Sunday, January 29, 2012

The TRUE Republic Of California

Apparently, the "Republic for California" is also a "California free state".  I don't know how many times this has to be said before it sinks in to the thick skulls.  

You cannot change the state or State, you only have the right to change the form of Government according to the Declaration of Independence Trust. There are two organizations on the territory of California.  "The U.S. The State of California" and the California Republic.  The California Republic was the first Independent State to be formed.  A constitution has been written and the Nationals for the California Republic have ratified the Articles of Confederation, as amended with a Republic form of Government as required by the Law of Nations. No one can change that now, it is too late.  

While everyone was worshiping their Savior Turner, the real work was being done. The Turner cult needs to remove the California Republic flag off of their website as there is no such state as the "Republic for California nor the California free state" ever in that region and never will be as the General Post Office for The United States of America does not recognize these entities as being any kind of  valid States or states and the General Post Office does not desire to be associated with any of this nonsense. There has been so much confusion by this greedy bunch of purported leaders that any kind of movement on this land looks like a joke to the rest of the world.  

Here are a few outright lies about the status of the purported Republic for the united States of America: 

1: "We are recognized by 80 different countries as the new National Government":  This is a total lie. 
2: "We have tons of gold":  total lie.
3: "We are getting funding":  total lie. 

There is a Republic form of Government formed and functioning properly and can fund itself. A lot of work went into it. 

Turner has tried to hide it from you through a campaign of propaganda. This is the bottom line, get the California Republic flag off of the website or remain in dishonor. 

General Post Master for The United States of America


William Gary Rankin said...

I doubt seriously that you are the GPM for the U.S. of A. You may be GPM for the U.S. --the corporation-- or self appointed. So who are you and why haven't you signed your posting?

William Gary Rankin

Anonymous said...

a big huge effing HIGH 5 !

Fitz said...

So, now you're believing that the U.S. Postal Service has the authority to declare whether or not a Constitutionally formed government can exist...simply because, they don't want to deal with're a sad example of someone who purports to report the news.