Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This is from the California Intellectual Dude ----

John MacHaffie’s request for immediate and direct communication with the Galactics is both reasonable and timely.

We have a need to move away from channelers as a primary source of information and communication with the Galactics. There appears to be a growing level of discontinuity between what is being presented by the channelers and the realities we perceive as we observe our environment. 

It would appear that some degree of subtle mind control is being employed to skew the information provided by some of the channelers.

The time for intermediaries in communication has passed. 

We Lightworkers and Wayshowers have matured to the point that direct communication not only is desirable but of great benefit to the completion of our ascension journey and our continued spiritual growth.

Direct communication, in person face to face, can be the prelude to disclosure and can greatly assist in developing a meeting of the minds and the hearts as we move forward to general disclosure.

Too much emphasis is made of the fear reaction of the general public. People will usually react favorably to a friendly face and a helping hand. The negative reaction would most generally come from the authorities as they react to a perceived loss of control.

We have now arrived at a time which a people to people contact with representatives of the Galactics would be appropriate and beneficial.

Let us begin the dialog. Let us get to know one another, to love and understand one another. 

As we grow in our relationship the authorities will have no choice but to grow with us.


Anonymous said...

100% john, I for one never post comments I wait, listen and watch until I know it is time and the time is NOW... but now I will put my two cents in the arena, my name is Robert, hello to you all, from a very young child I believed in God, I have had many live spirtual interactions with both good and evil, also at a very young age I began to see craft or ships of all different sizes and shapes(ufos)up close, and on going through my teens, and adult hood and to my present age of 52 years, approxemently 10 years ago John, 2003 to 2010 myself and a child hood friend had shared many of these experences together over the years, were drawn to the same locations in the oregon wilerness in 2003 together we both were to experenced a 200% increase in seeing and experenceing contact with extrateresrials with contact of the 2nd, 3rrd, and 4th kind, with an array of what seemed to be spitual orbs, and mulidementinal beings, also a few different species of the grays, blueish illuminoids shaped like the greys and the drconians these guys are unreal scary, a complete evilness about them,we have also had lost time have seen some of thier un real tech in action, I had an excess of 10-k hours of night time servalence invested along with many whitnesses whos names many of you would recognize whos lives were changed forever,the time period was 2003 up to 2009. Now when you thought you had seen it all, my child hood friend Vience called me and said he was led to another area, this is where kansas really went bye bye, and the lord God reveled the ET grays, the spirit of satin and all his demons beyond number, and the military, all working together, live not memorex actually seeing and hearing what was going on it was nothing less than a armagedon senerio beeing whitnessed in real time,not a vision not a dream real time right up to being confronted, by non other than satian his pittifull self,but God would not let them harm us nor could they hide from us it was the most intense time of my human life words John can not fully explain the effects this had on us both it took months with Gods help to pull it togather, only with gods help I did, if any one of you say" why didnt you film any of it then I did" Back to the reason why I am writing this is John, I am not only completly unafraid but also carry a very high level of discernment, and would love to have contact with any or all of these assended masters,as I WILL GO WITH GOD, AND HIS SON FOR THE TRUTH WE ALL SEEK FROM THOSE WE HAVE NOT YET MENT ABOVE. So I ask the assended masters for your gracious invitation please, and await your response and many thanks Robert Picthall the lords humbel servent (John you have my premission to post this for all to see.)

Anonymous said...

I like this persons thoughts and encourage a positive dialogue to start immediately.
I'm on board and available. Lets go!

Anonymous said...

agree ! let's get this party started

Anonymous said...

UMMMMM .. the ascended masters are not aliens. There are no flying saucers. These are REAL people who did something for a certain someone way back in the late 80's that generated a lot of money. I met one of them. He was in my office back in 1992. I assure you that he was NOT an alien.

Anonymous said...


Beautiful forum,,and Insights.Thanks John and Others.. Shakesperes Play Being Amuzed and Acknowledging the Mother Father God Is a Loving Kind Caring Force We are Birthing Ourselves as Creators in this Journey. The Passage of Be Ye Like Little Children shows to Wonder at it All becoming in resonation with the feelings of Happy, Joyful,Being Amuzed ,,,Pleased with Oneself,,,Loving Self ,,,,This Energetic coat when we pick three words,,a triade,,,such as happy,beauty,certain,,,we know these feelings,,,feel them,,,resonate percieving from this platform allows for and energetic antenea to attrack powerfully experiences alighned with these vibrations law of attraction whereby we are then able to perceive from a higher energetic resonance. This forum topic is in time,,for we are stepping into Our Each own individual Creatorship ,,,managing how we choose to see these events in current reality..I am personally having Orbs visit often,,,Seeing ships of different vibrational Integrity ,,,,Looking at the chem trails seeing,decreeing,Imaging the Violet Flame following ,,,the chem trail disperses quickly,,,,The intrusions from Negative Enities as a oppertunity to realize that is the Enities Cry for Help to Invade anothers auric space,,mind,,emotions,,will, is no longer acceptable. I Am Conscious of Being Conscious ..I Steer My own Ship ,,Too not give up ones command of self,,mind and emotions,,life circumstances is the unfoldment Now .I choose to percieve lack of work as an oppertunity to work with self ,,knowing true wealth is the ability love oneself and others when challenged. Becomming Aware of Being Aware is whats at the forefront,,,as we individually integrate this our Reality will shift we create the time line to which this will happen. Choose Now Lets do this. We All are capable and deserving of A New Earth All of Heavens light and love supports Us. Consider Imagine We are the Ones We Have Waited For.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree, the moments that we as a collective group and personally felt a moment for disclosure to occur, it vanishes.I agree with the above post from Robert. I have also had 'contact' with our space brothers but not physical it was more in terms of telepathic. The dark cabal knows about me and I live in truth and peace, they hate that. I wish for a peaceful transition and a more active role for Nesara.

God bless,


Anonymous said...

I have seen Jesus and he is availble for all to see when you are ready, but you have to be ready to accept him, and the Truth he stands for; and sometimes work real hard, surround yourself in White Light and protection...I learned to make contact in 1978, but others saw him and not me..until I was brave enough in my heart..now I have seen him since 1990 and His Mother..Remember you have to work at it

Anonymous said...

excellent idea John. Let us invite the galactics; for we have earned the right as a part of humanity to invite the galactic federation to intervene with humanity...the MIS-leaders on this planetary dimension have no further right to be in charge making decisions for the collective. They must be removed, yet the collective must mature to a point of consciousness to desire this....

Anonymous said...

"As we grow in our relationship the authorities will have no choice but to grow with us." this resonant with me as a true statement! I for one am ready to have a face to face communicate with ET's.
@Anony, 3:21, Do not take this the wrong way, I for one will not judge a whole species of ET base on one entity, it would be like judging the human species off of Adolf Hitler. IMO there are good and bad draconian / greys just like there are bad and good human beings :) To all my lightworkers out there stay balance!

PS. I've also heard from other people about benevolent Grey's. If any benevolent ET's wish to have a face to face communication with me, I am ready now! no need to wait for Dec. 21 2012. Just a tip for people who want to see UFO's, go outside meditate for an hour with the intention of seeing a UFO, then open your eyes look into the sky. Do this for a few week and you will see UFO's of all type. I've seen fire spheres, metallic spheres flying in clusters,etc.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have missed the most obvious answer, to wit: the 'channelers' have been faking it. There is no galactic federation. No help from anyone, anywhere. It is all a cop-out/psy-op designed to get the majority of us to do exaclty what we have been doing. Nothing. So that the "'dark cabal' of evil-doers" can just keep on doing what they want, which is destroying our liberty and stealing our hard earned money. This MUST be the truth because this is exactly what has been happening and continues to happen. All the flowery rhetoric and tough sounding 'lightworker' broadcasts and messages have accomplished diddly squat.

Self-appointed mesengers are not to be trusted or followed. Save your time and actually go out and DO something useful instead of waiting for the next installment of what somebody else claims they were told by some benevolent super-being from outerpsace. When they come down and I can shake hands with them and ask a few pointed questions of my own, then I'll believe in them. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Galactics entering in open dialog, this sounds ideal. Fortunately and unfortunately with so many credible and not-so-credible channelers we seem to be speaking with the 'middle man' the word UNITY is important, yes?
Like said above, many of us may be very comfortable with knowledge of our friends both benevolent and malevolent.

As a point of view: Long ago we were interfered with against our will.. Now we request it. Many of us do.
love to you lot, may your truest desires be filled (-_-)

MUTUAL commerce with The Galactics..MUTUAL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you John. very well stated.

peace be with you.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:44...do something useful? I would like to hear your idea as to what that might be...I wait with great anticipation!

Anonymous said...

VERY WELL SAID, JOHN!! Reading those repetitive, useless articles is a waste of our valuable time.

Anonymous said...

I'm fairly new to this site. I am absolutely dumbfounded to constantly read about galatics/ufo's, ET's, channeling, etc. and then read in the next sentence about Jesus/Lord God/Bible verses, etc. How the heck do these things even relate with each other??? Am i the only one out there that's completely perplexed/confused? Love the site otherwise!!

Anonymous said...

anon 7;54, My point exactly. You are waiting to be told what to do. We seem to be in short supply of leaders.

Find something in your community that needs to be done and do it. Clean an empty lot. Help the elderly. Volunteer at the library...Anything will do for a start - and when others see you doing it they will come and be a part of it. This is how movements grow - by moving!

Don't wait to be asked, offer your self and your time. Become the change you want to see, don't wait around for someone else to do it for you.

Anonymous said...

YOU ALL Remind me of child who is crying and kicking his legs on the floor in the Toys-R-Ass :)

"Mammy you have promised me a toy, why why WHYYYY Oh WHYYYYYY I cant have it... I WANT IT NOW!!!!"

COME ON ... We can understand all of you and John specifically he was at this for many many years
and now his inner child is crying!! and that is OK! LET it OUT!! We love you all anyway without separation
since we are ONE!!! we are never separated anyhow.

Ok ... look at your hands, left and right, now clap your hands.. good
Lets pretend you are left hand and you shouting at the right hand "Hey you f*** why did you slap me? "
and Right hand shouts "No you piece of S.... that was you who slap me!!! "

and lets pretend this fight goes on forever... Suddenly head says "Guys my mouth have a channelled message for you"

Mouth says:"People I don't know where it comes from but hey I didn't invented it... msg:>>Left and Right hands your fight is an Illusion!!
No one actually was doing any slapping .. You guys were simply applauding .. We saw an EVENT down the road it’s called ASCENSION!!... Oh boy!! ..
It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! and WE started applauding.. So don't worry we'll be there shortly. We are One . Love and Light to you all"

Right and Left hands say "What?.. What a f...? What do you ...?? What do you mean WE SAW? Ascension? How? and How we are One? Mouth ? Head?"

Head says : "Beats me!! Mouth?"

Mouth: "What? I am only a messenger! do you think I understand all this crap?" .... "Oh Oh guys.. listen.. incoming message "

"You asking us what we mean by .. Well ... You see (oh sorry you don’t).. We have Eyes that we use to see all around us.. You know the universe is much bigger than you thought... in fact there so many Universes that you have no idea.. but don’t worry soon you'll know the truth... out there so many hands, in fact billions just like you, and many of them would like to meet you and be with you... but you should ALL know that NOT all of those hands are good to you.. but don't you worry we will take care of all of us to make sure you meet only good and honest hands. Love and Light to you all "

Right and Left hands : "WOW.. Wow Wow wow... Hey? can you believe it? Cool !! Hey Fingers did you hear that? We are going to meet soon our Brothers and sisters from different universes.. Hey mouth did they say when?"

Mouth:" I don’t know... they said soon.. whatever soon means... Oh Oh In coming message"

"And don’t worry about time! Time is an Illusion! What you have to understand first is that you are the One! you are whole.. you are all complete that whole.. it called BODY... and You have to start Love each other unconditionally , and forget about all this judgment and hate since you are One!!!

You see hands your higher self called arms, they are connected to this whole we call BODY.. Head your higher self called NECK it connects you to the whole we call BODY.. Mouth you are part of the Head but you are also the way that feeds the whole system we call BODY..

Get it? No? hmmm...We do understand the complexity of this message but look this the best we can come up with .. when we all going to pass Ascension You will understand us better then because DNA will change and every cell in you will be conscious and that will give you all knowledge that you seeking for! Love and Light"


We can continue this STORY until end of times .. You all know all this .. You just being kids who want the present now
And it is already here (the present) you just need to open your eyes and hearts to see it.. that is all.

And look ... even if all this is BS or a big lie or whatever you want to call it and that gives you negative felling
then stop reading , thinking , talking all of it at once and LIVE YOUR LIFE AS YOU WANT IT TOO

Anonymous said...

----------CONTINUE FROM ABOVE-----------------

YOU ALL have come here to experience one thing... Life in LOVE!!! Without hate you wouldn't know Love, without Pain you wouldn't know Pleasure,
without betrayal you wouldn't know friendship and etc.

Hopefully for some of you it will be wakeup call... But know this it is YOUR OWN choice how you want to FEEL!!

Don't forget that you are here to live your life and it doesnt matter what and who promised you what!!!

Be well and prosper :) We love you all just like you love your kids...

Anonymous said...

Myyyy God, this is ridiculous. These Galactics are just as bad as the dark cabal. Its not just evil actions but lack of action that is just as bad....People have to suffer the uneccessary all because the good guys/galactics are taking their docile, fluffy, sweeet time to accomplish things. With your nervous OCD hand, put down your little milk and health food store cookies and get to work!!!