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The Word of The Lord for February 2012 & Beyond

Phyllis Ford Carpenter’s Touch Ministries, Arlington, Texas

The Word of The Lord for February 2012 & Beyond
“Daniel 2:21-22 And he changes the times and the seasons: he removes kings, and sets up kings: he give wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: He reveal the deep and secret things: he know what is in the darkness, and the light dwell with him.”

“Colossians 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: and he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”

“This is a time where you will see the ranking order of nations/kingdoms shift. For the thrones of the enemy will come into full view this year. My glorious kingdom shall be fortified and further established by my sons that are being birthed forth as partakers of the promise that I am assembling from my heavenly throne. You will begin to see an aligning of those who I have called and prepared to rise up. It is time to declare your position and make known your rightful place says the Lord. I will give you the power of my authority to rule, to reign, to decree and declare as you progress throughout this year. In this time and even this month will mark several serious events that will come to pass because of my righteous judgments. The consequences of men have gone too far due to the sin of greed, pride and deceit.”

“I am removing kings and setting up kings and now you will see the overturning and drastic changes of governments, economic systems and those who are in places of authority, there will be a transition and shift, and there will be those who will show their hands (and their hidden plans) as others exert their authority in the land. Within these systems there will be new revisions that have been put in place to help mend the old plans but they will not remedy their offer to help the current systems that are in need. The foundation built by greed and mammon are about to give way. At the same time there are evil plans that are being set in place and are ready to be implemented to attempt to add to the confusion and fear upon the land and the people. These external forces are demonic systems that will operate through natural enemies to try to bring forth destruction, chaos and fear. So several things will be in operation at the same time, because you are now on an accelerated course and you must take action so that my plan and purposes are fully carried out.”

“Time is of the essence, be diligent in prayer and be vigilant. Watch for the signs that are before you. But also know that I will rebuild my people and I will complete the manifestation of my light and glory in order to restore that which the enemy is trying to destroy. I declare this now in the heavenlies before you; My heavenly government will arise in great might by my own hand, and all the plans that the enemy has set forth at this time for the destruction of my people will not SUCCEED. The time of advancing the work of the kingdom is now. For I will open up the two leaved gates and they shall not be shut, and I will set in place key things to strengthen your position for your provision. But you must carefully follow my instructions because there is great resistance to that which I am bringing forth. Don’t allow anything to frustrate you and distract you, nor to deter and hinder what is being supplied.”

“It is important for you to focus upon building the most essential things and set them in order because you will have to initiate major plans in a short window of time. Know I have prepared all things and know that this is the hour that my people shall come forth with my wisdom to do my bidding upon the earth, in order to be prepared for the trouble that will occur. Listen carefully, It is important to hear clearly in order to know what to initiate and what to wait on because now everything has an order and everything has a set a time, and all must be completed in the right sequence to achieve the right results. In order to know these things you must stay in my presence. Watching and obeying is very significant right now.”

“For the winds of change are blowing; and as the hands of the righteous have risen up—so shall the hands of those who render evil will be revealed. So you must not take anything for granted because much will be happening right now. In this hour you will make great strides toward good. Major victories will be won in the uncovering, but there will be also major challenges and minor setbacks. See things clearly for what they are, don’t allow your fears to over think your position. Watch and pray. Keep advancing and moving forward.”

“Mighty doors will be open to you and great availability will be present before you and none shall hinder them. I will rain down righteousness upon those who have not denied my name and have aligned their lives according to my will and purposes. Remember that your greatest weapons of battle and protection are within you. Your faith, Prayer, praise, the declaration of my word, and the exercising of your inheritance in me are powerful tools that I have given you, according to my covenant. You are sons, my redeemed and that which I have set forth will arise out of you with great power and glory.”

“You must recognize that even as there is a foreboding feeling of uncertainty and trouble, know that I am also moving forth to guide you, and instruct you. This is important for you now so that you will be able to handle the challenges of the day. I am protecting, preserving and even moving swiftly to help you counter the enemies’ plans. Your ability to accomplish every task has everything to do with that which has been given to you. These are being realized through the very love that is flowing from the heart of your Father, says the Lord.”

For those who feel stuck:
“It is time to move on, move beyond the old places and experiences that you might have thought were significant. Places of hurt, lack, and not knowing what to do or where to go from here. But I say to you, your future is before you and what you move forth to establish far outweighs what you feel you have endured in the past. In fact these were stepping stones to cross over into a new hour, and a new plan in me. So don’t allow the troubles of the pass to hinder or stifle you---don’t look back continue to advance for the time of advancement has come. Look for me in the glory that shall come down in the midst of regions that are crying out before me. Look for me in the victory that didn’t seemingly look like it could happen, yet suddenly it came to pass. Look for me in great breakthroughs which will take place even in this month –you will see. Know I will be in the midst of you working out situations miraculously.”

Prophetic Insights:
Much will be taking place in this month. It is one of the most significant months this year. The Lord began to speak to me about “thrones,” the evil ranks of the enemy that are in position. He also spoke concerning those whom He has positioned to overcome the works of the enemy. These clashes that are in conflict will affect the shifts in government that we will see.

The Lord spoke to me about watching North Korea and that right now even though it may not seem apparent plans are already being set in place for major upheaval to come---Russia as well is planning. (these things were revealed to me during night watch prayers). The Lord spoke of several confrontations:

“Nations will clash during this time. Some with power and influence will flex their strength to threatened and even to push/and intimidate with great sounds of authority. But there are those who are quietly planning who are the most dangerous in their rendering-–these silent enemies are like lions watching and waiting looking for a time to strike. Keep your eyes open and your spirit alert, for there are those who are preparing to move not with sound, but strike in dark silence.”

Watchmen stand on your post. Keep your hour of watch----The Lord will meet us there and release to us strategies, battle plans, and show us areas of trouble ahead.

There are a series of sounds going on right now. The Lord spoke to me:

“There is a sound that is coming from the earth. There is a sound in the atmosphere and there is a rumbling in the cities. One is the sound of travail upon the earth, and the other is a sound from those who are before me in intercession and prayer. Hear the sounds that are coming forth in this season and know also there shall be a sound of my judgment. For that which must come forth at this time will come forth. For this is the season of My release of glory and light to shine upon the dark places in the earth.”

“The birthing process is now beginning and is being established. This is the time of my coming, and my appointing. Know that I am preparing you. In this month you shall see and shall hear the Rising up of my sons and daughters to awaken and come forth into the light of my glory. You shall signs in the heavens and upon the earth. These are all signs and signals leading to the turning of the events that will mold and shape the things that about to come forth, says the Lord.”

Watch the last ten days concerning serious financial woes. (see Word of the Lord 2012).

Key scriptures: Joel 2:17-23, Isaiah 66:6-10, Psalm 122, Mt 19:28, Colossians 1:16, Wisdom 5:23, Daniel 2: 21-23.

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