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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 24, 2012

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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 24, 2012
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Date: Tuesday, 24-Jan-2012 23:58:23

Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 24, 2012
You will learn much and achieve many things through the night’s journey, and tomorrow you shall be so much more than you are today. Such are your journeys out of body through your dream state. These forays from the physical to the spiritual will allow you to visit with us, your families of light, for healing sessions, learning sessions, meetings and even large conferences that will update and align our plans together. We meet with many of you in this way, and when you return to your bodies and wake up from your sleep most of you have no memory of your visit with us onboard our spacecraft. Such is the way it must be for now, but soon all this need for secrecy will be behind us and you can meet with us face to face in your awakened state.
There are many areas of your bodies that require attention at this time, and this goes for your physical bodies as well as your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Damage is being repaired, and blockages are being cleared to allow you to become all you can be and reach your full potential. We are very happy to see you when you visit us in this way, and we wish you can remember these get-togethers after you have returned to your physical bodies, but in the days ahead you will remember fully these experiences. These rendezvous with us are very important for your growth at this time, and this is one of the reasons we tell you how important it is for you to get plenty of proper rest, as it is while you are sound asleep that you can travel out of your physical vessels to meet with us here in the higher realms aboard our craft.
Many of you have been following the exploits of Greg's visitors to his home and surrounding areas of late, and we wish to share with you that we did return to again perform a thorough sweep of Greg's home and neighboring properties and again collect a few negative beings that were stationed in opportune vicinities to intercept our communications. We will routinely scout these areas and continue to remove any and all beings deployed to do the dirty work of the Cabal. Greg has nothing to fear as these beings are interested primarily in the collection of information, and we, the Galactic Federation, are here looking out for him and his family and will continue to protect their household. All is well at the moment and our channels of communication are clear.
Military reports continue to see the disassembling of the Cabal, their fighting forces, and their weaponry. As we have reported, the advanced weaponry once possessed by the dark has been thoroughly disassembled, and today they are left to do battle with just their mobile weaponry aboard their space fighters. Very soon the last of the space fighters and their crews will be rounded up and removed from this quadrant of space. Again, we always give our best efforts to see that no physical harm comes to the crew members of these space fighters, and after they learn who they were actually sacrificing themselves for, many of them will see the light and many will eventually join forces with our allegiance of light. This has been the procedure for countless eons throughout our history assisting other worlds.
There are some of our Lightworkers today who may be reading these words who at one time were aligned with the dark side. Such has been your journey through awakening, a journey that has seen you grow so much through so many incarnations into the physical. Today, we see those of you who once fought so fiercely for the dark, fighting for the light in this epic struggle that has persisted throughout the sands of time. The hourglass is now running out for the dark side, and soon you will be freed from their tyranny forever, if it is this you so choose. It is all up to you, as whatever it is you choose becomes your reality. It has always been this way, though this secret has been kept from you for so long. You now know the secret. Use this information wisely. You possess the power over your reality. You choose the events you wish to experience.
Today, there are souls who are choosing two separate experiences. Those who wish to remain in the limited 3D world of the physical, and those who wish to begin their journey anew, born into the higher realms of unlimited possibility. This choice is yours, there are no rights or wrongs, and we will honor each of your individual, as well as collective, decisions. For those of you who choose to leave behind your current reality of separation and illusion, we await your arrival here in the realms of unimaginable opportunity.
We are your Family of Light from the Stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012

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