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Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 11:51 PM Subject: Ebola can last on surfaces for almost TWO months, tests reveal | Daily Mail Online Found this interesting link on the Drudge Report:Ebola can last on surfaces for almost TWO months, tests reveal | Daily Mail Onlinehttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2809803/Ebola-surfaces-TWO-months-Tests-reveal-certain-strains-survive-weeks-stored-low-temperatures.html

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     FOLKS, VOTE REPUBLICAN NOV. 4, 2014. Not because they are wonderful which is far from the case, but contrary to the Democrats, they can afford to admit how bad is the news about the Ebola Virus which the Democrats cannot do while trying to cover for Obama for hiding the truth about the Ebola Virus. The Democratic leaders have to block investigations of Obama over the Ebola Crisis. Obama pretends that there is no cure for the Ebola Virus, yet through a confidential source of mine, it was stated that an effective cure for the Ebola Virus was found by the federal government around 12-15 years ago and then hid from the public. Obama knew this and hid this information that the cure for the Ebola Virus was confirmed by the federal government around 12-15 years ago and the policy of Obama towards the Ebola Virus pretends that no cure exists for the Ebola Virus at this time. I obtained the product which was stated cured both the AIDS Virus and the Ebola Virus according to the federal report hidden from you by Obama, but you are not supposed to know that this Ebola Crisis is an engineered crisis created by Obama and Democratic allies who know what is going on but are not going to tell you the American public. If Obama knew a cure  existed for the Ebola Virus when all this Ebola Crisis broke loose, then technically Obama is guilty of high treason and those with him in hiding the cure from the public when they knew the Ebola Crisis could be promptly stopped in Africa, America, and all over the world now. They withheld the Ebola Cure for gain in political strategy, only got caught at it which was not in their plans to be caught for high treason and genocide conspiracy against America and also massive genocide conspiracy against other races and nations on earth.
     I plan to shortly contact foreign embassies and UN delegations in America as to how Obama set up this Ebola Crisis in Africa, America, etc. Members of Congress showed no interest when I offered to show them before the Nov. 4 election what the Ebola Cure was that the federal government found cured Ebola according to their own federal research work and final report. Their conclusion, not mine, was that they had found a successful Ebola Cure and safe for the people to use. This is the information I have. I also have a sample of what their research work said cured Ebola totally and was safe for the people to use. As Democratic sources are trying to protect Obama from investigation over the Ebola Crisis, I will ask these international sources of the UN to criminally indict the involved Democratic leaders of the Senate and elsewhere along with Obama for massive violation of the Genocide Treaty which potentially threatened the lives and survival of all races and nations on earth if not stopped in time! Obama and federal associates in this deadly scheme for power face pending indictments under the Genocide Treaty from foreign governments all over the world, from national indictments cleaning the genocide killers from its leadership ranks in Wash. D.C. and also state grand juries criminally indicting the involved evil scheming leaders for mass murder conspiracy and any Ebola deaths in their states or their state citizens dying elsewhere due to Ebola infection killing them off from the Obama engineered Ebola Crisis in America, in Africa, and elsewhere in the world.  

     I will show foreign governments the legal evidence that Washington, D.C. has engaged in American genocide conspiracy and operation and world genocide conspiracy and operation in the Washington suppression of the stunning food discovery of my father which the Vatican under Pope Pius XII endorsed as potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. And medical lab reports from all over the world saying that the human race faces potential extinction on earth if my father's great food discovery is not added to the diets of people across the earth before it is too late to save the human race from extinction. And Obama for insane political reasons was and is behind this Ebola Crisis which could grow big enough to threaten the lives of much of the human race on earth including maybe up to 50% of Americans dead from it if Obama has his way as his C.I.A. apparently set up the Ebola Crisis first in Africa and now is supposed to spread in America until the American people allow him to become dictator of America for life. I suggest that Obama resign from the White House as his further leadership of America is colossally tainted and could engineer the collapse of the entire federal government if they don't get rid of him before he so discredits Wash., D.C. as to wipe out its international influence in the world. America has no more use for Obama in the White House! Time to leave!
     Folks, pass this report all over America and smart to see that all see it before the Nov. 4 election. I can under international law sue Wash., D.C. and selected leaders of Congress, federal agencies, etc. for even $600 trillion in damages for a basic Washington one half century suppression of my father's Vatican endorsed industrial food process in genocide conspiracy against the American people and people in all nations of the earth. I can charge Wash., D.C. with a basic murder of an estimated at least 2-3 billion people on earth by suppression of this unique super health food which is mentioned in the Bible and says that it would give the people good health on earth and longer lives on earth than possible without it. It is mentioned in Exodus 23:25 for those thinking that it is not mentioned in the Bible! Even Ezra Taft Benson, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Under President Eisenhower, and later head of the Mormon Church in America, powerfully endorsed it as so important to American health but Washington leaders ignored his endorsement and urging to use this for the health of America. Corruption is more important in Wash., D.C. than doing what is right for the American people!
     Suppressing so willfully the Vatican endorsed and Mormon endorsed great food discovery of my father and suppressing so willfully the Ebola Cure that the government tested itself and said worked fine as a cure and did not threaten the health of the people is playing with such legal and political fire both nationally and worldwide, better pass my proposed Omni Law and now before I file the legal actions under international law and which I cannot stop once filed internationally. I have proved very clever at law over the years and engineered a number of legal upsets which before I hid from public knowledge until I was ready to play my hand. Pass now my Omni Law shown on my website and which will be the power base to set up my father's great industrial food discovery in America for a giant national and worldwide industry for America. Nazi Germany had tested it and said they could raise a master race with it since it made German students so superior physically and mentally such as in I.Q. scores German students eating this super health food then scored higher I.Q. ratings. The Soviet Union when capturing the Nazi research papers on this then as reported in the Catholic Digest tried to buy world rights to it from my father. As Stalin said to my father in a communication, his advisers told him that the nation possessing this great food discovery of my father would likely become the leader of the world and also incredibly rich off of this worldwide. Stalin also said that his advisers told him that if the Soviet Union had my father's great food discovery, then Communism could win the world soon afterwards to it by solving the food problems of the world with this great food discovery.

     The Vatican under Pope Pius XII endorsed this with a stunning endorsement and contacted all Catholic bishops in the world and 25,000 Catholic priests to publicize this great food discovery across the earth as Pope Pius XII said this was so important to the world health of the human race on earth. This is what Wash., D.C. savagely fought to stop and suppress from the American people. Wash., D.C. is incredibly corrupt and does many things for corrupt reasons and not for honorable nor honest reasons. And now Wash., D.C. has the most evil and corrupt leader ever to occupy the White House who is Obama. Time to pass my Omni Law to turn Wash., D.C. into an honest government again and under control of the people instead of the people being ruled over by a government determined to be their master and not their servant as a national government.
     Passage of the Omni Law shown on my website should soon end the Ebola threat to America and other nations on the earth. It should soon establish for America a world food industry so powerful that this might make America the undisputed leader of the world soon afterwards and draw so much new trade and money to America as to skyrocket the American economy in the process with even millions of new jobs and prosperity from the jobs created. I also have a trick policy up my sleeve how we could use to advantage the Latin Americans illegally in America and by America acquiring new land that I have a secret way of arranging this to happen, they can be moved there while becoming Americans and enrich America in the process. This happens with passage of the Omni Law. I am a bold, cunning leader when needed and this solves the illegal immigration problem in America without selling out border security, people not assimilating into the American culture and becoming Americans culturally in character. After passage of the Omni Law, I would put this up to national referendum. If the American people approve, America becomes a mightier nation in the process and the basic illegal immigration problem pretty much solved for America then. I will not share my secret plan with leaders in Wash., D.C. until my Omni Law is passed. The illegals will no longer be carried by American welfare, would have to carry their own weight by jobs available to them, but be part of America as America resumes its "Manifest Destiny" as earlier Americans called the growth of America as a nation.
     Marching hand in hand with the injustice as publicized by The New York Times that now the I.R.S. claims it has authority to steal all the money from every bank account in America and without court order, etc., just does it on whim if it wants to under new law pushed by Obama apparently to be able to seize all the money of Americans for use by Obama if he wants to steal all the money in America, a federal court has now ruled the intended legal precedent that the I.R.S. will not be allowed to be sued in federal court as to the legality of actions it takes in America. With passage of the Omni Law, we will straighten out the I.R.S. like the Wrath of God just breathed fire down their necks.

     Also restoring the U.S. Constitution back into national authority over the federal government, the U.S. Constitution says, federal judges can remain in office during time of good conduct. This is a wider angle than just impeachment of judges. If they can't uphold constitutional law in their courts, under the U.S. Constitution we can legally fire them from judicial office and they are no longer federal judges and have lost their federal pension plans if we decide to cancel them for judicial misconduct in judicial office. It will be automatic firing of any federal judge saying that the U.S. Constitution is not binding on his court nor will he allow constitutional law to be presented in his court. I have heard federal judges say in their courts that the U.S. Constitution was not legally binding on their court and refused to let constitutional law  be presented in their federal court. If they don't know the U.S. Constitution as law, they are automatically fired from judicial office as incompetent in law and no longer federal judges! And I know how federal judges are secretly paid bribes to rule corrupted legal judgments in their courts. The illegal bribes stop or we will legally hang them for taking bribes as judges. I learned too much when living in Wash., D.C. years ago!
    Okay folks, you have a champion of the people in me. I am a tough fighter by nature and through the passage of the Omni Law, will break the mob psychology in federal circles that they may be bullies towards the American people and no one can stop them. With enough firings and criminal indictments, they will now sing a new song in Wash., D.C. that the federal government is the servant of the American people and not their master.
     Okay, pass this report all over America before Nov. 4, 2014. This is compound math which grows so fast, you cannot believe how big things become mathematically when compounded. Fast send this report to 20 or more people. They send it to others like you did, do this fast and before Nov. 4 you have covered the nation and we don't need the press for anything anymore except to be an obvious propaganda rag sheet of the power elite if they don't publicize our movement of the people of America. We can win without them, but if it is realized that we didn't need news publicity to win with, the newspapers will then lose enormous prestige and credibility with the American people who will then hold the newspapers in contempt as they try to control the people by control of what important news they allow or else block in order to try and manipulate the thinking of the American people. Use the internet effectively which events in the Middle East showed how powerful the internet could be to change the direction of a nation and fast. We use the internet effectively and we don't need the newspapers nor TV nor radio stations to win with! And just so there is no legal misunderstanding. Any attempt to suppress the American people from valid moral uses of the internet such as for expressing political stands, etc., once the Omni Law is passed and should be fast as we will file $500-600 trillion lawsuits under international law against federal leaders we judge need to learn a tough lesson when not to pick deadly legal issues to fight in court to try and suppress the American people with. I win legal upsets. Not smart to fight me where I judge I can win! I normally know the reality of the situation and should win if logic shows it can be done! Washington leaders are up against a mountain of genocide charges against them if I decide to file them in international court actions. Sometimes it is better like a tree to bend with a strong wind than remain stiff and be broken in the back by a wind too strong to resist or stop! I am going to pass the Omni Law and woe to any leaders who miscalculate and think that I will not be able to!
     One final point. I played a little dumb while not dumb. I tied up the legal claims for the land of America under international law so the land remains the property of the American people in the 50 states of America. Washington leaders try to turn over American land to foreign sources, sorry I will contest that and when playing all legal aces, should win and Agenda 21, etc. will all be thrown into the trashcan as no international schemes are going to take away the land of the 50 states from the American people. If I have to be blunt so you get the hint, my mother was once rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history up to her time, and what brains I inherited from her are going to outclass yours by gift of God and the American people do not lose much, all, or any of their land to foreign sources as Obama has been trying to arrange while the news media kept silent to cover his high treason against the American people in this area of law.
     Folks, while you were reading this report, powerful legal moves were created by this report protecting your legal rights, your future in America, and securing for you freedom and prosperity for your future instead of the legal hell that Obama had arranged for all the American people and Blacks included! Our national website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com Our Omni Law may be read on that website. It gives the American people the right of national referendum over the federal government and 10 legal trustees over Wash., D.C. working for the American people and not corrupt interests. The people win and control of the national government is restored back to the American people who were tricked out of control of government by corrupt, very evil and cunning elements in Wash., D.C. Our email is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com Our mailing address for orders and payments sent by mail instead of through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Pass this report all over America and before Nov. 4, 2014. Pull together as a national team and a giant upset will occur Nov. 4. Under the Omni Law, anyone electronically rigging computers to switch votes to the other side, we find out, you will either hang symbolically or else for real from a rope around your neck after conviction by legal process. Anyone voting by fraud who is not an American citizen, we will prosecute you and you have no future in America after that. We will not tolerate non-citizens to try to poison our national election by voting when they are not loyal to America nor care about American issues important to the future of America. The election of Nov. 4 is for the American citizens, not illegals trying to unhinge constitutional government in America by fraudulent voting. Let poll watchers outside photograph people appearing for voting. If voting fraud is obvious in tallied results, we go through the photos and spot those who are not American citizens and voted anyway.
Then fierce law takes over and you will at a minimum be expelled from America or maybe far worse legally will happen to you such as being assigned to a labor camp for a long stretch. These policies are intended to head off the mass voter fraud of Obama and Democrats in the last elections where such as 130% of registered voters voted in certain areas in certain states. We don't believe that all the 100% of registered voters voted for real nor do we believe that dead people resurrected from the grave to vote in the current election for Obama. And we don't want military votes to ever be massed lost by military mail again. Some people pay heavily if that happens again in America! The vote was not going for Obama in the last election, so a huge number of military votes were "Lost" in the military mail. We won't stand for such corrupt and fraudulent voting tactics again. And Soros, we are watching you and you will be prosecuted beyond human imagination if you try to rig any future elections with your tricks which we know what they are! Enough said!
     Yours For God And Country, Erasmus Of America (pen name for that American leader who believes in the saying of Thomas Jefferson, "The entire art of government consists in being honest!" I have cynically at times said that Washington, D.C. would say back to Thomas Jefferson if alive today, "Mr. Thomas Jefferson, you are an idiot!  The entire art of government consists in being dishonest, not honest!" American people, you want an honest government and future for America, push this report hard all over America and then vote on Nov. 4. You want an Islamic Republic under Obama and out to create maybe the biggest mass killing ever done by any leader over the nation that he ruled over, do nothing and let the evil win in America Nov. 4, 2014 on election day! Vigilance retains freedom. Laziness and indifference lets the evil take over and turn your life into utter hell on earth! Decide the future of America by what you do now!)




Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Washington DC occupy top of the list and then be followed by the FED banksters or perhaps the other way round? The lack of neuropsychological integrity characterized by extreme prevarication and anosognosia in these organizations have resulted in various unsolved crises. Ebola and ISIS is only the latest on what is a very long list to be laid to rest. Either we go down with the governments and banks and be held accountable for the darkness of Islam ruling over the planet for centuries to come; or we take extreme measures to heal our once great nation by empowering and electing independent, well-educated and qualified people. What are we waiting for?

Anonymous said...

This Ebola scare is bullshit. Erasmus, I'm beginning to wonder who's side you are on. The cutesy secret name thing you do & your begging for money all the time doesn't help. At least you got the clue to SHORTEN your excessively long, boring diatribes. TYJM frj