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***INTEL*** GFL Schedule of Events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012

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***INTEL*** GFL Schedule of Events for Mid Spring & Summer 2012
Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Sunday, 22-Apr-2012 18:47:33

***INTEL*** GFL Schedule of events for Mid Spring & Summer
This data obtained from Sheldan Nidle Webinar #26 April 22, 2012
You can find this and more Thursday, April 26, 6 to 7:30 p.m. PDT
Sheldan Nidle Updates
Mid - Spring 2012
* Mass Public Arrests
* Announce New Banking System
* New Government In Power
* UFO Disclosure
Summer 2012
* Trial Dates Set
* Release Of Secret Technology
* New Business & Financial Infrastructure In Place
* Meetings With Earth - Based Members Of Space & Spiritual Families


Anonymous said...

You heard it hear folks. Mid spring and summer all of these things are going to happen according to Nidle. When they don't happen, it'll be time to call him out along with the other channelers. Don't forget! He's got about one month before mid spring.

Anonymous said...

Mid Spring would actually be the beginning of May....half of the 60 days of Spring.

Note:Sheldon is not a channeler, he gets his information straight from the horses' mouths.

Anonymous said...

Aren't we in mid spring now, considering March,April, and May are spring months? I do agree when people(anyone) set dates, and they don't happen they need to be called out and if there dates don't play out they should be ignore because they are no longer credible. In anycase, I hope those events do happen this year and not in 2015....I don't think the human race can go on much longer in the current sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

What we do know is that the bad guys have absolute total control of this country and our lives. You can easily see that with the stock market .. specifically oil. No one is running or hiding so they couldn't possibly be afraid of being arrested .. imminently or any time in the future. The IRS is ramping up audits. Check with ANY banker, there have been no changes. Banks can still confiscate your money. Obama or Romney, whoever wins the election, will continue taking orders from the bankers. Neither has any respect for American citizens or the U.S. Constitution. If the election process continues that is proof positive that nothing has or will change. Nobody else has control of the military but the president and that power has not been taken away from Obama. Nothing will happen this year.

Anonymous said...

Is Neasara part of this take down and disclosure...this spring?

Anonymous said...

John, Why, you know as well as all the others there is no such thing as a banking system that does not enslave people that are charged to live on the planet they were born on, GFL If they claim to be in a galaxy gang that would advocate a monetary system on a planet, are not the good guys, they will be (Genus) what is below family, species.

I will bet they are nothing more than our very own secret space program, I'm not sure if anyone has thought this through.
If free energy devices, no need for bank.
All medical done one trip, no bank needed.
What we need to charge people for something, there is no cost for anything, work if you want or not, food dispensers that create any dish you want from matter, remember in this reality, you can not create nothing new, it cant be destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another (Matter), matter is 99.99999999% empty and .000000001% energy, this will sink in.
This planet is considered as a -1, GFL claims to be a positive one that would be billions of years more advanced than us, converting matter into anything possibly you could imagine would be child's play for them, is any of this coming to mind ?
If they had ships it would not be any visible ship, a class +1 planet would have no need to travel like a pirate, they could beam their likeness any where in the universe, and remain completely safe at home planet, they know how to use the power of the suns.
They would know time in this universe dose not exist, nor dose motion, those two things are an impossibility, this was known here in the 9th century, research it.
And Ill tell you they have sent plenty of information to us, and dire warnings of Pirate beings pretending to be friends of all others who come bearing gifts, that are in league with some very evil humans from here. Banking system come on.

Now you have some very smart people on this site, have them brainstorm on this if you think I'm wrong, Be very careful of what you wish for, you might get something you really didn't want but it could be too late, any problem we have we can deal with it our self if we could learn to work together, any +1 planet would never intervene in another world that could not handle their own affairs.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simpler than you think. The banking system was never meant to be permanent. You can't uproot a financial system and expect people to just change overnight. The idea is ABUNDANCE. If you show people that abundance can be for all, then you can transition over to seeing that you don't need a monetary system for it. Its just temporary..

Fear is widespread among people who question absolutely everything. Its a knee-jerk reaction. Its our mental conditioning. We look for the negatives before we try to enjoy the positive and constantly keep our guard up. Even if you were right and that these aliens or whatnot are here to enslave us. Why wait?

Their presence has been here for a millienia. Logic dictates they would have made their move long ago and it wouldn't have to be covert.

Just try to enjoy a little good news and hope. Say they are the bad guys, what were you really going to do about it?

What was anyone going to do?
A worldwide global system of control and enslavement and you think a small resistance force with little resources is gonna overthrow the whole thing? Get real.

We needed a little outside help to level the playing field. Period.
I don't fear death honestly. The idea of any kind of enslavement doesn't scare me. Terrestrial or otherwise, simply because I know it wouldn't matter if they threatened me with death. I'd rather die than live in a hell.

I look forward to what the day brings. Not fear it.

Get away from the fear.

Anonymous said...

Either they waited for us to devolve to stupid so they would have no trouble pulling the wool over our eyes or they really are here to transform our world and free us from evil, I'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

There are 90 days in spring dingus.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Mayan and Aztecs were allegedly visited by ET's yet they had human sacrifice to these so-called gods. Seems to me if the ET's were friendly and wanted to help advance society, they would have stopped these sacrifices. Better watch out what you hope for. It might bite you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

You're grouping all E.T.'s into one category which is just as bad as racism. These current E.T.;s working in conjunction with lightworkers have spoken nothing of sacrifice and if they had wanted bloodshed they could have it and they don't.

Use your head..

Desert Owl said...

Why a timetable change? Here's their original one from Sheldon

Before landings :
8-9 months period
change in governments linked with prosperity programs
true service societies
suppressed technologies will become open

Landings & CONTACT
First week interact with contact personnel

First month:
Start of their technology transfers & begin of
education programs (about becoming fully conscious beings,

Second month:
polution cleansing and renewal of earth's eco-systems

Third month:
start full consciousness training,preparing for migration

4th month:
migration to inner earth and to fleet

This was on, if I'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

"Mid-Spring" would be about May 5-6, which is 45 days from the first day of Spring (Mar 22) and 45 days until the first day of Summer (June 21).