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CGI's George Eaton: Trump Reverses Course
Follows Obama and Hillary's War Plans
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Date: Saturday, 25-Mar-2017 00:46:00

An article from CGI's George Eaton. CGI is RMN's readers forum where George is a member.
Priority Report
by George Eaton
March/April 2017

Trump Reverses Course, Follows Obama and Hillary's War Plans

What is going on? Trump fills posts with CFR members, International bankers and neo cons 

I have started to see vice president Pence in the news a lot lately which is a surprise. But, what I have seen has not been positive. Most recently he has been openly siding with the CIA programs against the privacy of the people. I did not expect this from the Trump administration.  I thought they would be the champion of the people and fight against big brother activities.
I don’t know much about Pence.  Vice presidents usually take a back seat in the administration and don’t play a key role. I do know he is religious, which means he could have a “holier than thou” attitude and want to dictate terms to others as an "instrument of god".  

In fact I used the Nazi term in a recent article to describe his pontificating about CIA secrets and how we must go after those that release wiretapping secrets to spy on Americans. The Nazis felt they were instruments of god to enforce god’s will on others. It makes me wonder if Pence has strong neo-con connections and tendencies. Which means Pence, along with Trump, may feel like anointed leaders to use the military for their ‘divine’ purposes. 

Also, they may feel that god has raised them up to enforce the will of god at this time in history. This of course, is done in defense of the nation and “for the people”.  LOL. The subordinates around them are no doubt re-enforcing this notion on a daily basis, which is actually driven by the military industrial complex to create wars. They are being pumped up and given the feeling of invincibility and may be prone to believe they have a divine imperative. 

That kind of attitude in the hands of those that feel they are the arm of god can create a recipe for disaster. In fact, it is highly possible that the US/NATO leaders have advanced weapons at their disposal today that makes them feel they are invulnerable to defeat. They also feel that once a conflict starts that both sides would stay with conventional weapons to simply wear down an enemy. Only as the war progresses will the possibility of nukes materialize, creating a higher stage of confrontation.

In that area the US is also confident they will have the upper hand. The war room analysts believe that, even in that higher level of conflict with an enemy, the US will prevail. And, they have concluded at this time they are superior to both Russia and China, even when they are a combined enemy. They also believe that if they wait a few more decades, that military superiority may no longer exist. This makes this decade, in the mind of the military analysts, as the window of opportunity to make a confrontation and take out adversaries before it is too late. 

These conclusions are being told in secret to Trump and Pence. Since Trump has become president, he has telegraphed his agenda by putting Russia, Iran, North Korea and China on notice. That message is loud and clear, “There is a new sheriff in town! Straighten up and do as we want or we’re coming after you!”. 

Once the wars start I am not saying that America will lose.  They will very likely win. It is the cost of lives that concerns me, and the flippant nature the leaders embrace - in sacrificing human beings as acceptable “collateral damage”. There are other options to achieve peace, but those options do not follow the wealthy elite's ultimate desires. That agenda of the globalists is to wear down the nations to the extent the masses will accept a New World Order as their best choice, and to automatically reject nationalism, cultural integrity and state sovereignty. What they are after is communism with a smiley face. Instead of calling it communism they are calling it democracy and enlightened socialism.  

The propaganda makers have bundled up a collection of liberal issues and made the gullible, na├»ve crowds parrot those causes blindly. Those issues are so called racial equality, gay rights, women’s rights and financial equality between rich and poor. The last one mentioned, the inequality of wealth, is the driving force behind massive immigration. They feel that the poor in other countries shouldn’t suffer in poverty while the people in the affluent countries have more. So, to make things more “fair and even,” the conspirators are having migrants invade the wealthier nations and force them to take them in and share the wealth. It is a complete and total farce.

They repeat the lines that these minorities are just as good or superior to white people in Europe and the US, which is not the issue at all. And the public is conditioned to accept this, or be labeled a 'racist'. The fact is, if that were true, then why can’t they achieve good incomes in their countries then? If they have all the tools and abilities to prosper in their own countries, why not achieve it there? Why do they have to flood our nations to prosper if they are just as good or superior to us? 

It is all a scam to take us down to their level and make us a third world nation. The conspirators are trying to amalgamate all the races together to destroy cultural and national unity and bonding. They are easier to control that way, and the wealthy elite will of course remain above the fray and rule unchallenged.

The truth is the corrupt leaders in their countries are the problem, and moving the people around the globe to make things equal does not deal with that problem one bit. Our government is at fault for financing those corrupt regimes which in turn keep those people in poverty. Giving those nations money is then empowering the corrupt leaders to continue their rule, and keep people in poverty generation after generation. 

The conspirators pulling all the strings are not pushing this agenda for kind-hearted, altruistic reasons. Make no mistake about it.  They themselves do not believe in their own false propaganda. The socialistic propaganda they are spewing is for the “stupid” masse’s consumption – all for the globalist’s ulterior motives. What we face now is a realignment in politics that creates the illusion of change.

The popular uprising of the people in the US and in Europe was not fully anticipated by the socialist planners. But, once a patriotic movement starts in that direction, the globalists simply place their people inside the movement and then redirect it in the direction they want it to go. This brings us to the problem at hand. 

Millions of Americans were ignited on fire to take back the nation and turn it away from the path Obama had taken it the past 8 years. This was a genuine and powerful movement of patriotism and common sense. Against all odds Trump won and the nation breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the battle did not end with him being elected. Every Trump supporter has their own interpretation on what Trump will do as president, but those conclusions and opinions may not match up with reality. 

We liked what Trump said in his speeches, but the words may not line up with what he actually does. There was no way we could have known all of Trump’s positions and policies before he was elected. I will not list all of the things he has done or tried to do, but I will say that he has not followed through on getting rid of the Obama hold overs in government positions. He has been weak in going after Obama and Hillary that were proven to be doing illegal and unconstitutional things. You can’t have a fresh start to turn the nation around by using the same players. You cannot forgive and forget what your political opponent has done while they are plotting your demise and removal. And, you cannot go full speed into war on the advice of the military industrial complex and assume it is the right move to make. That behavior is reactionary, reckless and juvenile. 

It is especially worrisome that Trump has sided with the anti-Russia crowd and continued the path to confrontation. Russia lost tens of millions of their own people to ruthless and diabolical communism. They know first hand how evil and destructive it was. They turned the corner against that political disaster. They have proven by their actions, they want to defend the innocent and stand against aggression, murder and evil. So, why is it that Trump and his team have designated Russia as the enemy? We should be partners with Russia, not enemies

We should reverse what happened in Ukraine and stand against the billionaire George Soros’ unethical activities – where thousands are now dead from that revolution. We should stop the unconstitutional activities of the CIA that worked with Soros to overthrow that nation. These are serious crimes, and yet, instead of Trump correcting the failures of Obama’s actions he has joined the globalist cause and readies our military for war. This makes no sense at all, it is insane! 

To make matters worse, Trump has also continued on the path Obama was taking in the Middle East. The world rejoiced when Russia rescued Syria and stopped the ISIS murderers in their tracks. The war against the ISIS terrorists was nearly over and they were on the run. Even the US special forces that were imbedded with ISIS were captured in Aleppo, to America’s embarrassment. But since that has happened, what does Trump do? He sends thousands more US soldiers INTO Syria, illegally, without permission from the Syrian government. Why? Who are the US forces fighting against? Let’s keep in mind that many on capital hill are still calling for regime change in Syria. The Russians have scaled back their operations and the majority of the fighters are Syrians, with a few Kurdish and Turkish fighters in the northern regions. The military are saying they are there to defend the Kurds from Turkey and also to fight against ISIS. None of this makes any sense. 

Trump is sending our troops into harm’s way to be in the middle of a blood feud between the Kurds and the Turks. The Kurds invaded Syria, upper Iraq and part of Turkey to create their own nation they call Kurdistan. Which means we will be involved in defending an invading army that is carving up Syria and two other nations! Who signed us up for that? It is inevitable that our forces will tangle with Syrian forces that are defending their nation. Not to mention the fact that Russia is still involved in Syria and will eventually be a target of US forces. 

This is a set up, a recipe for disaster. 

Has Trump thought this through? It is obvious the geo-political planners have not given up on the notion of regime change in Syria. The goal remains the same and they are pre-positioning the players on the chess board for the final battle. Their long term goal is the dividing of Syria, the removal of Assad, and the staging for a war against Iran. What they are doing is turning a defeat into a victory. The globalist concluded that war would wear down Syria and Russia financially to the point that the US and NATO could simply come in and clean up after the conflicts. All they had to do was wait it out a while, and pass on the agenda to the next president of the US. 

Their first choice was Hillary, which had a policy of going after Assad, carving up Syria, getting the oil and gas pipeline through to Europe and then attack Iran – and simultaneously go after Russia. So, tell me, what is the difference between Hillary’s plan and Trumps plan?!?? Answer: None.  There is zero difference from her plan and Trump’s plan. And the same goes for policies towards China, and North Korea.
How about on the domestic front?  What difference is there between Hillary and Trump? In high sounding words there is a stark contrast between the two. However, it remains to be seen what Trump will actually accomplish on domestic issues. So far he has allowed his political enemies to control the dialog, foment rebellion with riots, protests and activism. He has not drained the swamp to weaken his adversaries. He has made bold moves to stop Muslim immigration but it has been stopped by liberal judges. 

He has talked big about building a wall, but has not done the one thing that would actually stop the invasion, and that is to enforce and enhance the laws against employers from hiring illegals. Once you fine and arrest employers that hire illegals, the Mexican immigrants will have no reason to be in the US and will migrate back to their own country. A bigger wall is not needed if they would enforce the laws on the books. Is it possible that Trump and his team did not or could not think of that one thing? This is not rocket science. The obvious answers are being avoided and ignored on purpose. That is the sad reality we have to face as Americans. 

The next question we have to ask ourselves is...... 
- How far is this subterfuge, duplicity and deception going to go? 
- How many wars will we be fighting the next 4-8 years? 
- How much damage to our culture will we have to endure to be over run by foreigners invading our land? 
- How many more women and girls will be raped and citizens murdered by illegal aliens that should not even be in our land? 
- How many economic recessions will we have to face, along with inflation and poor wages will we have to live with? 
This is not what we voted for.  This is not a change for the better or even close to making America great again. 

Think it through.  We should judge politicians by their deeds, not their words. We have the right to speak our minds and tell it like it is.  In fact, it is our duty to do so. If any president does not fulfill what he promised and upholds his oath of office, we are obligated to speak up and tell the truth. I have seen very few positive things happen since Trump has become president. Oh wait, there is one - they stopped the push to allow transgenders to use girl’s restrooms in schools. Yippee. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. Those poor brainwashed militant feminists, pro-globalist, pro-immigrant, pro-communist girls will finally be safe from homosexual boys wearing lipstick and a dress. I feel so much safer now. Thank you Hillary, I mean Bush, I mean Mr. Trump. So much for making America great again, that didn’t take long. 

What is the motivation for these wars and conflicts? 

The international banks work on a program of money flow. In recent years they have hit a brick wall as far as expansion is concerned, and a war generates extra money flow that has a ripple affect throughout the economy. They have already exhausted a lot of financial tricks to keep the system going, so a war will solve several issues for them. And, it is intertwined with the long term goals of taking Russia down, and in time – China as well. 

The war college think tanks have thought this through, and they concluded that we could extract slave labor for a few decades from China. (Well, if Russia and China and their 'brothers' win this war, will they be shipping Americans to their nations as SLAVE LABOR?)  But, there would be a limit to how far we would let them go before we would stop their military expansion. As far as Russia is concerned, they are not going along with the New World Order plans and at the same time have huge oil and gas reserves that could be transferred to Europe. The conspirators kill two birds with one stone by "balkanizing" Russia, taking the resources, and eliminating a nuclear threat to the New World Order.
In the Middle East, they are also operating on a long term plan of eliminating potential enemies of Israel and getting oil and gas reserves flowing into Europe. These plans are not negotiable. They must carve up Syria so they are not a threat to Israel and the oil pipelines can run through that nation towards Europe. The word has been given to fulfill these plans, "or else". They have no plan “B” except for full nuclear war if need be.  They are up against the wall now and probably even a few years behind schedule. This is why we see neo-con politicians like McCain and Lindsey Graham pushing for a war with Russia. 

Things are heating up, and the stage set for any number of conflicts to break out. What they are trying to do in Syria is the “big switch”. The US wants to openly appear to be fighting against ISIS, and also be pre-positioned to "switch policies" and install a new government - once something tragic happens to Assad. Then the politicians will do their best acting routine, shrug their shoulders – as if things happened spontaneously and without planning, and it “tragically” ended up with Assad dead or fleeing the country. Then the politicians will say they "have no choice now but to ' do the right thing' and help form a new government”. Presto, you have regime change - and putting US troops into Syria made it all possible. 

Things are getting bad in Damascus. There are secret tunnels all over the city where ISIS troops are pre-positioning arms and explosives. There are dozens of citizens killed every week from ISIS insurgents. It is possible that it is only a matter of time until Damascus falls. This has been planned for a long time, and it is accelerating now that the US has quite a few troops on the ground in Syria. We don’t get the real numbers of troops in Iraq or Syria, but I would imagine it is about 6,000+ in Iraq and about 2,000+ in Syria – and growing every day. 

The US and Israel has been playing a very deceptive game with Russia and Syria. The US figured that they could get away with sending troops into Syria with the assumption by Syria and Russia that the US will help fight against ISIS. But the group the US joined up with in Syria are the SDF, Syrian Defense Forces, which are AGAINST the current government and are fighting to remove Assad. This little tidbit of information was conveniently left out in the majority of the news reports. In fact, right now US forces have been inserted on the West side of Raqqa to prevent Syria forces from approaching Raqqa and completing the campaign to get rid of ISIS. 

This is a tricky operation, and it appears they are going to go for the “big switch” which is - to be present in Syria when something happens, then be able to capitalize on it and be involved in regime change. In my opinion the Israelis and the US and others are laughing about what Russia has done in Syria. They allowed Russia to blow their wad of money and kill the expendable ISIS army, while the US and others conspired to take Syria down in another way. All they have to do is destroy the Assad inner circle, and it is game over. Once he is out of the picture, the US and others will assume control and force a regime change. It will look like it was a random change of events that just happened to arrive at that point where Assad is removed and the nation needs help. 

We have to realize we are dealing with the most ruthless and deceptive schemers possible. They have no qualms about innocent people being killed in the process or to create false flag events. The only thing that matters to them is the final result. Their motto is: "the end justifies the means". This kind of trick is no big deal to them, it is a cake walk.  

What Russia did in Syria was “allowed”, and now the ISIS army is nearly destroyed – except for the underground forces near Damascus which are pouring in from other countries on a daily basis. When you add that fact to the secret plans Israel has for Syria, this is a slam dunk for them.

I could be wrong about what will happen exactly, the plans the US has for Syria could get derailed along the way. But if there is a stumble in what ISIS and Israel does in the final push, they will have a back up plan and that back up plan is anyone’s guess, ranging from airstrikes from Israel to a rogue nuke going off somewhere, perhaps in Damascus. Besides, if a nuke does go off that eliminates Assad, the world will blame a destroyed and fading ISIS army. That way they get a freebie to use a nuke, take out their enemy, and blame it on an already destroyed terrorist group. 

Richie Rich grows up to be "Daddy War Bucks Goes To Washington."
Trump has filled his administration with CFR members and neo cons that are taking orders from the military industrial complex. I have spent countless hours and days looking into this, and believe me what I found was not pleasant. My good friend and researcher Kelleigh Nelson - who was an avid Trump supporter like I was - was very hesitant to accept the conclusions I was showing her. But, after pouring over overwhelming evidence and seeing a huge number of CFR members being appointed by Trump, she finally accepted it and believes it is too late. 

Trump has gone over to the dark side. The truth is, it is much worse than I have revealed. There is an on-going investigation by another researcher I contacted that is looking into a lot deeper issues with Trump. I regret to say that socialist billionaire George Soros has financed Trump business to the tune of hundreds of $ millions. Trump's son in law Jared Kushner and his brother have also received hundreds of $ millions from George Soros. There is also dozens and dozens of Israeli contacts with Trump that have literally loaned him $ billions. The truth is Trump is in the back pocket of the globalists and will do their bidding.

Lives have already been lost on his watch. He sided with Saudi Arabia to go after the people in Yemen. A Navy Seal died in that raid. He has sent over 2,500 troops into Syria to side with the anti Assad forces! That is as bad as it gets! He is siding with the globalists against Syria, and also against Russia who was the only nation to come and defend Syria from the ISIS head choppers. The list goes on and on. The only bright side to his moves is maybe we will finally get rid of the North Korean crazy leadership. But even that is contrived - that has been a festering cancer for decades, and the US has enabled and financed them through China and other countries, so who is ultimately to blame??? 

We have been duped and deceived. The conspirators build up nations and then destroy them - then act like heroes as they do so. 

Trump will be the war president. He is Daddy War bucks, and Richie Rich goes to Washington to play war games. I hope I'm wrong, and time will tell what he actually does. The majority of his appointees are Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and neo-cons that work for the military industrial complex. The fix is in, the warmongers will advise Trump to start wars and they will in turn make $ billions.

This will not end well.
George Eaton 

We have been told that the Republic government was restored a year ago and that the temporary Congress, acting on behalf of the Republic, has been operating for several months.  Yet, we continue to observe the same people occupying seats in the Congress and the same attitudes and activities taking place.

We have been told that announcements about the restored Republic, the restored Treasury for the Republic and the restored gold backed currency were to be made, along with prerecorded video taped announcements providing the history of the nation and steps taken to restore the true government of our nation. 

We have been informed to prepare for a new election of those to occupy offices in the restored Republic government, yet nothing has been announced and no public preparation evidenced for those elections.   In fact, with each day it has become more and more evident that the 'government' is running exactly as it has been for years and years, and there has been no true change from the crime syndicate of Bushes, Clintons, Carter, et al.  It is 'business as usual.'

We are being instructed to be prepared for the global currency reset, and for Americans to be instructed on where to go to exchange currencies.

NONE of these things have yet to occur.  Delay after delay and excuse after excuse.  

Now we are observing President Trump - those whom he is surrounding himself with and the changes in direction from that which he told us in his campaign rallies. It is becoming more apparent that this nation is STILL under the slave masters, and that all hope for a safe, prosperous and healthy present and future are for nil.  To put it simply, there is simply a new resident in the swamp house in DC.  We sincerely hope we are wrong in our assumptions but, as time marches forward, it becomes more and more apparent that this is what is happening.
One has to seriously consider that Americans have yet again been deceived by those in whom we have placed our confidence and trust. 

Trump Obamacare Repeal Blew Up Bigly Because of a House Divided Against Itself


By Enola Gay Tail Gunner S/Sgt. George R. (Bob) Caron (SElephant at zh.wikipedia) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s really big supporters openly grieved that the explosion of his emphatically promised Obamacare replacement bodes poorly for all of Trump’s plans. Fox’s Sean Hannity and Lou Dobb’s regaled the Republican party for failing to take the reins and lead now that the party finally has the chance to prove it can do what it has promised. Hannity stated that numerous high authorities told him this marks the end of any Obamacare repeal for 2017.

This first attempt by Trump and his party to see if they can accomplish anything together was by everyone’s account (except Trump’s) a dismal failure. Even Paul Ryan, who drafted the plan that Trump endorsed, admitted the enormity of failure quite honestly. The least I can say for him (not being one who likes him in the slightest) is that he owned it.

Ryan picked up the argument leveled against Republicans by Democrats when they were running congress, which said that it is easy to be an opposition party and simply stand against everything, but quite a different matter to be creative and actually govern. Democrats long argued that Republicans really have no plan to replace Obamacare that could possibly succeed — that they were all talk — and Republicans just proved them right. Since Republicans kept Democrats completely out of the discussion, it’s fair to say Republicans failed entirely on their own.

Ryan failed embarrassingly, and I question whether his leadership will survive this failure, except for the fact that the faction most responsible for the failure (outside of Ryan himself) is the one that would likely seek his blood if Ryan had succeeded. Nevertheless, they cannot stand him and would probably join any other faction that now wants to bring him down.

Trump failed bigly, too, because the truth is that he swore over and over to his supporters that he would get a “great” replacement through congress as one of his first orders of business. Granted he did not say he would succeed right away, but only that he would make it his first order of business. It is, however, now questionable that he will ever get a replacement through, much less a great one. He has three more years to try again, but a total failure within your own party to get your first order of business done, especially when it is something the entire Republican party has said it will do over and over for years and when you are in your honeymoon period, is no small failure.

Ryan has manned up to that. The party needs to also. Trump blamed it on Democrats, but that actually is deplorable, because Trump knew every time he made the promise that he didn’t have a ghost of a chance at getting Democrat support, given how much he attacked them over the plan. How could he not know that unless he is delusional? The last group in the world that would help him repeal Obamacare would be Democrats. So, if the repeal’s failure is their fault, give that they were never even included in the discussion, the failure to realize the obvious — that they would never support him — was his own.

Republicans could learn from this and do better, but it remains to be seen whether they are able and willing to learn. That requires humility, which is always scarce in congress. In the meantime, the failure to deliver Trump’s big promise of “immediate Obamacare repeal” is a death knell to the Trump Rally, and the clock is ticking against all of Trump’s plans.

(It doesn’t guarantee that the stock market will immediately crash, though it easily could; but its rally days are over. My prediction last year was that the rally would end as soon as Trump and congress had to actually work together. That is when investors would be forced to grasp reality and see that nothing Trump has promised is anywhere near as likely to come to pass as they believe. That is when I expected they will start to let go of their Tumphoria. Candidate promises are easily made. Legislation is not, and congress has never been more divided. Neither has that congressional subset called Republicans.

A house divided against itself

Here is how it all came down.
The proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) died because the House Republican Conference (the official name for the entire Republican caucus in the House of Representatives) is divided into factions that aligned in three groups.  When the center group — the largest group of Republicans who solidly backed Paul Ryan’s bill — tried to move further right to appease the most conservative group, it lost votes from the group that is furthest left (more centrist with respect to American politics overall). There are nowhere near enough votes in the center group of Republicans to beat Democratic opposition, and compromise toward one faction lost the other; so no House majority could be built.

It is hard to say exactly who was in each group because no vote was taken to put members on record, but this appears to be generally how things fell apart:
1) By far the largest group would have consisted of the house’s largest conservative faction (172 members), known as the Republican Study Committee, probably joined by members of the House Republican Conference who do not identify with any particular faction. I’m talking here about the group that solidly supported President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on the AHCA as originally drafted.

The Republican Study Committee — formed in 1973 to keep an eye on the party’s moderate leadership during the Nixon-Ford years — is the House’s oldest active faction. It has allied itself over the years with the National Rifle Association, the Heritage Foundation, Focus on the Family, the religious right, Concerned Women for America, the conservative magazine National Review.  One might now categorize it as representing the center of the House Republican Conference (though the truest middle consists people who don’t belong to any faction).

This caucus, as the House Republican Conference’s mainstay faction, has included such Republican luminaries as Vice President Dan Quayle, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, and current Vice President Mike Pence. House Speaker John Boehner was not a member of the group.

2) The smallest, rewest, and most conservative faction of the House Republican Conference, called the “Freedom Caucus,” was established in 2015 to battle then Speaker John Boehner, particularly to fight his approval of Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act). These members of congress can be seen as the present rabble rousers because this is the faction that was willing to shut down the government in the original fight against Obamacare. Naturally, this group remains set toward making sure Obamacare is completely repealed and is willing to shut down government again, including apparently the leader of the House and the President just to make sure Obamacare is fully repealed. Not compromising on abolishing Obamacare was more important to them than whether or not Trump succeeds by getting off to a strong start.

The Freedom Caucus is tough enough that it forced John Boehner to remove his butt from the speaker’s cushion, which led to his exiting congress altogether, so Paul Ryan knows full well they could accomplish that again. This battle-hardened caucus embraces the tea party folks, but it is not the Tea Party Caucus, which is now nearly inactive because the official Tea Party Caucus was largely rejected by citizens in the tea party movement (including members of congress, such as Marco Rubio, who were elected by those citizens). It was rejected because the tea party movement saw the Tea Party Caucus as a Republican attempt to hijack a grass-roots movement. By nature, those who identify themselves as part of the tea party movement do not want to see their movement institutionalized or co-opted by the establishment.

The Freedom Caucus currently has thirty-one members. The group that initially opposed the ACHA certainly included this faction and likely some of the Republicans’ more libertarian faction, formed by Representative Ron Paul, called the Liberty Caucus. These two factions overlap in membership. Michelle Bachman, for example, was a founder of the Tea Party Caucus (now largely subsumed by the Freedom Caucus) and a member of the Liberty Caucus.
3) A larger faction of the House Republican Conference consists of about fifty people, who are the left-most Republicans in the House of Representatives (meaning only that they are moderates since no one in the Republican party is a leftist). This group was established in 1994 as the “Tuesday Group” when Republicans took control of the House under the more conservative leadership of Newt Gingrich. Gingrich rallied Republicans around his Contract with America. The Tuesday Group formed to resist Gingrich’s more conservative positioning of the Republican party.

The actual battle went like this: Unquestionably, those aligned with the Freedom Caucus felt the original AHCA bill, as proposed by Paul Ryan, did not go far enough in repealing Obamacare. Therefore, the group of Republicans who were with Trump and Ryan modified the bill to strip out more of Obamacare by taking down some of its Medicaid provisions and other benefits in order go gain some of the more conservative votes. That resulted in those aligned with the Tuesday Group (the most moderate Republicans) feeling the bill now went further right than they could tolerate. As a result, the Republicans lost some moderate votes when they compromised to pick up more conservative votes, and they never gained all of the conservative votes. So, they could not find a majority that could agree on any bill, and they had already thumbed their noses at Democrats completely, so they certainly wouldn’t get any help there.

Why Trump faces big-league troubles in enacting any of his stimulus plans

As Lincoln said in quoting Jesus Christ, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Lincoln was talking about government. Jesus was talking about the devil. Beg me to describe the difference.)
One major accusation Democrats made against Republicans when Republicans ran an opposition government against Obama was that it is easy to simply be against everything. It is quite another job to govern — to have a clear vision, a good vision that will actually do something for America, and then to unite behind it. Anybody can oppose things without an idea in his or her head as to what will actually work to do some good.
Now that he’s been knocked around by his own party, Paul Ryan co-opted the argument as his own: (See his comments at the start and then at the 6:30 time maker and especially 8:12 marker.)

And this is exactly why Trump is going to have a hard time getting his legislation passed. Republicans could somewhat unite in opposing anything Democrats came up with because even enemies are known to unite around a common foe. However, the formation of the Freedom Caucus and its overthrow of John Boehner proves even that kind of unity is never complete and hard to achieve. Coming up with great ideas, which Trump entrusted to Ryan, and then uniting around something you can support, though not fully, is harder still.

As the new opposition government, Democrats are solidly united against Trump, and the Republican party is too divided to create a large enough majority to overcome the Democrats. It has become increasingly divided since the tea-party movement began, so that will not easily change. It could change now that all Republicans should be able to see that, if they don’t unite around something, they will get nothing at all; but will it?

The Freedom Caucus has not exactly shown itself to be a group that is amendable to softening its positions toward the party’s center, and the Tuesday Group, which might soften toward the party’s center, will never go as far right on anything as the Freedom Caucus demands. That said, other issues may be less polarizing than Obamacare, given that the Freedom Caucus largely formed around the intention of defeating Obamacare during the Boehner years.
It took only took a matter of days for plan number one to fall embarrassingly flat on its face. That’s a bitter reality for both Trump and Ryan because promises to repeal and replace Obamacare or just abolish it entirely were the biggest and most frequent pledges heard from all Republicans. So, if they can’t get together on that …

Trump also blinked on his get-tough negotiations with his own party. He said he was going to force a vote so that Republicans who voted against this repeal and replacement of parts of Obamacare would be held accountable on election day. He reneged and backed Ryan’s desire to simply pull the vote so that no one is held accountable and no one can see by what margin it actually failed. (Perhaps the failure was bigger than we know.)

As a result, no one had to go on record as being the reason hope of an Obamacare repeal in 2017 failed. As Ryan announced in the video above, Obamacare now stands as the law of the land for the foreseeable future because Republicans could not find any plan around which they could form a congressional majority. (In other words, he will not approve another go at it in this session of congress because the votes are not there, nor is the hope of compromise; and any future party leader is going to be hesitant to take this battle on, seeing how Ryan got clobbered.)
Due to a small faction demanding everything, no Republican got anything they could take back to their voters. Even strong supporters of President Trump like Lou Hobbs and Sean Hannity see this as a massive failure of the Republican House to accomplish anything:

As Hannity said to all congressional Republicans in the video above just before the bill’s final hour,

It’s time for you to give the American people a bill that you have now promised them for almost eight years. I would argue tonight, Failure is not an option for the president of the United States and his first piece of legislation. If you don’t succeed, you will have nobody to blame but yourselves…. And here’s my message to you people in congress: For the love of God, after eight years, can you please do your job? Can you please find a way to work together? Can you please find a way to serve your country, not yourselves, not your re-election?

They just couldn’t do it. They could not succeed even in the slightest compromise even with the promise that this was only phase one and more of their wishes would come later. Republicans now have all the reins of power, and they still accomplished nothing!

What it all means for the Trump Rally

This total fiasco — which was huge, really huge — demonstrates why I’ve said all along that Trump’s road to getting his plans enacted through congress, even with Republicans in control of both houses, is far from being the likelihood that has been priced into the stock market by the Trump Rally.
While the AHCA defeat is not the end of the game for Trump’s plans, it shows exactly why I’ve said the Trump Rally is a clear case of irrational exuberance on the scale that precedes a major crash (said when writing about the stock market’s response to Trump’s stimulus plans back in December):

Is the stock market irrational in its exuberance for shifting so much just because of Trump’s pledges, which are far, far from becoming reality? I think so. I haven’t even talked about Democrat resistance to Trump’s plans, and he’s already got resistance from the Republican leader of the senate…. That doesn’t mean the market won’t keep going up. Who knows what the maximum height or duration of irrational exuberance is (because who knows how crazy people can get); but I am certain of this much: the higher the stock market rockets upward on such irrationality, the harder it falls into the chasm of ever-growing debt from which it has been constructed…. There is nothing you’re going to do that can stop the markets (in stocks and bonds) from having their hangover when the bubbly stuff is over and irrational exuberance suddenly looks like delirium. Our greatest economic crashes have always happened when least expected. (“Irrational Exuberance in US Stock Market Grasps at 20K for Dow“)

This past week proves the stock market was irrationally premature in rising to Trump’s stimulus talk. Trump has no possibility of any support from Democrats, who hate his guts on just about everything he stands for, and we have now seen proof that he has no majority support he can count on in his own party.
This is one major reason I have refused to join those who believe things will and are now turning around economically because of Trump’s election, even though it has probably cost me readers (given that my audience is largely anti-establishment). For Trump’s plans to become reality, he has to build consensus around a plan that can save the economy, and he is far from either consensus or a plan that can save the economy from its fundamental flaws. The best his plan would do — if he could get it enacted — is pump it higher for a little longer. You can accomplish a little bit in the US by executive decree, but not much. Maybe Republicans will now join around a tax plan, but time is not on their side.

So, my prediction remains that the economy, including the stock market, goes down this year for the numerous reasons I’ve given beyond the solitary reason that has just played out above. He hasn’t even started squaring off with the Democrat’s opposition. This one went down just from the opposition within his own party!
It’s time to wake up and smell the ammonia!

—David Haggith