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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 28, 2012

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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 28, 2012
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Date: Sunday, 29-Jan-2012 13:25:59

Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - January 28, 2012
High into the light you will travel as you experience your ongoing process of ascension. There are no limits to where it is you shall journey to, and it is our mission to ensure your journey is a safe one. How enjoyable it is for you is all up to you, we are merely your chaperones, your Shepherds. You are free to experience this blessed opportunity anyway you desire. You can fear each day going forward more and more, believing the sky is going to fall or evil extraterrestrials are coming to conquer your race, or you can sit back and relax and take in the marvels that the universe will present to you. You also have the opportunity to take an active role in these proceedings, and we do invite you to take part and assist your fellow man at this time.
There is much some of you understand about what is transpiring in your world, and there are many who know very little about these events. This is where the sharing of information becomes paramount, and will allow the smoothest possible transition from your current 3rd dimensional state to your new home in the higher realms. We see many of you taking a leading role in these affairs and we wish to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts in this regard. Your work is accomplishing many things, and if you can enjoy our advantageous point of view for even just moments, you would see just how much your efforts are accomplishing. For now, you can only take our word for this and know your combined efforts are moving mountains.
Tomorrow we see such a brighter picture for you, once you lift yourselves out of your current 3rd dimensional state of separation and struggle. The ease at which you will be able to manage your needs will come as quite a surprise and be a very radical change for many of you, especially those of you who did not journey here at this time from the higher realms in service to our joint mission. For those of you who have been this way before, your memories of your higher dimensional lives will come flooding back as you make the transition back into the higher realms. For others, this experience will be very new to them, and we will be here to assist all with these changes and see to it that your transition from the physical to the spiritual is as smooth and comfortable for you as is possible. We will be more than happy to answer every question you may have, allowing you to enjoy this remarkable event as it is intended to be; a blissfully joyous celebration.
Allow us the opportunity to assist you all in this way. Allow us to be of service to you, as this is our task at this time. Your tasks are to see to it you look after yourself in regards to your ascension, and to assist others comprehend and more easily facilitate these changes, and we are here to assist you. This is how this universe has been designed, where enlightened beings from throughout the cosmos come together and assist other to reach their full potentials. We see humanity's potential at this time as virtually unlimited, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here to make sure you are free to strive to reach your fullest potential without any undue interference from those of the dark who wish only to keep you under their control.
This is one of the tasks we busy ourselves with each and every day, and for those of you who have informed yourselves of these dark ones, you understand the depths of their organization and their large proliferation of advanced weaponry. We have made great strides dismantling their forces and they no longer pose a threat to humanity. It is only a matter of time until you will be completely free from their tyranny they have so cunningly crafted over many centuries. Their once formidable empire is crumbling brick by brick, and the day that their leaders face the justice they deserve is inevitable. They understand this now as well, and are currently bartering all they can in the hopes of leniency for their crimes against you. Justice will be dispensed, and it is up to you as a collective what you feel is adequate compensation for their crimes. This is a delicate balance you must create, as on one hand mercy and forgiveness are virtues you may consider, and on another, karma and rehabilitation are also important points worth consideration. This will be decided by you in the days ahead, and we will honor each decision you make. We also have matters of restitution with these dark ones, and these too will be dealt with in the coming days.
You have so much to look forward to as your new world blossoms into being, and we are so excited for you all. Enjoy each day as if it were your last here in the 3D world of the physical, for your days are running short and time is ‘speeding up’. Make the most of your experiences here, as they will serve you very well in your many endeavors ahead. We look so forward to the days ahead when we will have many opportunities to share our stories with you, and we also look forward to you sharing your experiences and adventures of your travels through the realm of the 3rd dimension.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012


Anonymous said...

Underground Aliens Reptilians@WAR ILLUMINATI GAME 2011

This video was done in 1995. Sneider was murdered in 1996. We are now 25 years further into tyranny. Near the end of the video, he says 6 to 7 million people have been slaughtered by the aliens. He didn't discuss it in THIS video, but humans were held in cages in the large grays' Dulce, NM lab he "dropped" in on while building the underground facilities. Many agents were killed in a gun-battle that day.

Philip Schneider: Government Secrets Revealed

Anonymous said...

The negative ETs are not allowed here now. The grays have been removed. Any negative ETs wishing to enter are sent packing. We are being protected right now. We've endured too many years of these negative ETs and humans. Things have changed.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the "negative ETs are gone. Indications are that they are running the federal government and pushing for these Unconstitutional laws - UNPatriot Act, SOPA, NDAA, TSA outrages, and new bills against the lst and 2nd Amendments, etc.

I remember reading a book at least 20 years ago (The Pliedian Agenda?) that said we would not be accepted into the Galactic Federation until we became a one-world government and everyone was equal, emphasizing energy efficiency, blaming us for environmental destruction. Well, if that's not TODAY's government agenda, I don't know what is! Sounds like this stuff was not only published in books, but also fed to abductees (many of whom saw grays and military working together).