Friday, October 31, 2014

The TRUTH from the Colonel

If all these blockheads  that keep putting out this BS day after day, night after night would study the American History as much as they claim to have studied Iraq's. they would have a better idea what is going on and what is going to happen and it has nothing to do with Iraq or the dinar. 
  They are both very small pieces in a much bigger puzzle.  

This is the final battle between good and evil.

First, we have to have all the bad guys arrested and under control and completely out of the way so that we have security for our money 
, ourselves and our families. 
We have to have our Freedom and Sovereignty or we are doomed and none of these peckerwoods putting out this stuff on these blogs and chat rooms and conference calls has any idea what is really going on, they just want to spew their garbage and lies.  I truly believe that some of them are working for the dark side.

Second , NESARA has to be announced and the new united States Gold back currency has to be in the bank. We can not mix the FRN 
with the Gold backed currency, because the FRN 
  have no value 
now or 
 under the new system. 
 We have to be under common law, which is rule of law and out from under  statutory law, which is no more than color of law, and they can color it any way they want to at this time.

Third, we have to have the banks under control of the good guys, white knights, good military or what ever you want to call them.  We can not have any of these crooked bankers running any of the banks. Apparently none of these so called gurus knows anything about what is really going on.  Does any of them realize that as long as we are under statutory law the banks have written statues that they can take your money any time they want to.  Also, under those statues the IRS can steal all the money out of your bank account and there is not one damn thing you can do about it.  

Fourth, we have to have all the BAR attorneys under control, either arrested or sent off planet so they 
will not be able to continue to do what they are doing to 
 we the people 
 .  This includes, attorneys, judges, crooked police, and etc.  
All BAR attorneys have sworn an oath to the Queen of England and have committed treason here in this country when they do so.

In my opinion these gurus that keep posting all this BS and the blogs that keep posting it 
are doing a lot more harm than good.  They can not keep putting out this kind of BS day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year and get anyone with a brain to believe what they are saying.  I have not found even one of them that knows what they are talking about 
when it comes to what is really going on.  The bad guys, cabal, PTB, Illuminate or what ever else you want to call them wants this to happen so they can steal your funds. Some of these gurus are saying the same thing they were saying over four years ago.  They are saying this, because they have no idea what is really happening or about to happen.

If they would only study our history and what is going on here and forget about what is going on in Iraq and  tell their followers about 
what is going on here
  and forget about what is going on in Iraq 
they would help their following a lot more. 
 You have to understand this is a divine intervention controlled by our Creator and it won't happen until He and his Masters have everything under control.

Most of the stuff I have read on the internet is total BS at 
  and Lies at the worst.  If they don't know what is going on they should 
 If this RV was to happen before all this other stuff is in place you would lose your wealth in a blink of an eye.  Oh, by the way there will not be any income taxes on this exchange as the IRS is all but gone right now.  Again, I beg everyone that reads this to research and study what is going on behind the scenes in this country and forget about what is going on in Iraq as it has very little to do with anything.  They are only one country out of 204 countries planet wide and most of them are a lot more important than Iraq.  I don't give legal or financial advice, just good old common sense. This article is written to the gurus that are on these blogs and email sites telling their BS and lies.  


The Colonel


Concerned from Wisconsin said...

If this were a facebook post, I would "like" it. Kudos to you, Colonel for telling it like it is.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the gurus.However you have not said anything to inform us as to what is going on. If you know anything you should share that knowledge or you are just as bad as they are. If you don't have anything to share perhaps you shouldn't post either.

Anonymous said...

What he said!

Pop Pop Santa Croce said...

Man, finally someone else who understands - good v evil. Anyone spouting anything other than the above should take heed.
I might add also that the only way to make it through this veil of tears is to turn our hearts to Him who is above and waiting for us to acknowledge Him so we can DO HIS WILL which I believe is not to just get rich!

Also would like to ask all of this blog to pray for my children as they enter the music industry - Satan's Lair by being accepted by a Major distribution company - I do believe they will give people hope in God and family again. When this rv ride is over and I pray something happens soon. We will tour and show the country the blessed harmonies these children can make. thanks

slaveman said...

bravo... well said, and I agree with every word. These self-proclaimed gurus are, like you state, not doing their research, all they are doing,[IMHO], are creating false hope and BS. Though they are not necessarily the ' enemy', it sure looks like they serve the enemy, whether they realize it or not. There will be no, hopefully, release of funds until the 'badguys' are taken out of the picture, to wit I have 'voiced' on this blog time and time again. Thankyou, Col. for your insight. What say you John?

Anonymous said...

Well, colonel ( assuming you are military, Sir, - salute - ) your rendering seems very accurate. Since us regular people are not privy to the complex logistics or the secret stuff going on, we are left in the dark with little but hope for a better world fueling our prospective. Between foreclosures, IRS theft, lack of jobs, people becoming homeless & living in cars or on the street, rampant Cabal games and a government that is a gigantic Mafia, we are left with little but hope. Your impatience and somewhat condescending attitude towards ( specifically Dinarland ) is understandable, but counter productive. I'm sure you have lot's of problems to solve that we don't/can't understand. Most have instinctively realized the intel put out about Dinar is mostly poppycock. We get that. Actually, it's hard not to, given the hundreds of ' predictions' that never happened. While your concerns dwarf ours, remember, please, it is Americans you fight for, your raison d'ĂȘtre if you will. I would suggest a bit more patience in your message, it would be helpful. We are not commanded troops, and don't expect you to wipe our noses. Our information is little more than text on a screen, and we are bombarded with CIA/NSA, etc., shills with evil intent, seriously compromising any ' faith ' we started out with. In the midst of your complex task, please remember the ' get more bees with honey ' thing. We are behind you, but jaded. Keep up your good works and I wish you success in your endeavors. TYJM frj

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bad guys have to go first BUT all anyone wants to know is ... is there any progress in getting rid of them ?

In the news we keep seeing stories about Hillary and Jeb being the two candidates for president. That is not a sign that something positive is happening.

Anonymous said...

AMEN: Brother!! My sentiments exactly! Thank you for the only sound truth on this BS NSA co-opted site! Let the arrests begin NOW! Starting with these criminal bastards in our USA ursurped Government!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well since The Colonel says so...
Really?? Geez. Un-freakin-believable.
Do I really have to remind The Colonel (whoever the hell he is) how many times --- on this very SITE --- that we've been told WE WON!! THE IRS IS NO MORE. THE CORPORATION IS GONE. THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS NO MORE. There's a NEW PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC!! (Do I really need to continue???)
I hope it all happens, ya know? Even more than that, though, I'd like to actually KNOW what the real truth is --- to ALL this stuff.
Bet I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

After reading this post from this 'colonel' ('colonel' of WHAT? colonel sanders fried chicken restaurants?) it is plain to see that this person does have some knowledge of the problems this nation is facing. Have to agree - somewhat - with his description of the 'gurus' and Iraq. However, even with all the problems we are facing in this nation, we are past the point of being able to wait and wait and wait until everything fits together like a perfectly completed picture puzzle. It just ain't gonna happen. There will always be bad guys. My recommendation here would be for this 'colonel' to read only those websites that tend to post what he likes to read and stay away from this site, as the posts here don't seem to make him happy. I would also suggest that he understand that not everyone is as uninformed as he seems to think they are, nor do many see things the way he does. We each have a different piece of the puzzle. The goal is for all of us to work TOGETHER, fitting our pieces of the puzzle together to make it work rather than finger pointing and name calling. Instead of being critical, a more constructive way to resolve this nation's problems might be to seriously consider all points and then determine what may be workable and put it together for a successful outcome. How about it 'colonel'? Hey! Are you giving out samples of your fried chicken?!

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate as we may not be up to date about the plot and awesome events happening backstage and would like to establish rapport. Sincerely.

Anonymous said...

He's not a military colonel. He's a retired auctioneer, professor and Texas rancher. He's about as much a colonel as colonel Sanders.

Anonymous said...

Just to understand...the IRS is all but gone so you say...don't get me wrong, that is a great thing if it's true. The poor lady, and others, who they basically stole money from for no reason...did that really happen, or is it just another one of many "false flags" that the media is hyping up to the max?
There are things that cannot be said right now, for very good reasons, but they will in due time. Can you please help be one of those trusted sources of information and separate the truth from the BS?

Anonymous said...

Agree most with 12:12, & appreciate ALL offerings! Much is in deed happening behind the scenes FOR & BY the people. Heavenly helpers need we the people to take a more active part in BEing & DOing with Love & service in our Hearts toward ALL; even "bad" guys have assisted our awakening, challenged our growth & comfort zone paradigm;. More darkness being revealed with transparency via whistle blowers. Challenges must be known & faced before solutions can possibly manifest.
Please CHOOSE to help we the people to peacefully & lawfully take back America to true Justice & Constitutional common law at
Recent radio interview can be accessed at clicking on "Just The Facts" and then click on 14-10-25 Just The Facts.mp3 Blessings 2 us ALL freemom7 :)

Subject of interview- The "hidden fourth" branch of gov't is discovered & being "resurrected" by we the people to save & restore America in practical manners. This grassroots movement has gained momentum to PEACEFULLY & LAWFULLY restore America to true justice, which we the people CAN choose to orchestrate & participate therein.

Anonymous said...

Just more rambling by a dim wit who knows nothing. The bad boys are in control, always have been and always will be. Armchair quarterbacking does nothing. We called these guys in the military, Urinal kernels.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, some REAL info for a change to put everything back into perspective
We need to know what we need to know, not what we think we want to hear

Anonymous said...

Well said colonel, the illusive TRUTH! I reccomend video clips from ex marine Ken O'keefe. He is another not afraid to tell the TRUTH!!!

Anonymous said...

You 'assume' incorrectly 12:12 PM! He is NO 'colonel' - at least not in the military. KFC? Well, that's another assumption.