Monday, January 23, 2012

Directed Message To Our Galactics - Real Response Requested

These two messages were just rec'd requesting REAL ACTION by the Galactics.I agree with the messages and frustrated at the lack of real performance from the Galactics.

THE GALACTICS NEED TO RESPOND WITH ACTION, rather than there normal words - as the support of the dying embattled light workers is diminishing week by week.

First message was posted as a comment on a Salusa Post today 

Unbelievable! THEIR HANDS ARE TIED. Also, they cannot render aid to all those starving people in Africa because THEY (with all their FINE technology) don't have "PERMISSION" from the "authorities". What kind of fools does Mike Qincey think we are?

Most Earthlings would, if they had a spaceship and access to the food needed, would INSURE that plenty of food was DROPPED to those countries and all those children. Instead, we have a Queen of England with all the money and transportation in the world who REFUSES TO INSURE THE WELL-BEING OF HER SUBJECTS.

We have a Zionist political class of Bushes/Clinton/Kissinger criminals with trillions in their off-shore accounts who WANT THEM TO STARVE.

We have another Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, whose son Prince Alexander of the Netherlands runs around the world with Hans Bleeker managing CHEMTRAIL disbursement of poison to the air. Wonder how many of those planes are spraying the Netherlands.
OLGACOM, an airline food catering service, is used to drive the chemicals up to the airliners, unbeknownst to the crew. OLGACOM does not have any FOODS.

SO....WHERE IS THE "HUMANITY" OF THESE ALIENS TOWARD THE STARVING MASSES? They must wait for "permission". I say, "Get lost"!
The second message comes from an educated light worker from a Southern California University
The Galactics appear to possess a profound lack or misunderstanding of 3D time and the influence and dictates that time has upon those entities residing in 3D. 

Time, for us in 3D, is not flexible. We are not able to decree that rent will not come due or that the mortgage due date not will not present itself for payment.  We 3D entities exist in a paradigm in which time is always a component and the essence of every agreement, discussion, or understanding. 

We, in 3D, have been put on high alert in anticipation of pending events by the use of such words as “soon”, “immanent” and “pending”; and yet nothing happens other than we find that we have committed ourselves to an outcome which fails to materialize.  We have committed ourselves to an outcome which resides in the unknowable, to us, future.

The effect upon us of this commitment to vagueness is devastating.  We make plans and develop strategies and make commitments based upon the information provided to us by our Galactic friends only to find that the immanent events were not very immanent.

We currently have a vast army of Lightworkers poised and ready to move forward stalled because the promised events have failed to materialize, due, we are told, to the interference of the Dark Cabal.

Our situation, as Lightworkers in 3D, dictates that we operate in accordance with the lineal progression of time.  When we commit to an action or to a course of events we have reserved that block of time for that action or series of events.  When we use up that time waiting and not performing we have reduced our ability to sustain ourselves.  Eventually we will not be available for the call.

I Believe that the time has now arrived (3D time) at which all resources of the Galactics be brought to bear to remove those dark elements opposed to the enlightenment and ascension of mankind and to bring support, physical, financial and emotional to those Lightworkers in such desperate need of such support.

The time for dithering, excuses and finger pointing is over.  It is Time for Action.


Anonymous said...


I agree. We have been told that the GFL and Earth's Allies have permission to intervene. If that is true, why are the Cabal still allowed to 'Prance' on the stage.

We were told all of last year that the stalling would come to a halt or be cut off and that 2012 is our year.

Well we are 3 weeks into that year and would like to enjoy as much of it as possible as there will not be another like it. We do have a lot of work to do and don't want to be crammed so that we can't enjoy as much of it as possible.

So my prayer to Heaven has been to allow The GFL, the Arch Angels, Earth Allies and The Ashtar Command to escort the Cabal to 'wherever' so that we can get to work.

In Love and Light

Anonymous said...

With that said, what do you propose to do now? Take your ball and go home? Maybe the threat that will sway the Galactics is to convince all Light workers to defect to the dark cabal, thereby undoing the progress made from past endeavors. Threats are useless unless action is 'Imminent',(Not the incorrect spelling of the word as noted in the above diatribe). That being said, what's the next move?

Anonymous said...

AMEN!! I've been listening to Salusa's immenent lectures and predicitions since 2007. Haven't seen a lick of progress other than some
"apparent" arrests. If the galactics know who is involved and who is guilty of the crimes they have reportedly done (and yes I believe there are many and many more) Then why on earth and in the Universe haven't they stepped in? They have ships available to house millions, and feed millions. They surely could accelerate the positive momentum of events to turn this whole earth situation around.

I like, the other two posters, respectfully request Ashtar, Salusa, the Galactic Federation and the rest to stop dilly dallying around and get this done. I have had enough and this has tapped all of my creative passion and belief in this Earthly existence!

Either you're here to help us with your skills, abilities and resources or you're not. If it is the latter than you need to stop making random promises and find another Universe or planet to provide lip service too!


Anonymous said...

Well said, if we all demand action from the Galactics will they not have to act on our freewill? There are alot more of us then the Dark.
The one point made here which I have always found odd about not interfering with Karma; if the dark had not interfered and the Galactics were able to act, why would they not be interfearing with Karma at that time? How does the darks interference affect our Karma? How can starving people in Africa have Karma to clear only if the Dark does not interfere? This makes no sense!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've about had enough myself. Talk about deception!!! I think Salusa might be leading the spiritual channeling pack on that one.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you "Light Workers" seen one of these "Galactic Beings"? Do you have ANY real proof of their existence?
Have you thought about the possibility that "channeling" is in actuality being deceived by the Fallen Angels?
What better way to keep good people on the sidelines so the dark ones can proceed with "THEIR PLANS"...while you WAIT WAIT WAIT.

Spit the hook and sinker out of your mouth!!!

Anonymous said...

I too must agree to the fullest with the above mentioned posts. Dear Galactic friends, It is time for the very long awaited actions to completely be finished as to removing the dark forces in our 3D world. We earth folks cannot stop time, our bills are piling up, we truly need something that will show us the light is at the end of the tunnel.

We are suffering a slow anxiety filled death! We need not for you to play kid gloves with these horrible entities any longer, as we say here on earth, either shit or get off the pot! All due respect, it must be done. Please help the lightworkers get on their feet so they may help the world around them. St. Germain, Please release Nesara now. Do you not think your fellow brothers and sisters have waited and gone through enough suffering. Ask God to bend the rules a little bit for his children`s sake. Restart our monetary system and lets rock n roll already. It is go time! It is time for gods children to be rewarded. The politicians/Bankers have had plenty of time to party and murder and rape and torture, they dont deserve another damn second on this earth with us.

Hey galactics, lets see if you get my message? I live on Long Island, We could sure use a major light show over here. There are a lot of people here that are non believers lets say you wake `em up a little! Make it like, 5pm just in time for rush hour lol.. Give mexico a break for a few days. Nesara now!!! Thank you. p.s. how am I able to help others less fortunate if I cant even put overpriced gas in my car??? Channelers of this blog please convey our messages to the Archangels. Thank you again. Peace and love light to all. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep. Fed up here too.

Anonymous said...

I am in alignment with these two postings and most of the comment posters. It has been challenging to stay uplifted, positive and on course with almost nothing more then promises of imminent abundance, prosperity and disclosure, of the golden age that is upon us. Add to that the undermining of the non-believers as to the belief system of the Light Workers which to them sounds like a sci-fi movie rather than real life. At this point it has become disheartening to read the channelings, always hoping for more and then to see nothing more than the same as the prior weeks, months and even years. We are ready and wish to move forward.


Anonymous said...

I remember a show called the "Twilight zone" there was a episode when spaceships landed and ask people to come along, they gave the world a book . We had to translate it. the book was called To serve man, after some people left on the ships it turned out the full translation was how to serve man , it was a cookbook. That has stayed with me all these years. If they would show up I'm not going, just encase. We don't know these beings at all , and I don't trust them, not even enough to go anywhere with them. With all the animal mutilation maybe they eat sex organs and glands, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Hello John I agree with the comments above and I think that Most of these so called reporters /channellers/Gurus are nothing but legends in their own minds . federation , galactic s ,Mike, Sheldon, etc etc etc all of them are selling 'lectures' and workshops that put gas money into their pockets ... no do not shoot the messengers , but really how much BS can we swallow?? Having 'true believers syndrome' I have to read this s____ and see if any of it has any credibility at all .. well the same old same old same old , day in and day out ,ad nausium etc etc , We are getting VERY impatient and beginning to feel like starving buzzards ... ready to kill something , instead of waiting for it to die...I will say that ONLY poof has given progressive news and I believe resonably accurate . as for the benevolent space brothers ... if you are here then prove it and lets 'get it on' tired of waiting

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments. I think we should specifically ask that they REMOVE THE DARK. That alone will bring about the huge changes we need to move forward on our own. It would stop the CHEMTRAILS (we were inundated with them today) and the federal police state. I personally believe that DARK aliens are running the U.S. government, engineering wars for their own emotional feeding, and actively preventing (along with military contractors) release of free-energy patents sitting in the US Patent Office under a false "national security" label. WE DON'T NEED THE GALACTICS...EXCEPT TO REMOVE THE DARK (another race of aliens and their earthly minions the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Kissinger, Bushes, Clintons, etc. With the DARK gone, mankind could progress as it was intended (WITHOUT constant, negative INTERFERENCE).

Anonymous said...

hi lisa, I was just having dinner with my sister and she brought up nesara because i had mentioned it to her the other night and she was like, "It sounds like a sci fi movie or something" do you really believe? she asked and I said yes, I do. I feel in my heart as I always have all my life, I believe in nesara, disclosure, ascension and I am ok with it. If it is all real and will come to happen then the naysayers will just see for themselves. I keep an open mind as many of you may also do and picture it happening in my mind and in my heart at all times since I have learned of it not to long ago.All my best, d

Anonymous said...

Enough!!! ... It is time NOW ... remove the dark and let the Lightworkers do what they came here to do. This is bordering on "ridiculous".

Gen said...

This topic reminds me of the Crabwood crop circle decoded binary message. I believe that message refers specifically to the GFL. The info I've reviewed from George Kavassilas rings more true for me than the channelings from the GFL. My understanding is that the GFL has ulterior motives, and all their offers of abundance and assistance are conditional. We hear about all these UFO sightings, yet why can't anyone on the planet see a single huge mothership over a populated area? It's almost always very small craft or orbs of light, as if that's all they are capable of manifesting. Very frustrating to read all the false promises and to continue to see good people suffer, and yet I still have hope. I agree with all the others here that we are quickly running out of time.

RocWizard said...

All of you have good post, and I hope you take this to heart. I've seen bits and peaces of the original star trek in Mike Quinsey post. After that I don't even bother with it. Please stop looking for something from outer space to save our butt it ain't gonna happen, and as long as he can hold your attention your not doing what you should be doing
and you know that true. Also # 10 your right there was a whole Episode on that movie I think it was NBC back in the early 90, I think it was called the VISITORS,and the twilight zone spun off of it. in that movie they offered no more wars or sickness, and prosperity to all. So stop wasting your time reading their post and watch them fade away.No help coming KIDS It's all up to us....

fedup said...

Here's the other side of the coin...We have to do our own work...God's promises are imminent...Our Awakening has been confirmed. It's time to get off the fence. Use the ability that God has given us to "call down" might exploits...Give God the glory due His name...

Ears to Hear
Good morning,
This is a prophetic word that was given to our church two Sundays ago.
I have called aside a mighty, mighty army into preparation, and I Am seeing to it that everything necessary is being given unto them. For I’ve already given them everything that pertains to life and godliness, but now there is an awakening to it. There is an acknowledging of all that I have laid at their disposal and they will pick it up and they will march whole-heartily, every one in single file. They will see to it saith the Spirit of grace and mercy, that they begin to snatch the souls from hell’s fire. This is their commission for this final hour. It’s not about dress, it’s not about the love of things, but it’s about the Kingdom. Now every man and woman of God will begin to recognize My heart,and the longings of their heart will line up with Mine and then saith the Lord, great and mighty exploits shall they do. They will march over the territory that the enemy tried to take, and they’re taking it back for the Kingdom. They are taking souls back and leading some back home, they are doing the work in this hour. This is the Kingdom and this is the people of the Kingdom. They are mighty warriors and they are unafraid of the enemy!
Where the devil thought he had you afraid, all of a sudden such power and boldness will arise from the Spirit of God on the inside of you. You will begin to do the greater works, and acts and wonders that you never thought you were able to do. It is because you are surrendered and have submitted you heart, wholly to me. Now I can move through you, now I can do through you what needs to be done in this season. All glory, praise, and adoration will come unto Me from all My children, all My holy bride will turn to me in adoration and say, “Father to you be the glory!" This is the season, saith the Spirit of grace and mercy, that My children are lining up with Me and many mighty works shall we do. Many shall come because of the works, but many shall be lost but it will not be because you were not faithful. It will be because they chose the way of this world. Because of your faithfulness there are rewards laid up for you and many of your rewards will be known and seen in this time, while on this earth. Greater rewards shall come to you as you take your place in glory. So get ready, says the Spirit of grace and mercy. Get ready for the time anticipated, what We have waited for! It’s coming! Get ready, for the closing of the curtain. For this is that time, so prepare yourself, and stay prepared and stay ready, saith the Lord. For this is our finest hour!
"And I will shake all nations and the desire and the precious things of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor, says the Lord of hosts. The silver is Mine and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts. The latter glory of this house [with its successor, to which Jesus came] shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place will I give peace and prosperity, says the Lord of hosts". (Hagg.2:7-9) "Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come".(Ps. 102:13)


Pastor D.
Scripture References: John 14:12; 2 Tim. 2:3-4

Anonymous said...

Its like I've been saying all along there are no GFL. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN THERE IS NO DAM ALIENS. The dark ones have had space ship technology since the 1930. It iT them we see in the skys wake up people. GFL GIVE ME A BREAK. THEY ARE TRYING TO PULL A FAST ONE ON US. IF YOU CONTINUE TO BELIEVE ALL THIS GARBAGE ABOUT GFL YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING YOU GET.

Anonymous said...

You guys ought to ask Wild Colleen. She claims she was channeling with the Pleadians and now realizes they are demons. She is back to God. Nidle and all these other channelers, if indeed they are, better be careful. The Bible talks about deceivers, false prophets and the like before the coming of Christ. I myself don't buy their BS.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Pastor D.

I agree,,,, in non secular vanacular.
If We join with the Heart , the Higher Mind, Pineal Gland,,we wear words in triads 3 wordS ,living ,vibrating ,we become them 5 th dimensional words such as Certain,,Beauty,Pleased with Me..I am certain this is a beautiful playground here on Earth,I am pleased with Me that I can appreciate this Experience,,,,feeling the three words,,we create a harmonic structure attracting these things into our reality.oR WHATEVER WORDS WE ARE VIBRATING AT,,,THINKING OF ,, Lets come together in ourselves with ourselves,,higher self soul,,Christed consciousness,,Shekina awareness,,Holy Spirit ,,yin n yang however one sees the inner balance of the soul leading the way for the Mind,,,Its the balance of male n female,,,the connection with the Soul that will manifest the New Earth,,We must first remove any last impingments from within Self,,,,To Be:::ground to the core of mother earth,,,feel the christ grid above the plant,,,cosmic alighnment,this energy comming in through the crown, down the back mixing with mother earth energy coming up the spine above the head cascading back down,,,,,placing a Rose in the energy field ,at extended hands distance ,,,choosing to wear words, triads of Empowerment,,we co create with Spirit ,,,,,view reality from the center of the head looking out eyes as windows, running energy,,at all times being aware of being aware ,,Its Shakesperes Play for our Amuzement,,,Have fun with It All,,,,,I too,, Am fed up with developements moving slowly,,Lets change It All then...Start with Yourself,,To Be as a Child To Enter the Kindom,,,Means laugh at the chem trails,,,the insanity of Gov and the ones thinking they are in control,laugh ,,laugh more,, smile often ,Its all illusionary.Take back your Power in the Way you choose to Percieve,,Be it from the Heart and Love that you Are God.

love n light
Thanks to Everyone Posting,,all very valid feelingS we are All ONE.


Anonymous said...

Maybe,just maybe this is all just a hoax to give false hope and it actually run by the cabal themselves? If galatic beings had more power than the cabal then how is it that this cabal seems powerful enough to hold them off for so long unless they are one and the same?

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Mother/Father God,

You said in your word:

John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.

James 4:2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.

John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you.

Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

Creator....Many more promises have you given us in Your Word if we should only ask.
We come to you now and TOUCH AND AGREE that you give us this ONE thing that we ask of you in removing THE CABAL and ANYONE standing in the way of our blessings.

For many, many years our prayers have been intercepted and BIRTHRIGHTS have been stolen by the Dark Side and we ask that it CEASE AND DESIST THIS VERY MOMENT. We forgive them!

For it is in JESUS' NAME WE ASK ....AMEN


Anonymous said...

My god listen to you people you really crack me up you are so naive you'll believe anything that someone tells you. Without no proof ir any evidence no wonder america is in trouble you people are so easy to manipulate. Sad really sad

Anonymous said...

Yes u got it ur the only one on here smart enough to figure that out at least there is some hope for us. We need more people out there like you who have a brain and can use it.

JustPlainJames said...

my friends-we have been raped and molested in mind body and soul since creation by higher powers be they galactic or of this earth--imprisoned as slaves and held for ransom-i see a divine deadline as this earth and all souls are on coarse through the photon belt or that special place shall we say when this flesh will cease to exist and we shall become conscience beings of light energy-ascension my friends---we can spin it any way you please--cleansing by fire so to speak...the time is upon us-all that we witness is the end of the game--we are so very blessed--we need a winner and a looser before the galactics can move it is said---i pray for divine intervention from the most high to disband the appears we have been under quarantine a very long time and it is being lifted--we were infiltrated long ago altering our natural evolution--it is the will of the most high or it would not be--there is a battle underway for this planet and we are defenseless--i pray for divine intervention--we are all going to die from the flesh and become of the light in universal geometry--we are so blessed....james

Anonymous said...

Yes this could be a big hoax for what gain I dont exactly know?? To me, if the cabal wanted to blow us all to hell, they could of done it without warning many times already. as with the alleged GFL maybe being of bad intentions with all their technology, could of taken this whole planet by storm whenever they wanted to.

Maybe the gfl must follow strict protocol and for what I have gathered, it does seem to me that this protocol
needs to be followed so closely, precise, direct, by the book for all of the bad to be swept up nice and neatly. After all, they are working along side 3D humans inside the pentagon and other know factors of good and they themselves are trying to work in this manner as well, the "law suits"

We after all are talking about a whole planet filled with nasty`s .. If it is truly God`s will to do it this way, they all must follow the orders, imho. For me, a lot of the dots have connected more than anything else I have read and researched about but that is just me and you will your opinions on that. Nesara makes plenty of sense as does what the gfl want for all of us.

I cannot see why the bad govt would go to such lengths in promoting a false flag alien invasion or to fill our heads with gfl b.s. when they can easily just kill most of us off and save a few for their doings. I will stay positive and keep my heart on track and filled with hope. One of two things will happen: It will happen or it wont!

Anonymous said...

we humbly petition our Galactic friends to intercede now! Telling us that we must allow Karma to play out when they have the power to bring this whole scenario to a conclusion is madness in the extreme. I have often commented to John on when are all of these promises for prosperity and disclosure and contact going to commense? We are losing a great many souls to the dark side in their belief structure. We need a someone mentioned that is distinctly visual without question....a clear view of a large mothership....not some fuzzy photos of lighted orbs at a great distance. The channelers have often stated that we are not ready yet for such a display....that it would frighten too many people! I say let us get on with more physical evidence.....there are millions of individuals that would gladly be overwhelmed with a concrete sighting.
May we all have faith and pray that our Creator will commence the programs holding back!!

Anonymous said...

You are listening to the wrong channelers. Try Tolec who is in contact with the Andromedan Council. He is the only one that has given proof of what he says. He told Alfred Webre in an interview that 2 things would happen BEFORE they happened, but where within 2 weeks time of happening and the other 3 days. They both happened at the exact place he said they would and that was the taking out of 2 underground bases of the Dark ET's. He is the only one that can prove his words and the only one not using the words "Dear Ones" The Andromedan Council tells it like it is and doesn't use all these foo-foo words when referring to us Earth people. Yes they are real and yes they are going to help and yes, they ARE helping, don't loose faith in that. But one other thing that Tolec says to beware of.... The Galactic Federation is NOT the same as The Galactic Federation of LIGHT. He says the Federation of LIGHT is, as some of you suspect, the Dark ET's trying to deceive us. Be careful who you read. Tolec also says that The Federation said they may have to start disclosure themselves because they don't think it will be announced, so they will start quietly landing in Scout ships in small cities and meet with all who are willing to talk with them. As for Salusa, it's amazing how many words and sentences Mike Quincey has managed to re-arrange to try to appear to put out something NEW 3 times a week. I used to live for Salusa to give an update, now I just say "same crap, different day".
But, don't loose faith. It is true that St. Germain has a perfect timeframe for the release of his funds. If all the theiving bankers and politicians are not removed where they can't steal our money again, there is no sense to release it, it will just be taken again. And yes it has to go through a process since we have such lawyers that could get these people off the hook if the evidence is not concrete against them.
I do want to address the comments that doubt that the Galactics are hear to help us. I have a ship that I see every night. It appears at a certain time and takes the same path every night. It starts out high in the sky aroung 5:30pm then it slowly makes it's way closer and then down behind the trees. I have seen it quite low at times in another part of my town. I have also seen Scout ships cleaning up Chemtrails.
I do agree that things NEED to happen soon. I myself am feeling physical changes and changes with foods that disagree with my suddenly after 50 years and very strange feelings, fatigue, headaches. Now if I didn't know what was coming and if I were a doctor oriented person, which I am not, I would run off to the doctor trying to find out what is wrong with me and they, of course, would have no clue and give me some poisonous medicine to further harm my body. How many people are doing just that and they do not know that their density is changing? We NEED to be told what is happening and how to cope with it.
I have been pleading with the Galactics to realize the Free Will of the 99% to live healthy lives with clean air to breath and clean water to drink and food to eat that is not contaminated, and stop worrying about intruding on the Free Will of the 1% that are trying to kill us.
I can see why you are all loosing faith and I say to you "Change Channels" You will immediately know when you hear his interviews that he is the REAL DEAL.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe it's complete deception and a form of control to keep you thinking it's going to happen and it never does. These are tales from the dark side, that's all folks! Look to the hills from which cometh our help our help comes from the LORD. GOD help us all!!

Anonymous said...

this is where the problem is you are being mind controled the dark ones want you to be in fear and run for a daddy to hide behind thats where the gfl comes in to comfort you and say everything will all right sucking you right in to there new world order. dont be fooled we have to do this by our selves we have to free ourselves dear one. i mo you will believe what you wanna believe but ask yourself where is this so called gfl what have they done have you actually seen them do anything have you seen them period. dont believe everything you hear untill you can see it and prove it.

Anonymous said...

These posts are interesting.
This may be what they are waiting on. Such desperation for an external source to save you because you don't know who you are inside.
They can't stop the cabal. Interfering with the free will of anyone on this planet is a Universal Violation.
If you want them to be seen to you, they can do that if your soul contract was set up that way, at some point they can be seen and heard by you and no one who doesn't want to see them or know of them will have to see or know of them.

I know who I am. I am equal to who they are. We are from the same source having different experiences. I don't want to see them.

A race of beings so advanced are interested in our conflicts and issues. As a child I saw a show asking if aliens exist. One of the speakers of the show said imagine if we were the advanced species and landed on an island of iguanas. The iguanas would be discussing our arrival saying stuff like, 'do we give them live flies or dead flies, do we lay the flies out in a row', and it's obvious a species that advanced is not concerned with such issues.
(of course I'm paraphrasing)

Neil Degrasse Tyson did a speech. It's on youtube. titled: Neil deGrasse Tyson worries about stupid humans. A great video.

I'm going to add, if there were galactics and us and the galactics had our intelligence and we had the intelligence of iquanas, why would they care of our issues, and conflicts, and what advantage do they have watching us for years upon years and wanting to take out a race of iquanas or the ones that 'sun on the highest rocks' but won't let the other iguanas join them and that catch more flies and make other iquanas catch flies for them. Why would someone as advance as a human be consumed with the spiritual advancement of a species of iguanas in sharing and caring for each other.

The galaxy must be full of other species to watch and want from. Maybe if iquanas are a delicacy, and they were going to evolve into an advanced species, the advancement would remove a food source. Like having caviar (fish eggs) over minnows (baby fish).

BE careful sending out those "come and take me, I'm yours messages" Sounds like many are ready to place a God before them, right now. You are as a God if you'd use your power now and make the changes you seek. People are sovereign, stop telling them you are a person and claim your right as the People. That's the only thing standing in your way, your silence of who you are to them. Put it on all papers that have the name, by your signature, they will see it. If you don't say it or show it, they don't have to know it.

Anonymous said...

OMG dont we realize yet that Religion is part of the cabal's mind control?

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you.
In Old Testament times mediums were to be stoned.(Lev 20:27,Ex 22:18,1Sa 28:3) Why? (Isa 57:3-13)
Today they are free,to deceive those who deny the living Christ, by whose indwelling Spirit all Christed beings are enabled to take up the full armor of the Spirit(Eph 6:14-18) and stand strong against all evil forces.

Anonymous said...

Calling for physical evidence of spaceships is a sign of disbelief. Just as the Jews in Christ's time on earth did not believe the physical evidence right in front of them, so the people today don't want to believe the signs they see and turn around to be saved.
(Lk 11 29-32)What if our Creator shows His compassion for us by holding back that physical evidence you're looking and praying for?

Anonymous said...

Who has proof that they took out alien underground bases? I've seen no proof other that we had an earthquake in virginia. I did see the video of the baseball game and the strange rushing sound,but all the rest is just wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Following is information on what the ET's are doing; it is a process and as much as we would like to see things happen yesterday, we don't realize the layer upon layer of darkness, programming, booby traps, etc. that have to be cleared. Here's some good info on what has transpired as of the last quarter:

Anonymous said...

There is a vast difference between Religion and Faith/Trust in the Creator and His Word,which has survived through the ages because it is the physical evidence of our Creator and the Sword to use against all evil forces.

Anonymous said...

Lucifer = light bringer
be careful!

Anonymous said...

Reading some of these replies is a real hoot. There are some who actually believe that the Galactic Federation is a bunch of creatures from other planets who came here in cloaked flying saucers to rid us of the dark cabal and make us all rich.

Just for the record, the Galactic Federation is a LLC with an office near Langley Virginia.

St. Germain is the sole trustee of the funds.

The dark cabal and their minions still run the world and the GF would like to change the world without killing them. I, for one, believe that there is no other way. I have never held a gun in my hand but I would not lose a seconds sleep if I had to pull the trigger to free the world of the most evil people on our planet. If you and I did to the world what they did, wouldn't we receive the death penalty ?

Anonymous said...

im gonna say this again pay attention do you even no this tolec i bet not do you no the andromedan council i bet not have you seen an et i bet not the ships you are seeing are our own sorry to disappoint you.have you seen the underground bases i bet not. quit believeing everything people tell you untill you see it or can prove it.

Anonymous said...

finally someone with a brain.

Anonymous said...

how can you say its good info have you ever met this andromeda council ibet not. have you ever seen or talked to an et i bet not. quit believing everything you hear untill you can see and prove it.

Anonymous said...

the bible has been messed with by the cabal. i know one passage in the bible says be a good person and pay your taxes. and were finding out now that the irs is fraudulent so that tells me the cabal got there hands in the bible telling you to pay your taxes god wounld not tell you to pay taxes if it was fradulent now would he

Anonymous said...

absolutly correct this sheldon is a nut job period.

Anonymous said...

on you tube look up bill cooper lil ale inn part 6 were he talks about direct energy weapons used to make crop circles. crop circles are sybolic codes that is how the illuminatti communicate. it is not aliens its us

Anonymous said...

These previous comments as a group are the best responses I have read in a blog.
Because they are diverse and bring many viewpoints to the topic under discussion.
I would like you to consider the idea of having an ongoing "Responses" topic heading on each new update of the blog page - so that a running discussion can unfold in order to make further viewpoints. What was so nice - is that everyone remained respectful of others and unlike other places that seem to attract youthful flaming shouters, here you have adult thinkers that really have good thoughts to contribute.
Blessings to all commenters, I have sympathy and oneness with each of your positions, for I am also without the additional funding that would make my requests sufficiently attractive for someone to choose to help do some of the tasks that I would like to see done.

Anonymous said...

If you only knew how infinitely powerful your thoughts were ,Our Beloved Ones, you would realize that any struggle you experienced was simply created by a negative thought.

Your job, you and the lovely people who read this, who care about the world, who can see into the future – you all know that you can make things happen with your intentions. Focus. Focus on the outcome. A world where leaders really serve the people, where money is a servant, not a god. That’s your heritage, your true heritage. All this groveling, feudalistic crap – pardon my French. It’s time for that to go. You’re not trained poodles. You’re not meant to sit up and beg. Stand up for yourselves. We’ll take care of the rest. High level, back channel stuff. You’ll see. Brace yourselves for big changes.

It is not a matter of waiting, and suffering. It is a matter of adapting to your circumstances. A matter of you finding your right place. All is happening for a reason, there are no coincidences. So, stop dreaming of travelling to the stars, and begin becoming a receiver. Begin doing the mission you are here for, my lads! You are here to contribute to global awakening, and for that, you gotta start focusing on yourself. We know what is going on for you individually, and you have opted for the best way out of karma. This is a plan of your own making, of your own design. If you are going to be mad at someone, you’d better takE it up with yourself, because you agreed to this plan. And if you have set the bar too high, remember that you are your own coach, and you have made it very hard for yourself in this life.

Your riches are in your heart and mind and soul.Own them, use them, flaunt them! Riches of the heart and soul!

May I suggest that you send this message out and remind your lovely readers that they are instrumental in this final struggle to free their minds of the cabal brain washing. If each sends energy of hope and love to Earth and her inhabitants, this will speed the process for us a bit.

We have mentioned before how under-appreciated your power of thought is but I need to be blunt and tell you all to get over it! Be the Masters you came here to be! Find the courage in your hearts to recognize your greatness. Wake up!

The dark cabal is sending their agents online, hunting for people of weak resolve or new to our messages. It is your individual choice whether you will listen to those out to create fear, arguments and division. You alone can be your own master. However ask yourself, where do certain comments come from, what is the motivation behind them, and how do these comments make you feel.

Weigh it all with your heart, and don’t hesitate to make your own research, investigations and if needed skip those individuals comments all together.They are designed to place you into fear mode, into your reptilian brain, as it is called, into survival mode.

Never think this is random. We all planned this to the smallest detail. Add in the 3-D amnesia and OY! Perhaps we could have planned a wee bit easier route. Ah, but where would the fun be in that? I hope this assists each tribe heart.

Love and Light to you all!

Anonymous said...

I am acutely aware of the fact that the bible has been messed with. Yet,all the messing around with it could not quench the Spirit of the Creator contained within it, the Spirit of Love and Peace and everlasting Life.

Hanlo said...

As long as we wait for someone from outside to come to our aid, our world is not going to change. It’s up to each one of us, individually, to DO his/her part to bring about the change we want. Knowledge of our part in the process comes from within, from the Spirit voice within, which is available for each one of us since Christ’s ascension. It will be given freely when we ask for it. Once we accept the free gift of the water of Life, we are truly freed from the bondage we were held in for so long.
Those that have accepted that free gift can, as “me” wrote above, laugh and laugh more at all the illusions put before us. We already have peace, we have love, we have freedom, we have power, we have everlasting life, we have full health, we have joy. We no longer need to wait for all of that, we know that we know what we know we know that we have it all now.
Praise be to God who loves this world beyond our understanding.

Gen said...

For the reply from 'Anonymous Jan 24, 2012 12:17 PM', I was expecting to see a closing of 'Allendale out.' ;p

Thank you for the practical and timely reminder that we all need to take charge and create our own life masterpiece. It would be really nice to have an all powerful support group as backup, or for the 'high level, back channel stuff'. This is where we are asking for solid proof so we're not relying on a support group purely on faith alone.

There are some replies on this topic where people state that those of us who believe in ETs are basically brainless.

I'd like to remind those people that the universe is vast. I am not so arrogant to think humans are the highest form of life in the entire universe.

Have you seen some of the disappointing examples of humans on youtube? You'll know you're in the right place when you see comments like 'uh oh, i'm in the weird part of youtube again' ;D

Gen said...

Thank you for the helpful reply. If the SDI laser is indeed in active status with the goal of the application being to target any human being on the surface of the planet, then why bother with fighting wars at all? I do not see it's only application as a toy for the elite, when the potential to destroy is a more valuable feature. The enemy should simply surrender since wars are initiated by governments, not common workers. The enemy gov officials can simply be threatened with the SDI laser and game over. Countless lives saved. Alien assistance not required.

When it comes to self serving egotistical leaders, I'm sure there is continual in-fighting until only the strongest survives. Eventually, it would be futile to fight back, since whoever has the most powerful weapon wins.

Eugenics would have occurred by now as well, unless some higher entities truly are actively involved in preventing these planet wide destructive events. So we circle back to waiting on solid proof whether or not we have an ET support group.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the conclusion I came to just last night after reading around online. There is someone to contradict everyone, every group/individual has a conspiracy theory against them. I decided to just live my life as best I can, be a good person, love my neighbor, send love and light out into the world, take care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally - and whatever happens, happens. If we ascend and become the beings of light we truly are, wonderful! If not, my life will be good, because that is my choice. Nobody knows what will happen. The unknown is OK. Do what you can to add to the good in the world.