Monday, January 30, 2012

President Obama’s State of the Union - WAS THIS THE INTRODUCTION TO NESARA?

Hi John

President  Obama’s State of the Union.

     Was it a introduction to the Nesara bill? The beginning of a new banking system? The end of the IRS?  Peace! No more wars.
     Tugboat Harry and a group of people discuss what Mr. Obama said or what they thought he said. Good call! You listen and come to your own conclusion. 218-936-4143 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            218-936-4143      end_of_the_skype_highlighting access code 396775  The call is long so to get to the part of Mr. Obama’s speech. Once your on the call press the * key on your phone you will hear skip amount set to 30 seconds. Press the * key again, you will hear skip amount set to1 minute. Press the * key again, you will hear skip amount set to 5 minutes.

      Next press the number 3 button 32 times do this slowly and set back and listen. You will hear Carol and Elizabeth talking and then it will go into the discussion of the speech. Make your own conclusion.  
                                                                                        Tugboat Harry

To hear the speech again go to 


Anonymous said...

why cant somenone just 'summarize' what he said here?

rather than trying to figure out where it is on the tape, etc.

waht were the key phrases that he said that would make one think that NESANA is coming in??

Anonymous said...

I heard the speech and I didn't hear anything that even hinted to NESARA???????

Anonymous said...

any chance there's a Freeconference call link. I cannot call these numbers unless I want to pay .20 cents a minute. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is there an mp3 of this call anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Must have been "some of those little voices" speaking to you Obama supporters! WHERE did he say ANYTHING that remotely ties anything to NESARA?

Anonymous said...

Those who see what they want to see, and hear what they want to hear(brainwashed), they will never see the forest for the trees. I still cant understand why David Wilcock and Milson support this pretender. This man is a phony, who is making it up as he goes, but he doesnt even care if he lies his ass off, he just acts like la la la, nothings wrong, everythings ok. Yeah, right!!!! In what absurd reality is that so?

Anonymous said...

The transcript of the speech does not help me discern what they 'thought they heard'.
I even did html highlights of certain words like bill, money, energy and others. Snake eyes for me.

Anonymous said...

And why would Obama, of all people, bring in NESARA, unless it is just another name for the NWO that will give him...THE ONE, more power? May God have mercy on us if he is involved!!! It is mindboggling to think that after all Obama has done to RUIN this country that we have people so ignorant, so naive, thinking he is associated with restoring the Republic. Or, as Anon. 3:27 points out, they may "be hearing those little voices".

Anonymous said...

Greetings T.H.

Your Intuition is spot on. Yes. Yes. Yes. I saw that in pictures ,felt it in the words and energy behind the words. One has to be very clear,In Spirit ,,, to See that Obamas choices are Helping to bring the house of cards to come crumbling down. The subconscious message I recieved was just that. A new way is to emerge,,that new way is emerging from within Me. We are comming back together,Love Yourself,,Your Neighbor is You. In my intuition and feeling heart this is what I felt. He is playing Both roles, steadily guiding towards a New Earth. It seems with laws being passed,,certain rummours that he Is of the Dark,,I dis agree. You have to listen with Your Heart Not your Anger or Resentmentments. The structures in Place are very ingrained in the system,,they have been pushed forward so as they will destroy themselves,,, Or grow and ask for Foregivness and be removed to a quarinteened area where they are not able to feed on fear and confusion,,,The Snake is Eating Itself as We Can All See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone.