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Friday, January 6, 2017

Assange To CNN: You Have 48 Hours Until WikiLeaks Destroys You With Bombshell Leak

He is back with a vengeance!
He is back with a vengeance!
2017 is going to be a big year for Conservatives and those tired of Democrats ruining this great Nation. WikiLeaks single handedly dismantled the Clinton campaign and exposed more corruption than we ever imaged.
Following the election, many have wondered if WikiLeaks and Julian Assange will quietly go away or keep fighting for justice. If you wanted them to keep fighting to expose corruption, you are in for a treat as WikiLeaks has selected their first target of the year: CNN.
They are tired of the disgusting behavior of the mainstream media and they threatening to sue CNN now for their inflammatory remarks.

WikiLeaks has issued a 48 hour warning to CNN and if they do not retract all of their inflammatory statements, videos, and article, they will take the mega media corporation to court and sue them for defamation.
CNN initially thought they could just issue an apology and that would satisfy Assange. Think again.
WikiLeaks also argued that they will expose CNN outside of the courtroom, too, if they continue to play these games.

One thing remains clear: WikiLeaks doesn’t plan to stop after derailing Hillary Clinton and her team of cronies. CNN is merely their first target, and plenty more will surely follow.
They’ve put CNN on notice and they have 48 hours to air a one hour special confessing to their lies or they are in big trouble. If they or anyone think WikiLeaks are bluffing or incapable, ask Hillary Clinton how powerful Assange and his team can be.
Do you want to see WikiLeaks expose and bankrupt CNN for their years of lies and corruption, especially during this past presidential election?
Leave us your thoughts below and share this if you think that they should!


  1. Absolutely they should expose with everything they have. The time is NOW with the momentum in place. Doing so at a later date would not produce the impact. LET ER RIP

  2. Give 'em hell Julian!

  3. and Julian Assange should demand that CNN remove all their TV units from all airports in the world... They bother me.

  4. Sure hope CNN and its owners - enemies within - as a result of Wikileaks' disclosures get court-martialled and be made to walk the plank. Drain the swamp.

  5. I agree with all these comments. It's time to destroy CNN!


  7. Yes...yes..yes..They need to be exposed and go down...

  8. Bring down CNN and every lying traitor world wide from Presidents to bankers...send them all to prison and take every penny they have.

  9. First, what do you think the entire Federal Government is?
    I'm putting this before all of you because so far, besides a few judges you aren't talking about it.

    The entire Federal Government is organized crime. That's right, the whole thing top to bottom. There actually isn't a federal office that isn't a crime.

    People, or that is individuals are supposed to live as sovereigns. That is state nationals and thus enforce their own laws. You all have been so deluded all this time (even with "this" election) you didn't recognize this is purely a fact: The government owns persons, not actual people. The federal government isn't legitimate, none of its courts included, or its assets.

    When you get this inescapable fact, that it's all organized crime...Then you can be free of it and start getting out. And I mean opting entirely out of it forever.