Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whistleblower Bill Woods - Time Traveler for the secret government

Russ MIchael here . . .I thought--busy as I AM--I would never listen to a 2.5 hour Interview - - -BUT when SaLuSa stated in his yesterday Message that Military High Clearance "Whistleblower Bill Woods"--who was a "Time Traveler" for the Secret Governnment "Looking Glass" time travel into the future--confirmed that ALL TIME LINES converged to show only a "wall of white Light" on Dec. 21, 2012--meaning END GAME "checkmate" for Illuminati Dark Cabal . . . and ASCENSION for Humanity on Earth, I talked myself TODAY into setting down for two and a half hours to hear for myself what Bill Woods had to say. And I thank Prime Creator of All That Is - - - that I did!!

Please take or MAKE take the time to hear "dark secret" disclosures from Bill Woods--an extraordinary human being--to say, the least!  Stick with get the full backgrtound of Bill Woods up to almost the 2 hour mark!!  About 1 or 2 minutes before the two hour timeline mark, Bill Woods "discloses" his own "time traveler" experience...and also explains how what we really believe is what creates our own personal "time line" to converge with that same shared belief by others holding that same exact belief . . . however, now NO matter what the individuals NOW believe, they cannot change the FACT that the "Critical Mass" point was reached and passed, that the Dark lost, and the Light WON, and nothing "short of a negative miracle in reverse" can stop the sudden mass Ascension from occuring on Dec. 21, 2012....

Please "fast forward" to your list members and everyone who wants or needs to hear this interview....

I can hardly wait to hear the Tuesday night Bill Wood interview with Kerry and David Wilcock!!  It ought to be a real "Mind Bender."  We --here now on Earth--are all so greatly blessed!!

Bless us all.  WE are ONE. And, so it is!

Linda Foster wrote (Jan. 24, 2012)

I watched the 2.5 hr. interview between Kerry and Bill Woods last night and it was an eye-opener.  He's a former Navy Seal and was also involved in Project Looking Glass.  He's a very believable whistle blower and patriot who has a lot of dirt on the powers that were.  Tonight he will be talking with Kerry and David Wilcock and it will be live streaming at 7pm PST.  I'm sure it will be riveting.


Anonymous said...

The second interview is alreay posted on I listened to it last night and this morning, it's 3 hrs long and it is AWESOME. David and Bill are almost jumping out of their skin trying to keep hidden at what they know is coming soon, but can't disclose.

Anonymous said...

"Dec. 21, 2012" .. now we know what imminent means.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for posting what I have been saying all along. The bad guys have already lost and DON'T FEED the F.E.A.R. To the person who kept telling me that I was reading to much Fulford and Galactic stuff. In your face buddy!!!!! This man is one of about 6 who have confirmed the same things I have been reading and studying. The dark have few moves left on the Chess board and can only play them out to no avail. Dec. 21st it's over for them for GOOD! Please post this John so I can gloat a little.

Anonymous said...

Excellent information! Listening to this is a MUST!

Anonymous said...

Hey I hear you buddy. I love it when the jerks think they can still tell us nothing will happen or that the bad guys will win, yeah right. Talk about delusions of granduer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Transcript of Project Camelot Kerry Cassidy's interview with Dan Burish on Project Looking Glass. Kerry has said numerous times that off-worlders are controlling things on this planet (and therefore us). Plans for Looking Glass were given to the government by NEGATIVE P45's ("supposedly us in the future"). They WANT the disasters to occur, and so does the government, to wipe out 2/3 humanity.

THIS is TOTAL INTERFERENCE by the galactics in our FREE WILL. They assisted the government to commit wars (they feed off war emotions), and bring about catastrophes and the current police state against the people.

Their interference in our FREE WILL has blocked the release of those 6,000 American free-energy patents sitting in the U.S. Patent office under "national security". Of course, our "illustrious" NAZI government is USING those patents for itself. ALL OF TESLA'S EXPERIMENTS AND BOOKS WERE STOLEN BY THE GOVERNMENT WHEN HE DIED, and it too has been used against humanity, i.e., HAARP.

George H.W. Bush (Scherf) is said to be the son of Tesla's business manager (Scherf) when he lived in Germany, and later secretly inserted forged U.S. birth records. Tesla didn't like "Curious George" because he was always snooping around his experiments and papers. After Tesla died destitute, George H.W. Bush showed up at the U.S. Patent Office "claiming" all Tesla's papers were left to him. He was in his 20's at the time. I don't think the papers were given to him at the time, but then George became CIA in his 30's and probably obtained possession of them then.

Anonymous said...

George H. Scherff, Jr., visits the FBI

Upon the untimely death of Nikola Tesla, perhaps the world’s most renowned scientist in history, J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI, received an unexpected visit from George H. Scherff, Jr.

That George Scherff, Sr., Tesla’s trusted associate, chose to send his teenage son to visit the FBI’s notorious director should have raised a red flag, which it probably did among intelligence agencies.

Scherff, Jr., explained to Hoover that he had worked for Tesla and was entitled to his papers and other effects. He also expressed concern that “a foreign government might also be interested in his inventions.” [16]

Scherff, Jr., also gave Hoover an address, “149 Secord (sic) Rd., New Rochelle, New York” [“Seacord” is the correct spelling].

FOIA file on “subject, Nikola Tesla”: “Mr. George H. Scherff Jr. advised that he had received two letters... Mr. Scherff stated that he was an associate of Nikola Tesla in 1914 and that for many years, his father had been Dr. Tesla’s private secretary.

Mr. Scherff said that he had never heard of Leland J. Anderson nor any of the names mentioned in Anderson’s letter” (Anderson had written to the Scherff household seeking information about Tesla’s writings. He was working on a thesis for school and had been seeking information from Tesla’s associates and communications).

(February 3, 1954) “Mr. Scherff stated that he has quite a bit of Tesla’s writings in his possession and he didn’t know whether or not they would be of value to a foreign government.”

There are several glaring discrepancies and inconsistencies in George H. Scherff, Jr.’s statements to the FBI (or the actual intent of the document).

The author conducted his own research into the background of George H. Scherff, Sr., and, from all indications, concludes that George H. Scherff, Jr., could not have worked for Nikola Tesla in 1914.

Scherff, Jr. wasn’t even alive in 1914, so he could not have “worked for him” then or at any other time (based upon the numerous accounts about “Curious George,”

Tesla could not even tolerate him being around his laboratory). It is highly unlikely that Tesla would have hired (or did hire) him.

Other than a book written by John J. O’Neill, ‘Prodigal Genius, The Life of Nikola Tesla’ in 1944, this was also the only known reference to Tesla having a secretary named “George H. Scherff.” [17]

For the greater part of his career, Tesla’s secretary was Dorothy F. Skerritt. Both Skerritt and Muriel Arbus worked for him at the time of his retirement, which was forced due to dwindling funds.

The acknowledgments at the end of the book describe George H. Scherff as a “business associate,” and there is no mention whatsoever of George H. Scherff, Jr. ever having worked for Tesla.

So why did Scherff, Jr., lie to the FBI?

Because it was dangerous for him to tell Hoover the truth about the real identities of his father and himself.

Why would George H. Scherff, Sr. send his teen-age son to seek papers and other records (belonging to Tesla) from the FBI and not do it himself?

Because the Director of the FBI, Herbert J. Hoover, would have recognized him as someone other than George H. Scherff, Sr. In fact, it is highly plausible that the individual who spoke to the FBI was not a Scherff and was a stand in. (continued at:;read=217602

Anonymous said...

What a pretty face we see when they want to deceive.
The message was good, but it was truth surrounded by distortion.
NDAA is for US Citizens who are terrorists. We don't know what he is involved in, but if NDAA is in the media it is something they do not like.
FEMA camps are not in the media, it's in the rumor mills, Black budgets are not in main stream media, it's in the rumor mills.
This man and his pretty face appeared for a reason. He'd love to infiltrate all the secret organizations we have working in the light and identify all the light workers, and intel that is giving information to David Wilcock.
He chose the location of the first interview and it was interrupted by helicopter activity. I'm reminded of the problem, reaction, solution. It requires a level of trust to get into organizations like Camelot and to find out who's providing intel to David about his Source Field Investigations, and about the bankers money supply.
The false flag event has to be a shocker...imagine if it affected all light workers.
The helicopter scene of the interview reminded me of the Rush Hour movie where the ambassador faked his own failed assassination attempt so he could be fully trusted by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.
We know nothing about what he's done to people of peace, people of the light, or anything that is considered above top secret.
Those seals have every right to question the legitimacy of this man, but many will jump and apply their name to a petition.
I'll say that whatever happens to you, whether you end up on time line 1 or time line 2 will be by your choice. Signatures are a good way to get you to contract. It is said, no one is in jail that didn't agree to be there. If that is true, you need to figure out why it's true before you run around agreeing with things you have no idea what you are agreeing to.
Some light workers are dark, and some dark cabal appear to be of the light to infiltrate. What would shock the community the most, something happening in the world of the cabal or the world of the light? What would shift the fear for time line 2? How will your trust play a role in that shift for you?
He appeared for a reason, if he is your galactic savior replacement, then you have placed a God before you, and there are many seeking a savior outside of themselves.
The vibrations of his message had some truth surrounded by distortion.
It will be your choice if you follow a pied piper, remember he said, something about our Free Will.
I know who I am, and NDAA does not apply to me. Those of us that know, know that it does not apply, it's for our protection from them and they've operated with impunity for a long time, and if they hired attorneys they can drag things along indefinitely. Attorneys and judges are behind the fraud foreclosures. You cannot use the current system to clean up the current system. US Citizens who are Cops beating unarmed US citizens. Whose the terrorist? Banks stealing property, making people homeless, whose the economic terrorists? NDAA is for them.
I remember a study when AIDS was hitting the main stream media. They showed peoples faces and asked who had AIDS and people did not pick the pretty faces thinking they were disease free. They were wrong.
Pretty faces aren't always the good guys. But you don't need to tell me that.
If the end of the world is the end of their world as he said in the first interview, why is there so much focus on time line 2? Ask questions, if you dare.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite "get" Anon 12:46. He seems to be saying that:

1) NDAA is "no problem" for Americans who aren't "terrorists".
My comment: WHAT A CROCK! Our brains are still ticking despite your chemtrails, vaccines, and HAARP!

2) and that Woods is "infiltrate" Project Camelot and David Wilcock's work.
My Comment: WHAT A CROCK! It is CLEAR to everyone that Wood and his story are REAL. He "resonates" the truth. He gets right to the point, and doesn't beat around the bush, as does interviewees like Dean who make comments like "we'll go to the stars one day" and "they are our brothers". Yeah, RIGHT! Abducting DARK "brothers" who've interfered with our FREE WILL and PROGRESS, and are desperate to stop it.

The Wood interview was the best Kerry has ever done. I was hoping Wilcock would NOT be on the Q&A followup. He seems to "attach" himself to people who are currently "hot", like Fulford and now Wood. I wanted to hear more about what WOOD had to say, NOT Wilcock. As I expected, Wilcock went on and on.

Wilcock's work is appreciated by all. However, the premise by Anon 12:46 that Wilcock's work might be "infiltrated" by Wood is totally ridiculous. If anything, Anon 12:46 may be afraid we'll learn that Wilcock's many "secret sources" may not be telling the truth. How can we discern the veracity of David's "secret sources" when we cannot judge for ourselves like we're judging Wood?

Wilcock's latest 5 part article is basically HISTORY that many of us were already familiar with from long-time reading. What "got" me was that he included photos of the Philippine gold certificates he'd chastised "2012 Scenario" and Fulford about showing.

And as for all those poor, ignorant Navy seals who murder people at home and abroad for TPTB (WITHOUT QUESTION), I have only disgust that they would attack one of their own. I believe it's them or their JSOC commanders writing this trash.

It's obvious they have been totally brainwashed and have never "bothered" to find out what their JSOC commanders are REALLY doing in the name of US citizens, or do they even care? I'll tell them: THEY ARE REMOVING FREEDOMS FROM THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS BY BEING TOOLS OF TPTB. I've read that we have Joint Special Operations (JSOC) troops in 120 countries knocking down the doors of citizens every night. WHAT YOU DO WILL COME BACK TO YOU.

Anonymous said...

my thought on this is.. if the dark are trying to shift the timeline to be the second one filled with darkness, then why would they send in and infiltrate and tell us that timeline #1 is the one that will transpire despite whatever they do or want. The Light prevails.

When we know the Light prevails and we are onboard for Timeline 1, this will take away much of the fear that the dark feed on to create Timeline 2. When I watched and listened, my heart resonated and re-confirmed what I felt that we had shifted to this timeline.

We need more people to hear this and not get taken in by the negative naysayers... because this will keep us on track for Timeline 1~ THE LIGHT PREVAILS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46am is responding -
Everyone is at a separate and different energy and ascension level.
What resonates with One who expresses anger and disgust and lack of tolerance will be a different vibration from one who expresses acceptance, awareness, and can feel states of distortion in the truth meter of one's words.
Ultimately, my comment is placed into the universe to be accepted by some and rejected by others.
Either decision you make will be of your Free Will.
I know that. Bill knows that.

When the time comes, you will know what you needed to know.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:46 responding again to Anon -7:49am
The game isn't over until it's over.
He said, (and I paraphrase) both sides are master chess players. Both sides can see that in 7 moves who will win. Only two things can happen. One is that can the loser delays the inevitable, or the winner makes a massive mistake that changes the outcome.
All that have ears let them hear.
This situation is big. We are talking about a war for the soul.
I'm not going to get into the middle of it. I will not violate any law of Free Will, nor law of Confusion.
Walk your path. I heard what I heard and I see what I see.
I am not your God nor Creator so you can ignore what I said, or put it on a shelf to enhance your own observations.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to stay aware and wait for the next big action pending release. It HAS to be something publically documentable to be big.
Read a further commentary I believe in Kauilapele's blog saying that this Seal is also trained like unto the Jedi using that psi op. training. He's in greater danger of other seals also so trained than you could imagine if that is the case. The level of danger to speak out is incredible., somethings he could have lied about he told instead. Or he could have left it out. Would you tell about your court martial? under the circumstances? Doubt it. The effects of the concentric fields of time are also apparent and creating difficulties we can't fully appreciate. Patience people, patience and watchfulness. Bring your tuning up a level or two just to see what you can sense if you can. I wish all the insight needed for these days. Try this metaphor, your feet are in the 3rd, your calf and knee in the 4th and
the upper body in the wavering 5th which isn't stable yet for us. If you are moving up with the extreme science of the times and taking in the readings more each day, you will feel more cohesive in perception. Play with that.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I cannot believe how many people are being deceived by these buffoons.