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"Cliff Notes" version of the TNT Tony & DC conference call

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"Cliff Notes" version of the TNT Tony & DC conference call
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Date: Wednesday, 29-Oct-2014 17:47:10

Hi, Folks -
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Tony: “Pass this on too as many peeps as you can: Some groups saying they now have authorization to exchange your dinar/dong. Asking for $30 to set it up for you. Makes me sick doing this when we are this close. It’s absolutely ridiculous. . . using pretense to exchange your dinar, your dong and charge you $30, that’s wrong. Absolutely wrong!

Tony: "Someone asked me for rates of those 4 currencies and they don't want us to talk about rates and date. All four of them are good. Not anything you dreamed of 3-4 years ago. Some people heard that only 2 currencies are coming out, I've heard that 5 are, but they may do it 3 or 10 days apart or all on the same day -- common sense says they would do it all on the same day so you can't go buy more."

Caller: "On the second basket do we have a time frame? Tony: January. . . At least 9 countries supposed to be in 2nd basket."

  • Parliament: Emergency meetings last 2 days, passing laws USA wanted. Working till early morning hours. Three confirmations this works was done. Could have had RV without these laws being passed.

  • 2015 budget not completed. Budget needs military expenses added to it.

  • Delay: Iraq asked for an extension in order to complete issues as mentioned above in meetings.

  • ISIS: Coalition forces have had more successes. ISIS is handing out $100 bills, goats, food, etc.

  • Rates: Dong, Rupiah and ZIM have rates.

  • Contract Rates: there is a pool of money allocated for the contract rate. Limits/caps are in place to keep any one or several people from depleting the pool. People within the TNT circle - call listeners, etc. T- "will more than likely participate."

  • $3.58 IQD rate is NOW world wide once again. US has dropped the $1.00 rate. Iraq had written contracts at $1.18 rate and those have to be re-written. (this is beginning to sound like a Saturday night live skit or "Keystone Kops.")

  • Stand-by Alert Status: UST, IMF, Homeland Security, law enforcement, intel agencies, even congressional contacts.

  • Banks doing Test Runs with real live peeps. A TNT member was contacted. Search for thread in TNT Forum to read about it. ready but tired of being jerked around. They have lost money on overtime, disgusted employees, etc.

  • NDA: 4 pages. DC is comfortable with it.

  • Iraq Citizen frustrated with the announcements; it's imminent, etc. They are taking chance of them losing confidence in the new GOI. ISIS is handing out $100 bills, goats, food, etc.

  • Taxes: Remember to use the word, "EXCHANGE." Attorney on call said, if they ask you if you want to do a cash out, to stop them in their tracks and say, "No, I want to do an exchange." Implication on the call was as an exchange there is no tax on International rate. Tony mentioned an 11% rate on contract rate. Later DC said, "bottom line we just don't know. Don't think we'll find out the tax till month or two down the road"

  • Exchange: 20 minute appt's. DC advised only sign NDA if you know you can "keep your mouth shut." Meet with wealth advisor and negotiate perks at another appt't. Expect to get the TNT influenced circle exchanged within 72 hours. There is a Time Limit on contract rates.

  • Final Call/Package: T & DC still don't know this information. T - "They won't tell me till it's time."

  • Strategy: If it comes out at $1.00 or low rate, remember the IQD is the foundation currency for the GCR; Kuwait is at $3.58 and hedge funds will jump in and push the value higher.


DC : bottom line everyone keyed up in Iraq. Special laws passed to get it done. Strongly believe everyone in lock down and black out for a reason. All . . . ready to help and assist. Look forward to meeting them all very soon.

Pam: from DAZ: One thing is for sure, however it happens. . . we are smack dab in the middle of it and will witness it first hand. . . amazing gift.

Ray: enjoy the day. Short on words

Tony: - (call dropped at first of his statement) We are there. Too much activity taking place in last 48 hours to ignore . . . told people this is their final briefing. Rescheduled people to be back on three shifts. . . .rate went back to over $3. Don’t know what it will come out at . . . . all rates look good. I would consider everyone of them superfantastic rates. Hope this is our last call.. .

Be careful. Be even more careful after you exchange. . . .Can invest it in more solid things in the future. Beware! We will be here as long as we can.

Did you hear the one about the two Cajuns sitting on their front porch when a truck drives by loaded with sod.

Boudreaux says to Thibodeaux, "Now that's what I'm going to do when my Deeeeeenar comes in."

Thibodeaux, "What's that Boudreaux?"

Boudreaux, "Send my lawn out to be mowed."

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