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10/29/2014 Sovereign Soldier Military Report - 29 Alien Factions Make 4,000 Do Perp Walk

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10/29/2014 Sovereign Soldier Military Report - 29 Alien Factions Make 4,000 Do Perp Walk
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Date: Wednesday, 29-Oct-2014 18:07:51

Sovereign Soldier Military Report 10/29/2014 29 Alien Factions Make 3-4,000 Criminals Do Perp Walk
There are more than thousands of alien races interfacing with us that are unknown to us, apart from the more publicized ones.
The alien hierarchical control system used on we humans is also used to control other alien races that are on, in, or under, the surface of our planetary Earth home. This includes all their clones, and all alien enclaves found here. The majority of these alien races are long term angry at the way their own people have been treated by the reigning alien planetary controllers, and have finally had enough.
See for background.
I have written extensively in the past about the dimension-hopping and time-jumping chrononaut Constitution-loving underground and inter-dimensionally based multinational sovereign Earth Defense soldiers. Battle led, since October 2010, by LIGHT BEING Ron Amitron, who is without contaminated DNA like we all have here, and from outside all the space and time that limits us.
He is our Ambassador directly from Source. Source sends one Light Being to heal us every 2,000 years. He is the last one. The last train out. I therefore strongly advise you to study the Creation Lightship Teachings, NOW.
Using future - upgraded by Ron - Source Light technology, the Sovereign Earth Defense Forces have saved us from complete destruction many times, unheralded here and in relative silence, even as hoards of mechanical armies, clones, alien races, and ships repeatedly poured through the breaks in the protective natural dimensional structures. The breaks, or holes/vortexes, in our dimensions are all caused by misguided Spirited humans.
The biggest problem suffered by our multinational sovereign soldier defense army/fleet is all the Earth humans doing rituals, or praying, who think they are calling “light” - into our infected darkness. Invisible aliens are posing as our gods, and other aliens, who are claiming to be our “saviors” and “masters,” or “angels” and “guides,” are fraudulently supposedly “helping us” by encouraging us to project prayer OUT of ourselves - instead of only INTO our own hearts.
IN OUR OWN HEARTS, GEOGRAPHICALLY, THAT is the only place where Source dwells in us as our Spirits. All these OUT of our body directed communication energies are secretly being intercepted by our invisible multi-dimensional alien slavers that got between us and Source, and dumbed us down, and convinced us to worship them in IT's name by controlling all the religions that teach you to "pray harder." Notice they NEVER say ONLY pray or meditate INTO your OWN HEART.
These invisible slaver aliens live on our Spirit/Source energy and our worship, because mostly they have no Source Light of their own. No Spirits. SOURCE needs no "worship." The biggest problem is that all the innocently fervent, and sincere, etc., prayers - and new-ager proclamations, and slaver illumined rituals, are RIPPING HOLES IN THE SPACE TIME BARRIERS - ALLOWING ALL THE ALIEN ATTACKS to rush in here from other dimensions and times.
Ron, seeing the Earth cleansing was taking too long, and to help our soldiers not work so hard, over the weekend of Oct. 20th, 2014, four years after introducing himself to the US secret underground defense fleet Admirals, asked for help in removing the so deeply embedded and intertwined cabal slavers - due to their large numbers. I think they are the invading criminal aliens that Michael Tsarion speaks so eloquently about coming here and interbreeding, the dark Pharaohs.
The Universes’ response was immediate. Emboldened by Ron’s and the sovereign soldiers' many successes in destroying every underground alien base they ever went after, like dissolving Nibiru & its’ Annunaki population after it attacked Japan, and Ron’s Source ability of being able to go inside ANYWHERE in space and time, the oppressed aliens responded en mass.
29 alien factions immediately got together and volunteered to be Kamikazes to attack the Queen and other Illuminati who were doing all they could to stop the economic reset RV. They did this because of their lower hierarchy status suffering, and because of all the harm that was done to their own people in whatever form they took here. 3,000 ships showed up between Earth and the secret Mars and Moon bases.
They even came from Sirius with 500 ships, all to raid the underground palatial uber max Hiltons, and remove all the presidents and psychopath rulers that went into hiding underground. These leaders had left their clones topside to run things so badly for them. Shuttle by shuttle, they dug them up and brought them all out.
Over the days, starting with Wednesday, October the 22nd, the first 500, then 800, then 3 to 4 thousand of the bad actors were captured and lifted away to “stand trial” which is an alien euphemism for “being executed” after their perp walk parade, including wherein all offenses are publicly recited for each criminal.
Ron then checked on the clone factory where all the multiples of remote controlled president clones were hung on overhead turnstiles like laundry waiting to be picked up. The locations were now empty.


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