Thursday, October 30, 2014

All The Gu Wrongs !!!!!!!

John ,  I have Set Back And Been Very Quiet , And Watched  All the Gu Wrongs Say This And That  About The Dinar ,Let me tell you A Story,  Ok?
  Back in April 2013  It Did  R/V  But  the Idiot in the Black House Stopped it ! Period    I was there When it Went Down !  So All the Nay Sayers  Shut Up !
Now  the Nay Sayers  Are Saying It's Going To Float Idiots !  One More Time get Your Nose out Of the Gazette ,  And Look Past Your Nose !
  The Iraqi People Are very Proud   and  Pompus  To The Point Of Nausea !  They Will R/V  At The Rate Just Above  Kuwait !  Period ! Because If they Don't they Will Lose Face, And That In The Middle East is Pretty Bad !
This Goes For KRAPERONI, Breitling All All The Rest Of The Gu Wrong Naysayers !!   Get a Grip  and Quit Saying This Stuff About LOP  Or Floats
THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ! The Iraqi People Won't Allow it , And God Knows  Won't Stand For It !  So Shut Up Already With The Garbage !
 So it Makes you Mad That I Have Called you Out  Well Jack Leggs  To Dam Bad !  When You Go Over  and Live And Work With These People Like I have  then You Will  Know Where I Am Coming From
 Now When you See Mr. Okie  And His Worn out Smokin Fuel Guzzlin  Rag Tag F-4 Land  ( he Makes His Post)  Then And Only Then You Will Know The Truth,

And It Will Be What I Just Said In This Rant !


Anonymous said...

Next Monday fer sure LOL

The bad guys MUST be out the picture BEFORE there can be an RV.

No money can be deposited into a US bank without it being stolen.

Anonymous said...

You could be right & true, but Dinarland is left with merely text on a screen, either way. The gu-fools like the aforementioned Kaperoni, and Koonce, BGG, the religious laden effluvia spewed by those punctuated with ' Shofar Horns,' Med, Enorrste, Tlar, TD, Mnt Goat, Adam Montana & a bunch of those who have moved on to better cons. I believe most of these are persona's made up by various 3 letter agencies to distract and pacify the masses. To put it bluntly, which one was proven correct, EVER ? Given the present criteria for Guru status, I could be one and I don't know shit about it. I'm still going along with Okie for the time being, guardedly accepting. I'm not surprised at all that Iraq won't tell the USA shit after bombing the crap out of them. I just hope someday they realize Americans have been duped like the rest of the world's people, and believed our ' leaders.' TYJM frj