Saturday, January 28, 2012

Born Free - You Can't Change That

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Born Free - You Can't Change That
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 28-Jan-2012 11:02:29

It's nothing short of appalling.
America, the entire planet, and the Creator-given liberty of every Human is being held hostage by useless pieces of paper.
Humanity, and the planet, is being held hostage by paper signed, sealed, and delivered by in-human animals who should be rounded up, arrested, taken out of circulation, and put in a cage where they can no longer prey on humanity, and NOT be allowed anywhere near in positions of power over other men.
Neither should they be allowed any longer to spread their diseased, rhetorical fear mongering agenda.
It's really only a psy-opp prison - created by words, paper, and fear; but are Americans really falling for the ruse?
The real heart of the psy-opp is a notion being promoted that Americans are now all officially slaves - at least in the eyes of the central banksters.
This is where I have to STOP - step backwards - and take a good long look at the non-sense at hand.
The psy-opp began long before 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was put to paper.
Greed, arrogance, and self-serving wickedness have always existed.
There have always been fools with inflated egos - glorifying their self, and trying to manipulate satan.
There are two types of humanoid individuals on this old Earth.
One type has the heart of a human, and understands it is in their own best interest to uplift humankind into a higher realm of understanding.
Real humans understand; when they, as individuals, promote the PROGRESS of humanity at large, their OWN progress is assured as well.
Real humans are those those who seek to translate that higher understanding into peace, harmony, and love - for the BENEFIT and uplifting of all humanities' races.
The other type profess to be human, but have sold their souls to satan many years previous, replacing their human heart with the heart of the reptilian beast.
They are no longer human - if they ever were to begin with.
They cannot feel or know kindness, compassion, fairness, or reason. The base beast mentality is the true example of the blind leading the blind.
They become twisted psychopaths - mentally ill creatures of darkness, tools of insanity, void of the Light, and a detriment to true humanity.
The beast knows only kill or be killed, the acquisition of wealth, the acquisition of power, and the acquisition of control over others.
Nothing else drives the beasts to act.
Ask yourself. Why then, is it ONLY the reptilian beasts who seem rise to positions of power over other men?
The answer is not difficult to understand. Real humans have no interest in the lust for greed and power which motivates the reptile beasts.
While real humans strive to create an environment which allows other humans to be free of the constraints of others -
While real humans understand all humans are created equal, and no human has the right to claim - or demand - control of, or over the life of another human -
While real humans understand that for every choice of action taken, a result of said choice must occur, and the law of karma demands that one reaps what one sows -
While real humans tend to live and let live - up to and including - much to the detriment of humanity - even the reptilian beasts -
The ONLY FOCUS OF THE BEAST is kill or be killed, the acquisition of wealth, the acquisition of power, and the acquisition of control over others.
Self-appointed kings, queens, rulers, dictators, despots, generals, bankers, judges, politicians, secret societies, religions, and corporations thrive on the good nature of - the humanity of humanity.
Remember the "Great Dictator" speech of 1940, when actor Charlie Chaplin so eloquently stated the compassionate outlook of a real human being, and the result of a reptilian controlled society?
Thanks To: zgates
The Great Dictator - Speech
Chaplin's dictator speech is one of the greatest oratories spoken in recent history. Take note it came from an artist.
A real human, with a real human heart.
To further expand on the discourse; what reasoning is behind acknowledging the rule of beasts over your own life?
There is no legitimate reason. The reptile beast cannot create any value into the life of a human. The beast can, and wills to, prey upon, and manipulate the good nature of humanity.
The only legitimacy the beasts can achieve is by instilling fear in the minds and hearts of humans - such as a neighborhood bully in the neighborhood of the world, a massive psy-opp of control.
Therefore, it can only be a fantasy in the minds of controlling vampire beasts, that in order for humanity to claim their Creator-given status as a Free people - humans are required to ask permission of the controlling beasts.
What?? If a rabid dog is attacking your children - you do not ask the rabid dog for permission to stop it from attacking.
For the survival of your children - you must kill the rabid dog - and the sooner the better.
Humans have no need to ask anyone or anything to claim their right to Liberty.
The beast will tell you that you must 'file papers in the courts of the beast' - to declare your independence and freedom.
More paper psy-opp. More useless paper - and you are STILL cowering to, and volunteering your liberty away the neighborhood bully - by recognizing them as authority.
The true fact of the matter is that you are born free, and no amount of useless paper garbage in existence, or vile opinions of rabid dogs - can ever change that.
It is now, and always will be, only the corrupt schemes and evil systems created by reptile beasts to enslave humanity, that deny humanity their Creator-granted right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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Anonymous said...

This video is awesome.
I like the article ,I would add that each one of Us has agreed to the circumstances we see in our individual realities. The real choice is the one with Self,,too release the Ego. Everyone of us has the shadow within ,,the reptilian mind,,,In the past and nowadays if someone hurts You ,,or throws energy ,,We throw it back or hurt them ,,that being unconscious of being unconscious,,,we must grow and love them for they are an aspect of us ,,,,hard to fathom ,,,We are all One good bad and ugly ,,,Releasing the judgements,,hurts,sadness,resentments,,,they only enervate the ego and pain body bringing more of what we dont like,,,,, The mentality of materialism and egoic structures are being cleared by solar gamma and x rays that are enlightening us All.
The materialist folks are Empty inside miserable and unable to find joy from simple things. True wealth is our ability to love ourselves and others mistakes and All. Its a done deal,,we have Won,,,Be Happy,,Be in Well Being,,See Beauty,,,,Thank and Forgive the Controlers and No longer allow your mind to focus on the negatives. By removing Fear from ourselves we Remove it from our shared Realities,,,Lets keep Up the Great Work,,,,the battle or war,,,better yet the Choice at hand is choose love,,,, Love Yourself Your Neighbor ,,,the ones that have persecuted,harmed or Harmed You,,,Thank Them saying I no longer need to be controled I own My Power,,,,,No One controls our destiney We Do,,,,,Make the choice choose Love.


love n light