Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Iraqi Dinar, recently being said: ...

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Iraqi Dinar, recently being said: ...
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Date: Tuesday, 31-Jan-2012 15:15:30

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Reader B. sends us:
1-31-2012 Guru Freeway Bill This baby could literally drop at any moment...Agreements have been made and we are on an "hour by hour" watch.

1-31-2012 Guru Cap1 cash in should be starting on wednesday...some believe we need to hurry to cash in because the rate is going to drop, some say it will be 30 days. the rate will be in the $8 range.

Guru Frank26
 We need to raise the value because inflation is getting out of control. Inflation is likely touching 10% and maybe even 11% now. Syria and Iran causing issues? Think on these things. the budget is really done and is awaiting the GOI and CBI to release it anytime now.
we will see the rate before they see Ch. 7.
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kathrynjustice05 said...

I have $1M dinar that I bought about 7 years ago while in Iraq. What does this mean for me? Can I finally cash it in? Where? How much?

iraqi dinar revaluation said...

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