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Mortgage Fraud, Political Status and Law, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 15


By Anna Von Reitz

Law is not a good thing simply by its nature.  It arises out of religion, which is supposed to be a matter of freewill, but seldom is, and then it erects barriers and presumptions based on whatever system of law you are encountering.  All systems of law are essentially rules for the Game of Life, but it is up to you to choose the rules you are operating under, and that then determines how you play it.
So let's go over the basics.
In the beginning of recorded history we lived under the Noahide Laws known as the Law of the Sea.  This is the form of law that existed prior to the Flood and has existed ever afterward.  There is no evidence in the standard Bible that Noah was a lawgiver like Moses, but his name got attached to these laws anyway.
Later in firmly recorded history the international Law of the Sea was bifurcated into two functional groupings--- one called Law Merchant or Maritime or Civil Law or Commercial Law, which concerns itself with "civilians" and "civilian commerce", and one called Admiralty, which concerns itself with military or governmental commerce on the High Seas.
The Law Merchant was first codified by Hammurabi and so the whole tradition of "Federal Code" rests on a practice of codifying international commercial law that goes back thousands of years.
These law systems are all pagan and mostly Satanic in origin (Satan was--and is--- the original Lord of the Sea: a Pirates' Pirate.) and were most recently overhauled by the Romans to create "Roman Civil Law" which is the basis of 90% of what goes on in courtrooms across America today. 
Again, these are laws stemming from the beliefs and ethical practices of pagan traditions. Key to these is understanding the idea of trading and honor and contracts. 
Anyone can make any kind of "offer" no matter how outrageous it may be, and if you accept it, it becomes the law established between the parties.  You can have implied contracts (also called presumed contracts), unilateral contracts, verbal contracts, and formal written contracts.
While anyone may offer any proposal at all, such as offering to cut off your head and charge you for the pleasure of doing so, it is considered very rude to arbitrarily or absolutely refuse an offering.  Thus, you must counter-offer or you "dishonor" the offer and the one making it.
In the example given, you might reply, "I am fond of my head, and so I counter-offer to run my sword through your gizzard, instead."
This sort of trading smacks of The Three Musketeers and the bantering that still goes on in Italian and Spanish and Greek marketplaces today. 
Contracts only exist under these forms of law.  All contracts and contractual practices, which allow lying, cheating, and defrauding ---- IF you can get away with it undetected--- are pagan and Satanic in origin.
A much more common contractual offering today is when a bank (a corporation) offers your STRAWMAN persona a "home loan".  The essence of the offer is that the STRAWMAN gives the bank your money and credit, the bank then credits the STRAWMAN's account with the bank for this theft, and writes a check in HIS name for the balance which the bank misrepresents as a "loan" to you and then charges you interest equal to three to five times the total value of the "loan" and cheats you out of all the mortgage payments by claiming that the STRAWMAN "abandoned" the funds in HIS inactive escrow account, and also claims an undeserved and unearned "security interest" in your actual house as the bank's share of this contractual offer. 
It is the modern day equivalent of "Let me cut off your head and charge you for the pleasure of doing so." and yet, somehow, no matter how outrageous the offer really is, millions of people have been deceived by the bank's false advertising of a "loan" and the natural false assumption that the bank is offering to loan them money instead of offering to take their own assets and loan them back at outrageous interest.
In Roman Civil Law, all is fair so long as you don't get caught.  Note the adage, "Let him be deceived who will be deceived."
And this is completely natural to  and to be expected from any law system that stems from the worship of the Father of All Lies. 
The remedy to this is that, also under Roman Civil Law, fraud vitiates--- that is, nullifies---everything it touches once it is detected and the crime of fraud has no statute of limitations. You can go after the perpetrators and their successors and pierce the corporate veil and go after their shareholders, too, once you discover and prove that you have been defrauded.
The most basic level of fraud for Americans is that you have been "reclassified" as a "citizen" and made subject to Roman Civil Law without your knowledge or consent.  So you are left in the dark and acting under false assumptions about what game you are playing and under what rules. 
How can you win under such a circumstance?  You can't.  It's like trying to play Bridge using the rules for Poker. 
And this is why the "United States District Court" judges peer over their desks at you and tell you that the "Constitution doesn't apply" in their courts. 
It doesn't.  They aren't addressing you as a red-blooded American.  They are addressing a foreign national who freely admits to be a "US citizen" of some kind, and they are proceeding under the system of law that foreign national has chosen---- Roman Civil Law.
How is this possible?  Why, via lies and deceit, of course. 
Within hours of your birth the foreign corporations charged with providing your states with nineteen stipulated governmental services come to your Mother (still in her hospital bed) and deliberately, self-interestedly, and under "color of law"---- that is pretending that it is your law and that the requirement applies to you when it doesn't----they have you signed over as a ward of their "State" corporation. 
Now, this is not your state of the Union.  This is a federal franchise operation merely calling itself something deceptively similar.  Instead of the "California state" or even the "California State" they are operating the federal Territorial  "State of California" or the "STATE OF CALIFORNIA" which is even worse----a municipal franchise "STATE". 
Mom, dead tired, hurting, in a daze, trustingly signs the paperwork, completely unaware that she is even in a foreign jurisdiction, much less on her guard against legal chicanery leading to the enslavement of her newborn baby to the Devil and subjecting him to Roman Civil Law.
Under Roman Civil Law, the Vendor argues, well, this "Informant" came to us and said this baby was a fatherless bastard and abandoned and that it was a "US citizen" so we took the little pauper under our wing and did the decent's the paperwork, here's the Informant's name (your Mother) and the Doctor witnessed it.... 
Yeah, right.  Satan loves dealing in half-truths.
The fact is that you were never under their foreign Roman Civil Law and were never a "United States Citizen" much less a "citizen of the United States".  Your Mother was never obligated to sign any paperwork and wasn't subject to their pagan law, but by deliberate deceit and racketeering carried out under false pretenses and color of law, they defrauded her of her child and kidnapped you into their foreign jurisdiction. 
In the process, they created a false identity, a "STRAWMAN" persona named after you.  This is required so that you can operate in their system of things and play under their rules.  Living people can't form contracts, so you can only operate as a "dead man"----in other words, as a corporation---in their world. 
In token of this surreptitious change in political status, they issued a "Birth Certificate" under your name and gave it to you, memorializing the event of your "civil death".  When the PERSON was born, the man "died".  When the PERSON dies, the man lives.  Both can't exist at the same time, because it is impossible to live under two jurisdictions at once and equally impossible to play the Game of Life under two sets of rules at the same time.
So you were attacked, robbed of your birthright, defrauded in broad daylight under color of law---- by your own employees no less --- when you were between a few hours and a few days old.  You were kidnapped and transported to a foreign jurisdiction (international) and made subject to a foreign and profane system of law (international commerce) and neither you nor your Mother were ever told a thing about it.
That counts as fraud.  Big time fraud.  Capital level war crime fraud.  And it is going on all day, every day, all over America.  Why? 
Because the federal corporation that is charged with providing your states with nineteen enumerated governmental services has gone rogue. Completely insane.  And all those people you elected to Congress and who pretend to be doing your Will and acting in your best interests are instead obligated to act as Pure Profit Mongers, with no other consideration but making money for their shareholders---- who are all conveniently dead. 
This, believe it or not, is how America became the richest nation on Earth---- by enslaving and kidnapping all of us and setting up "generation skipping trusts" in our names, so that only those outside the system can access any benefit from it, ever.
Who figured all this out and implemented it?  The Holy See, the Secretary of War circa 1907, the Secretary of the Treasury circa 1924, the City of London, Lords of the Admiralty, the British Government, and the entire Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration.  We know who "did it to us"---and we know why and we know how.
What remains is what is to be done about it, and what are the options?
Slaughtering all members of the Bar Associations for not telling us has been suggested, but I am convinced that 95% of the members of the Bar Associations (probably more) are just as stupid as we have been and haven't been taught anything different or better in the law schools, which have also been commandeered.
In the meanwhile, while all this is being sorted out, it behooves each American to record their actual political status as an American state national---- a Minnesotan, Texan, etc., and to expatriate from any presumption that you are voluntarily choosing to be a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States". 
So all of that is about the pagan law system known as the Law of the Sea. 
I have filed all the paperwork necessary for everyone on this planet to be enabled to make their own informed and truly freewill choices about how they want to live and which system of law they want to live under, but so far you've only been allowed to live under the Law of the Sea in a system devoted to Satan-worship.
Some people have tried to invoke what they call "Natural Law" as a substitute for the "Law of the Sea" but a closer examination reveals that this is just the Law of the Sea transplanted onto the land---- popularly called "the law of the Jungle" or "Tooth and Claw" Law---- which enshrines whoever is biggest and strongest and most "fit" to survive and which is in fact worse than the Law of the Sea because it is less developed and remedy is limited to whatever the victims can enforce all by themselves.  You might as well give the parties to a complaint a set of clubs and call the judge a referee.
What about the Law of Moses, known as the Law of the Land, based on the Ten Commandments?
That is the law form that we are naturally owed by birthright, the simple Law of the Land embraced by the Ten Commandments and then established as secular law by the United States Statutes at Large and our local American Common Law. 
When Moses parted the Red Sea and we "crossed over" we left the Law of the Sea behind and began operating as living people operating on the dry land jurisdiction of our native country, taking responsibility for ourselves, and subjecting ourselves to the Ten Commandments as our chosen law and our Rules for the Game of Life in America. 
We don't form contracts, because we know that we can't guarantee them.  At most, we form Good Faith Agreements. These agreements, sometimes mistakenly called "contracts" have specific requirements--- they have to involve at least two separate parties who are clearly identified, have to be consensual, have to be fully-disclosed, have to signed in wet-ink and so on.  There is no such thing as a "unilateral" or "implied" or "one party" good faith agreement. 
This law, the Law of the Land, is the basis of trade among men, as opposed to the Law of the Sea, which is the basis of commerce among corporations. 
Are there any other options?
Yes, there is. 
There is the Law of the Air, the rules of the Game of Life in the Kingdom of Heaven. 
You can freely choose this option because all your debts have been pre-paid, whoever you are, whatever religion you adopted and wherever you were born.  And it doesn't matter what you believe, you can still live in the Kingdom of Heaven so long as you agree to obey its three simple laws:
1. Keep the peace.
2. Love others as you would be loved.
3. Allow everyone their freewill so long as it causes no harm.
Just as you are given a "Birth Certificate" (which is actually a form of legal Death Certificate) when you are born, you are given a "Baptismal Certificate" (which is a passport from where you are to wherever you want to go) when you repent your sins. 
Just as Moses parted the Red Sea and led people onto dry land (out of the pagan sea jurisdiction) and they became a nation of people on the land and they were given the Law of Moses to live under, Jesus parted the curtain in the temple, severing the disconnect between God and Man, and led us to the realm of the Holy Spirit, and the Law of the Air jurisdiction.
It is not our job in the jurisdiction of the air to judge anyone or separate the goats from the sheep.  Both the goats and sheep belong to our Lord, the one who paid the Devil for all of us, though the Devil keeps trying to double dip and kidnap us into his jurisdiction. 
So in the end, creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is up to us. 
Choosing which law we will subject ourselves to, is up to us.  Choosing which Master we will serve is also our free choice.  But it is a choice, and it is a choice which we must consciously, knowingly, with full disclosure make. 
Law of the Sea, Law of the Land, or Law of the Air. 
Bogus Contracts, Laws, or Love. 
Satan, Kings, or Christ.
Death, Existence, or Life Abundant.
All debts of everyone on this planet have been paid in full.  They have been pre-paid before the debt is even incurred.  That is the fact.  The reality.  Your debts have already been "fore-given".  All of them, in every realm of existence.
Buddhist, Marxist, Atheist, Bahai, Lithuanian Baptist---- it doesn't matter.  Your debts in all jurisdictions have literally been prepaid in water, blood, and spirit.  You are in fact given the free choice of who you will serve, how your will play the Game of Life, and which set of rules you will live under.
So stop letting criminals subject you to the "laws" of Satan and his bogus contracts and his worship of idols (graven images) long after his rule on Earth was supposed to end.  Don't let the rats snatch your children from their cradles under color of law and subject them to the Law of the Sea.  Shame and expose those who are doing this. 
Think twice about embracing the Law of Moses as your option, either, because nobody manages to keep the Ten Commandments.  All men are Transgressors against the Law of the Land---- and that's with leaving out the rest of the 613 laws the Israelites were supposed to perform.  That's why they needed a Messiah to begin with.
And as for the Law of Love, at the present time, that's a hard one, too---- because we are being called upon to love those who are most unlovable: despicable Satan-worshipers, faithless politicians, and ignorant kin.  Indeed, it isn't easy to pick up your cross and follow Him, but when you consider the options--- where would you rather be? 
Snatching babies from their cradles and condemning them to "civil death"?  Condemning people for their circumstance and the weakness of their bodies? 
Or pouring a drink of water for the thirsty and giving rest to the weary? 

It's you life, your law, your choice to make.
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Anonymous said...

Beware this is just a ploy by Judges to garner sympathies.
Once the majority of Americans are awake to this, all BAR lawyers directly involved must be hung by the neck until dead. Their few accomplices must be hung.

All the tens of thousands of BAR lawyers who aren't involved and covered it up anyway, must be physically jailed and pensions cut. Anything less then that is the nation's death warrant.