Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bundy Ranch, Chapter 2 (cont'd)....Powder Keg: Supporters Openly Warn Feds To Stand Down In 3 Million Acre Land Grab

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Bundy Ranch, Chapter 2 (cont'd)....Powder Keg: Supporters Openly Warn Feds To Stand Down In 3 Million Acre Land Grab
Posted By: Watchman
Date: Thursday, 30-Oct-2014 10:58:28

The original news of the FED's plans were reported on in RMN here:
Now it seems that Pete Santilli and "Gunny Booda", both Marines (theres no such thing as an ex Marine) are warning the FEDs that their planned actions orchestrated by Harry Reid will be a very big deal, which will be met with by Patriots.
Indeed, Bundy Ranch chapter 2 is being written now...
Today Pete’s main theme was about a story he discovered initially that was published on titled FEDS Retaliate Against The Bundy Ranch And Southern Nevada.
more here:
In today’s episode, Pete relives the original Bundy Ranch standoff, and he also conveys his belief that a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff will ensue if the federal government dares to take the 3 million acres they have recently proposed and published on their website. Santilli’s comments are important, especially as they relate to the U.S. Constitution. Article one, section 7 paragraph 17 of the U.S. Constitution specifically prohibits what the U.S. Government can and cannot own as far as land. Taking 3 million acres from the American people is outright unconstitutional, and Santilli tells Senator Harry Reid, the BLM, the DOJ and every other communist who has infiltrated the U.S. Government that we will not let them take the land from the people of the state of Nevada. Santilli openly calls for a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff in order to defend our constitutional rights as a people.
During the show, Pete Santilli is joined by “Gunny Booda”, the head of security for the Bundy Family and Ranch. Booda and Santilli are both former United States Marines who have sworn an oath to defend and support the U.S. Constitution, and they do not pull any punches when the discuss how a 2nd Bundy Ranch Standoff will produce an even bigger response than the first — the Constitution still applies, and contrary to BLM Special Agent Daniel P. Love’s recorded conversations with Santilli, the U.S. Constitution applies in the dirt.


Anonymous said...

Bundy supporters & concerned Americans: Peaceful & LAWFUL remedy for this & many issues & injustices available via CLGJs, but YOUR informed involvement is needed, also. Recent 27 min. Nevada radio interview recorded offering tangible HOPE to all the people: (one may have to use 2-4 steps to specifically access- things obtained too easily may be esteemed too lightly) :D

Anonymous said...

I stand with you bro...and i am not even an American citizen...when your rights are dominished...we all are diminished...if a 2nd standoff ensues , let's have such a force there, the feds won't won't even consider acting like tyrants...

Anonymous said...

if the globalist, UN, Agenda 21 feds, come in with tyranical New World Order might,
they will be backed off with a Constitutional, Republic, "We the People" fight