminder that all that is needed is already within you!


Anonymous said...

I think you struck a nerve John

I want to thank you for all your postings but I think this posting is allowing many, including myself, to voice our thoughts on this subject. I myself am a believer (knower) and have worked very hard at staying positive, doing my meditations, singular and mass visualizations, saying mantras throughout the day, listening to and reading as much information as I can from all sources trying to keep an open mind and weeding out what rings true to me and what does not. I have endured my spouse, my son and friends questioning my sanity. Luckily my mother is also a believer so I at least have her and a few others to talk to about this and we take turns helping each other to stay positive and uplifted. But it has become more and more difficult with financial pressures that have been building due to lack of work along with not only others questioning my sanity but I have begun to also question it. Is it valid spending all this time doing meditations, visualizations and repeating mantras only to read in a posting that it will be a little longer coming from both the NESARA & Dinar Gurus and from the Disclosure channelers. I have started to feel like a donkey with a carrot tied to a stick dangling in front of my nose, almost there, almost there. Now I know in the teaching I have learned that seeing it as almost there will keep it at almost there so I work very hard at seeing it as already has happened, but it has been work doing that. I don’t wish to be arrogant and demand some sort of discernable evidence that indeed what I have dedicated so much time to will (has) come to fruition. However, it would be very helpful to myself and all the Lightworkers, who are in the same boat as I am, so to speak, if there was something that could be shown to us, spoken to us, something to keep us positive and to continue to keep the energy flowing. I am grateful. Now as far as the evangelical posters, I say this: I believe in spirituality and oneness and I do believe in a higher power but I do not align with the teachings of the religions of this planet that have been used to brainwash, manipulate and suppress the masses of this planet and has been the main cause of war, genocide and prejudice throughout the world. So I do not believe preaching from the bible serves here. And as far as the nay-sayers, if you don’t believe this to be true, at any level, why are you reading this blog. If you wish negative entertainment, go watch the housewives, dog the bounty hunter, the Kardasian or numerous other negative reality shows and allow we who believe to voice our opinions without ridicule. Thank you.

Love and Light


Anonymous said...

I think the disconnect here is that we as humans exist in a 3D paradigm, living our lifes on a linear timeline. For us, there is a beginning and end point to all aspects of our lifes. The GFL thinks of time as being infinite and unbroken. I'm sure that many of us see and feel time speeding up this year not only for all of us but for the dark cabal as well. Just look at how closely together NDAA, SOPA/PIPA and the new Expatriation Act were rolled out. They are rushing to get to the end before us. We feel fustrated, concerned and impatient for concrete, positive in-your-face developments to give us hope that events will take place as "advertised" becuase we are hurling headlong into 12-21-12. If the GFL extends the Divine Timeline(yes, they have extended once before)again for Karma to play itself out, some of us awaken masses and lightworkers may decided to sit on the sidelines until they PUT UP OR SHUT UP. The question is, once that Divine Timeline passes, will the GFL take matter into their hands or will they continue to rely on their Earth allies to come to their senses and pull the tigger before we see and real developments. I say that we uses this time to prepare ourselves and families for the disruptions to occur whne this happens(buy gold & silver, get food,water & survival supplies, plan an escape route, etc...). We can hope for the best but we must prepare for the worst. Let us all lead with our hearts but think with our heads.

Anonymous said...

Very well put Lisa. Stay true, focused and energized no matter what. The lovely spring time is looking like to be a welcomed time of year :) Get out to nature, take it all in, give yourself a rest lisa. What is to come is coming no matter what. My girlfriend whom I would love more than anything to have good conversations about all of this, is on the total opposite end of the spectrum concerning nesara, aliens and such. It saddens me a bit but I know she will see and hear all about the changes to come and she will have me to help her threw it. I will be her teacher for once as she is a teacher by profession. Keep the faith and stay grounded. Peace to all. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to believe in UFO, Aliens and the ALL Powerful universe, however lately I don't. All these so call GF, Salusa (?) and most of the "connected ones" say the same thing over and over again. "almost done" "soon" "eminent" "so close to . . ." but reality is that nothing change and everything is getting worse. Reality is that WE (I) have to do whatever it is that WE (I) need to do in order to fix things up . . . if We (I) have the balls to do it. I'm with John, time to act and stop "hoping" for help that never come.

Anonymous said...

John pass this message through your heart not your head.....

"If you only knew how infinitely powerful your thoughts were ,Our Beloved Ones, you would realize that any struggle you experienced was simply created by a negative thought.

Your job, you and the lovely people who read this, who care about the world, who can see into the future – you all know that you can make things happen with your intentions. Focus. Focus on the outcome. A world where leaders really serve the people, where money is a servant, not a god. That’s your heritage, your true heritage. All this groveling, feudalistic crap – pardon my French. It’s time for that to go. You’re not trained poodles. You’re not meant to sit up and beg. Stand up for yourselves. We’ll take care of the rest. High level, back channel stuff. You’ll see. Brace yourselves for big changes.

It is not a matter of waiting, and suffering. It is a matter of adapting to your circumstances. A matter of you finding your right place. All is happening for a reason, there are no coincidences. So, stop dreaming of traveling to the stars, and begin becoming a receiver. Begin doing the mission you are here for, my lads! You are here to contribute to global awakening, and for that, you gotta start focusing on yourself. We know what is going on for you individually, and you have opted for the best way out of karma. This is a plan of your own making, of your own design. If you are going to be mad at someone, you’d better takE it up with yourself, because you agreed to this plan. And if you have set the bar too high, remember that you are your own coach, and you have made it very hard for yourself in this life.

Your riches are in your heart and mind and soul.Own them, use them, flaunt them! Riches of the heart and soul!

May I suggest that you send this message out and remind your lovely readers that they are instrumental in this final struggle to free their minds of the cabal brain washing. If each sends energy of hope and love to Earth and her inhabitants, this will speed the process for us a bit.

We have mentioned before how under-appreciated your power of thought is but I need to be blunt and tell you all to get over it! Be the Masters you came here to be! Find the courage in your hearts to recognize your greatness. Wake up!

The dark cabal is sending their agents online, hunting for people of weak resolve or new to our messages. It is your individual choice whether you will listen to those out to create fear, arguments and division. You alone can be your own master. However ask yourself, where do certain comments come from, what is the motivation behind them, and how do these comments make you feel.

Weigh it all with your heart, and don’t hesitate to make your own research, investigations and if needed skip those individuals comments all together.They are designed to place you into fear mode, into your reptilian brain, as it is called, into survival mode.

Never think this is random. We all planned this to the smallest detail. Add in the 3-D amnesia and OY! Perhaps we could have planned a wee bit easier route. Ah, but where would the fun be in that? I hope this assists each tribe heart.

Love and Light to you all! "

Anonymous said...

John MacHaffie’s request for immediate and direct communication with the
Galactics is both reasonable and timely.

We have a need to move away from channelers as a primary source of
information and communication with the Galactics. There appears to be
a growing level of discontinuity between what is being presented by the
channelers and the realities we perceive as we observe our environment. It
would appear that some degree of subtle mind control is being employed to
skew the information provided by some of the channelers.

The time for intermediaries in communication has passed. We
Lightworkers and Wayshowers have matured to the point that direct
communication not only is desirable but of great benefit to the completion
of our ascension journey and our continued spiritual growth.

Direct communication, in person face to face, can be the prelude to
disclosure and can greatly assist in developing a meeting of the minds and
the hearts as we move forward to general disclosure.

Too much emphasis is made of the fear reaction of the general public.
People will usually react favorably to a friendly face and a helping hand.
The negative reaction would most generally come from the authorities as
they react to a perceived loss of control.

We have now arrived at a time which a people to people contact with

representatives of the Galactics would be appropriate and beneficial.

Let us begin the dialog. Let us get to know one another, to love and
understand one another. As we grow in our relationship the authorities will
have no choice but to grow with us.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming that this is Allendale and I am grateful to you for your channelings and your aid to David Wilcock. However, perhaps the time of the lightworker has already peaked. I am reading of many who have become disillusioned and given up. John posts many things and I have never seen so many responses to a post before as to this post. As many have stated, we are still living in the 3D world and on a linear time line and have commitments according to that time line, financial and otherwise. I and I’m sure many other lightworkers spend much time meditating and being introspective working on ourselves and issues that have arisen, on our chakras, on our vision and thoughts, stating our positive intentions, remaining focused and centered. But perhaps this large out crying from the lightworkers is part of the process and should be considered. Most of us are believers based solely on our inner knowingness and that is based mostly on the channelings, and others sources of information but in reality it is based on hearsay. Without any substantiation of this information and the borage of attacks on us from those sometimes closest to us questioning our sanity, it has become wearing and why wouldn’t we start to question our own sanity. In the 3D world, this would be SciFi and would be crazy for believing it. We are only seeking fortification so that we may continue doing our light work confident that we are not crazy because how can we truly do our light work otherwise.

Again, grateful for all the information that you do provide us.

Love and light to you,