Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kerry, Obama and McCain Arm and Fund ISIS


BREAKING:  Deal  Between  Kerry,  Obama  And  McCain  To  Arm  And  Fund  ISIS  Exposed 

There are several key moments in history when one is forced to stop and reflect on the gravity of what has happened. One of those critical historic moments just took place, and now it’s sending shock waves through the political arena.

Let’s take a step back, and look at the timeline of events that led up to what has now happened.

In August of 2014, Obama gave a speech during a press conference where he firmly stated that he “did not have a strategy” to defeat ISIS, insinuating that they were a small “JV” force not to be concerned with. 

Then, just two months later, Josh Earnest held a press conference with major media outlets where he told journalists and reporters that, “Our ISIS strategy is dependent on something that doesn’t yet exist.”

And now, leaked audio recordings of a meeting between Secretary of State John Kerry and Barack Obama have come forward. When you listen to this audio footage (in the video below), think critically and keep in mind the timeline presented above. Policy decisions were made at a very high level, and now brutally clear evidence has come forward to reveal just why those decisions were made.

One last thing is important to note before we move forward.  This story was practically hidden by the media. It received virtually no coverage during the election cycle, and major outlets still refuse to weigh in on the bombshell news. 

Such a small reaction from government-controlled news outlets gives further evidence that the deadly decisions made by Obama were not only deceitful, but criminally treasonous.

The recording reveals:  

1. Obama wanted the removal of Bashir Assad in SyriaIn order to accomplish this goal, 

2. Obama was complacent to watch the rise of ISIS by hedging his bets on the fact that a radical jihadi force could overthrow Assad 
3. In order to make that happen, Obama and Kerry supplied weapons and ammunition to ISIS and even stopped a Syrian-led attack against ISIS that ended up killing 80 Syrian soldiers and saving thousands of radical extremists.

It’s very likely that your jaw is wide open at this point. The scope of what this means is severe. Our government gave rise to a radical Muslim militia that has not only killed American soldiers defending our freedoms in the Middle East, but has also attacked us on our own soil in multiple confirmed terror attacks.

But we can’t forget what took place in during September, October and November of this year. Hillary promised a no-fly zone in Syria (alarm bells should be going off in your head by now). And when the corrupt establishment saw that Hillary wasn’t going to win, and they wouldn’t be able to institute pro-ISIS foreign policy actions, they hastily began to attack Russia.

Obama has even used the FBI and the CIA to declare that election hacking was brought on by Russian forces, when there is zero evidence of such. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and even Attorney General Loretta Lynch have said there is no physical evidence of foreign intervention.

But here’s the GOLDEN TICKET: Russia is helping Assad to rid the region of ISIS. Now does it make sense why Obama, Clinton, and the entire corrupt establishment has suddenly taken up arms against Russia? Obama is even willing to go to war with Russia to save ISIS from destruction, and to protect himself from criminal prosecution—really stop and think about that.

Key points of interest within the audio file are found after the 18:30 mark.

Leaked audio of John Kerry's meeting 
with Syrian revolutionaries/UN (improved audio)

But we’re not done yet. Ready for some more shocking evidence? 

John McCain and several other “establishment Republicans” have furiously fought Trump and continue to do so. You might be wondering why they would do such a thing, even now after Trump’s victory.

Take a look at John McCain’s visit to Syria, where the entire mass media said that the men he met with were “moderate”. This was during the same time when McCain and several other key figures were focused on spreading the idea that Muslims are peaceful, and that radical Islam doesn’t exist on any major level. Those men don’t look too bad, right? WRONG. Look at their true identities, now confirmed years later.  Here is one of the iconic photos spread from his visit:

But that’s not all, Mouaz Moustafa was also seen with anti-Trump candidate Evan McMullin.

So here we have not only the President of the United States, the FBI, the CIA, both Clintons, key Rublicans, and even additional 3rd party candidates who are all part of the same operation. It makes perfect sense why the entire media and even the Republican party was against Trump—they are all in the same bed together.

We’ve had strong suspicion of Obama’s outright treason for some time, but now there’s stone cold evidence, and there’s WAY more people involved than we ever thought. News of this evil must be spread. Take to social media and make this known. We now have bold evidence, and we must act as a unified body of Patriot Americans to make it known.

Nothing has slowed down since election night—there’s wind of an uprising, and it’s aimed at one fateful day: January 20th 2016.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the little weasel, Lindsey Graham and the Clinton's.

Unknown said...

Is trump going to be pres or did he make a deal is Ryan acting pres now since oct 2015

Anonymous said...

Plans have had to change a few tines due to the dishonesty of cabal thugs still in the playing field. Ryan was to be 'president' by appointment of the pope but has continued acts of treason, so he is out of the picture. Trump may be sworn in for a temporary period of time, as NESARA calls for a temp appointment of Republic officers until an election by the people has been successfully completed and the people have elected their choice for government offices. Could be approx 120 days for the elections for the Republic to take place. Trump could be on the Republic slate if the people so desire. He has done a great job of winning the confidence of the people, and has learned allot about the common law, the Republic, etc and wants the Republic restored. He has a great business sense, something sorely needed in the management of the nation as the lawyers/attorneys will not be allowed to be in the government, and are historically selfish crooks.