Friday, January 27, 2012


From the PTR forum today...all I can say is WOW!
The real story: The hold up of the rv

    To my Friends: I have thought about this for a long time & have waited patiently just like all of you have. Being in despair sometimes wondering why & when. Everyday a little closer & then suddenly one day we will be there. What I am about to tell you is somewhat of a secret to some of you, but to others it wont be. The Best Place To Hide The Truth is In Plain Sight. When it is Big & Exposed No One Will Hardly Recognize that it is A Lie!!! There is a lot to tell, but I will do my Best to keep this Short & Sweet. There are many that will say some good things & others that will ask the age old question as to where you got this from. It is my perspective & a Source that I have known for over 5 years that has told me one thing & one thing only that has never changed. I am not here looking for notoriety, just to Shed the Light On Why this has not happened. The truth Always Needs To be Told & This Is What I Am Here To Tell. There Are others that Have Told you Similar things. When I had a chance to read what Ratatap said just a few nights ago I felt that I didn't need to do this. When I read Studley's post last night, I said O.K. This is It. I made a Promise that if there was no RV the next day, then I would Tell the Story.

    I want to Make One Thing Crystal Clear about The RV: THE HOLD UP HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IRAQ, PERIOD. The GOI, The HCL All DONE!!! Remember what Historian said about Preparing The Scene? Something has to be done to give them enough time to implement what needs to take place Out In The Open, so the blame is put on Iraq to Create More Time. Surprised? You Shouldn't be because if You Can Imagine as Freeway Bill Has Advised us on Numerous Occasions that they (Iraq) needs this worse than we do & He Told you the TRUTH!!! O.K. So What Is The Hold Up Right? You Keep hearing Most People Dance Around The Idea that this Is Bigger than The RV, yeah we all know that right??? But What Is It??? I want to give you some history so that you will know the validity of what is going down here, but at the same time I want to keep all of this to a Minimal so that you want have so much to read. Keep these things in the back of your Mind as you Read This: China, Gold(China's),The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, The Farm Claims, and The Consortium Of 153 Countries (which by the way is growing everyday). This is as much of the history that I will put out at this time. Some of you Are Very Smart & will Connect The Dots Very Easily as to the importance of the Listing Of The History without me Going Into Details.

    The hold Up, the Lies, The Deceit, The Trickery is all About One Thing & One Thing Only: A Currency Change. Yes that is Right A Currency Change. About 2 weeks ago, this past Saturday, the Federal Reserve Lease with the US Govt ended Contractually. They & all of their Minions have been in Charge for so Long, they have no desire to Give Up. If you have been running things all of your Life & Your Contract now ends, do you just hand over the keys back to the city that you have controlled for ever??? No You Don't because Of The Power Complex. What you constantly hear is that this is Bigger than the RV. They Are Right. What Is happening Before Your Very Eyes, Most Behind Your back Is that All of The Federal Reserve Notes are about to become WORTHLESS. You thought Dinar was Worthless Wait Just a Little While & Then Our Dollars Will Be Worse than The Dinar. O.K. This Is It In a Nutshell: The Reason why there has been no RV is because when this happens you will not be paid out in Federal Reserve Notes. You Will be Paid Out In New Treasury Notes, backed by something REAL (Gold, Silver, & even Perhaps Oil) You See This Change Over Has To Take Place because The Murdering, Lying Thieves Of The Federal Reserves cannot be Trusted. The War Of 1812 was about A Bank Charter. Guess What Bank they were trying to Resurrect??? You Guessed it, A central banking System Ran By WHO??? The Same Liars As Now. JFK, knew that they were A Threat To Society & This Is Why They Had Him Killed. JFK was Brilliant, he was going to Do Something that Had Never been Done Before & that was He Was Going To Level The Playing Field. The abundance of Inequalities that exist had he lived would not be as they are now. He was Ahead of His Time.

    There is a paradigm shift that is about to take place. This is not the stuff that you read in story books, but the Real Deal, involving Real People Like You & me. This Is The Time that God Speaks About In His Words That The Wealth Of The Wicked Will Be taken Away & Given To His People. Those that have Had Will Be Stripped & those that Have Not Had Will Receive The Abundance That All Of Us Have Heard About Long Ago.America has been Deemed A Sleeping Giant & Now it is Time For us To Awaken From Our Slumber. This is Our Time!!!

    The video that most of you have seen that went viral several weeks ago where the spokesman of the Consortium of 153 countries. If you noticed that he did not tape this on one of the Networks that we have here in the US because the information will be skewed. One of the things that he said that was given him from the group is that 3 things must be changed & the first of those was the Monetary System. The Countries involved know that it is TIME FOR A CHANGE. This Monetary change is Happening Now because the Federal Reserve cannot be Trusted. When the Basel 3 Initiative has been fully Implemented then everything will be SET IN STONE. There are a few things that need to be completed, but just know this: The New Money even before the Dinar came into play has been sitting in the banks just waiting for this time for well over 5 years. I will end this here As I Feel that I have said what needed to be said. Just Know that We Are There!!! Wanted To Shed The Light On What Was In The Dark that Most Were Dancing Around & Afraid To Tell You Out Straight. May The Blessings Of Our Lord Be With All Of Us & May His Abundance Of Blessings Allow Us To Transform The Lives Of His People Forever More. And So it is Amen!!!


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it, but I told you so. No Dinar RV until the U.S. dollar collapses and a new currency is implemented.

Doug Duff said...

Here's what I've been screaming for years:
John 21:11 (KJV)
Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken. [ENDQUOTE]
I didn't add anything to it; I didn't take anything away from it. Read it for yourself.

Doug Duff

John MacHaffie said...

ANON 6:24 AM --- And you are? Where is your posting? What is your name? Yea I know- don't have the balls to put it out there.

Sonny --- the world is loaded with critical back seat drivers. Suggest you reveal yourself as this will be the last and only comment being allowed on this blog.

Don't have time for ya!

change_is_comming_are_you_ready? said...

do you have this video?

"The video that most of you have seen that went viral several weeks ago where the spokesman of the Consortium of 153 countries. If you noticed that he did not tape this on one of the Networks that we have here in the US because the information will be skewed."
Please re-post.

change_is_comming_are_you_ready? said...

In adding to this post.
One must remember that we have two governments running at the same time. one was under contact(law of 1871) the other is the good old us constitution from 1776 with all power given to the people.

draw a chart it's simple. on one side note china that gave gold to washington all those years back to get this country going..there's a contract there..then a contact from the law of what if the 1871 contact is null and void? is not ALL(and i do mean ALL) contracts null and void under it? is this concept really that hard to understand? this includes anything set up under the "corperation". nothing personal it's business. here's your pink poof's just a old fasion "forced" bankrupcy. People are not wanting to loose control of there "intitlements" funny a contract is void and they think they are "owed" something that they "created".

Anonymous said...

Hi John Finally we are seeing this with some clarity and I feel that it is a bit overdue .. (gag orders, confidentiality etc)have kept the actual real truth vague and 'between the lines'for so long that most are confused and are just guessing at what might "be"...
There is lots more that the Author didn't write (above) . Global settlements , nesara, the Trusts , etc , this is what I think it is , the cooks got together and built this beautiful cake using all the ingredients above and the Rv is the icing , this will be presented to the people of the world to feast on ,I am sure that as we speak the invitations are being finalized and will be sent out as soon as the preparations are completed ,, PATIENCE ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks John for posting this. Extremely crystal clear analysis.

siriusvoid said...

Thank you for posting this.
~ May Sanity take root and flourish

Anonymous said...

Hi John not trying to be a kill-joy but does anyone know if these 153+ countries are Basil III compliant????

Anonymous said...

I heard that Basil III compliance is part of this new transparent and global financial system and reset. What I would be interested to see is a list of these 153 countries to know which are participating initially... Great post. thank you...

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, I read most of the Dinar Gurus updates, and it seems as if they are really afraid to mention the WGS OR PP .
If they have such geat intel providers they should know the holup of the RV.