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David-Kevin: Lindsay live webinar from Victoria, November 8, 9

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This Fall's Freedom Season continues!
With a Canadian and International Webinar featuring:

David-Kevin: Lindsay
of the Common Law Education and Rights Initiative

Live from Victoria, British Columbia       Nov. 8, 9th   2014

Available for all Canadians from Coast to Coast.

The most accurate, comprehensive and documented information on our Constitutional Right to Property, personhood 
and the Coronation Oath in Canadian freedom history!

All taxes are voluntary – and we prove it!
ü  CLEAR reveals the most powerful message on the impact of the Coronation Oath and its applicability in our Constitutional law to all aspects of life, including how the taxation statutes violate this part of our Constitution.

ü  We will provide the most comprehensive analysis and information on what a 'person' is at law, especially in relation to taxation statutes, and how you can cease having rights and duties under various tax legislation.  All supported by King's Counsel lawyers!

ü  We will define what property really is,* exactly where your property rights are already enshrined in our Constitution -- and the dangers of anyone trying to put property rights into the Charter.

          Did you know that in law, you cannot touch property?

ü    Take discretion out of law - learn the fundamentals of law and how they support your freedom to complete, voluntary taxation. Discover what a "right", "privilege", "liberty", "power", "duty", and other fundamental principles of law truly mean and their support to complete, voluntary taxation!  This is some of the most important new information you will learn - truly the secret of law.

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We will present our solution to you on how we can Constitutionally refuse to pay unlawful income taxes and have the documented Constitutional law, and Her Majesty's word and promises, to support us.

This is the most revolutionary Constitutional education in Canadian freedom history. Learn how and when we have the Constitutional right (and DUTY!) to civil disobedience* (especially to tax statutes) and under all present circumstances!!!

     * More accurately this is 'civil obedience' as we conclusively show that it is the Monarch and governments who are breaking the law and their Constitutional          promises (and Oaths) to us. We are simply holding them to their Oaths and their word!

With 20 years of experience, research and over 350 court appearances in all levels of court in seven (7) provinces, David is one of the most knowledgeable, trusted and committed men to freedom in Canada.

We take the "compliance" out of "voluntary compliance"!!!

You don't want to miss this exciting, Constitutional presentation that will significantly change your views on the nature of taxation and Constitutional law in Canada!

The Solution is CLEAR!

Only $35 billion of the $585 billion alleged national debt, is principle.  The rest is usury/interest!   In addition to provincial and municipal alleged debts.

Russia just paid off its last WW1 debt about four (4) years ago!!!

We will provide you with our proposed solution to stop the present usury based monetary system, where the bankers steal and control OUR entire labour and wealth.

And when we do - there is no going back!!!  The gov't does not have the means to stop ORGANIZED ACTIVIST opposition to its unlawful actions.  Remember, it takes only 3% of the people to make a change - at most!  In a short time, we will have the number of people to effect the most positive change in Canadian history.

All changes begin by saying NO, and not complying with criminal governments. We will show you the Constitutional solution permitting you to refuse to allow the Queen to breach her Constitutional Oath and promises any further, and refuse to support, all taxation!

You have the Constitutional right to refuse to comply with statutes that are contrary to God’s laws!

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This presentation is documented law - and is a must see event for all Canadians, and all members of the Commonwealth.    
All of our 600+ slides are numbered and the sources of all information relied upon documented for everyone to see and verify for themselves!  

See attachment for all details of this exciting live Webinar presentation from Victoria, B.C.

Information will be posted on Facebook and other locations within the coming week. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to write us back with any questions you may have and we look forward to seeing you soon!!

Resistance is not futile!

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