Friday, October 31, 2014



In the Purification (Purif) Program where all Ronbots (Brainwashed Scientologists) are ordered or required to do, and especially in the  Narconon's own drug addiction Purification  Centers that are being sold to the non-ronbot public; that have turned into DEATH CHAMBERS where many "Deaths by Scientology" have occurred, you will find a preplanned method of killings for notoriety to bring in more public. Yes, that sounds crazy, but look at the GMC where their auto parts were made in China, and now we have a hundred or more deaths.

GMC has now sold more autos than in all previous years. Odd but true.  DEATHS ALWAYS ATTRACTS FOOLS, and publicity even bad publicity sells your product. That is just good for business, as $cientology knows too well.

And that is a fact now, $cientology has more non-ronbot public signing up to play the DEATH GAME by being FAIR GAMED.

In the financial world called Actuarial Science, the actuaries know that a few deaths will bring in more profits than losses. There is more than math here, the new way is in the fact that socialists are in control of some of these businesses, and that is why Deaths by $cientology is happening in many other types of businesses.

But how did they intentionally kill the stupid public that accepted a IRS owned cult to kill them???
You will have to look closely at their PURIFICATION PROGRAMS, to find the killing method.

1. The body has four main exit routes for toxins: pee, poop, perspiration and breathing. Every moment of every day your body is relying on these four natural methods of detoxification to mobilize, transform and transport, and excrete toxins.

2. $cientology is mostly concerned with the mental preparation for you to take auditing sessions and to go up the Bridge; to convince you that you will have experienced a WIN, by feeling good. Everyone's win is different, the IQ of the fool will determine his story of how or why he feels good or had a win. They always ask if you had A WIN, and they will dig for it over and over again until you think that the Purif worked to detoxify your body completely of ALL toxins, drugs and radiation. Their claim that all forms of Radiations are now gone from your body, by just some sweating and a few nutrients. But they will not produce any evidence or research to prove this. If you push to see it, you will be declared an SP.

3. The Scam starts here: That you admit you had a win is a must and they will supply the picture books of how the purif works or you will not be willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars of auditing sessions in the coming years of your mental slavery.

4. But in actuality you were NOT detoxified completely or even a little bit beyond the point of thinking you felt good.

5. The oils used in the Purif are always GMO oils like Canola oil, and soy bean oil or a special blend containing some of these oils, which are toxic. The nutrients are mostly artificial NIACIN and other non-natural or non-food based vitamins and minerals. Artificial nutrients are not healthy and are mostly coal tar based chemicals; that add more toxins to your body.

6. The heat used is made to make you sweat, and you drink water and urinate and breath in and out. That is as far as their scam works to make you feel good.

7. Niacin in ever increasing amounts will make your skin flush or turn red, but here is the risky part: People with a history of liver disease or liver damage, hepatitis B or C, drug addictions, kidney disease or any kidney problems, low blood pressure, heart rhythm problems,  coronary artery disease or unstable angina, allergies or stomach ulcers, gout; diabetes or gallbladder disease should not take high dosages of niacin supplements. At very high dosages all the  cholesterol in your brain is lowered or eliminated almost completely.

8. But from here you go downhill and can die, because of very high amounts of artificial Niacin. The toxins from the fat is dislodged from the fat cells, but because of the total lack of medical knowledge of the Ronbots on staff running the Purif [who many times are ex-drug addicts or newly hired staff] the toxins are retained and/or are now free flowing in the blood and muscles. Once the toxins are in the blood, then your toxins will travel into your brain where most or nearly all of your cholesterol has been removed and lodged in all muscle tissue or the heart.

9. At this point any person having any unknown health or heart problem, vitamin or mineral deficiency or long term drug addiction problems will die. All drug addicts are always deficient in nutrients. Artificial  Niacin in high amounts eliminate the other B complex vitamins. And when your B vitamins are unbalanced your mineral, proteins and all other nutrients are out also.

10. The danger is complicated by the fact that they consider all illnesses a PTS - SP condition, and you will not be allowed to visit a doctor to see if you should or should not be taking extremely high amounts of artificial NIACIN. If you do see a doctor, you will be listed as PTS or declared an SP. From that point on your Ethics Office becomes your slave master, who will have the power to ruin your life in ($$$) $cientology.

11. If you were healthy and did not have major health problems you can survive DEATH BY $CIENTOLOGY, but right now people are dropping like flies. But the fools are marching off the streets to be subjected to a scam that not only cost a lot for this detox program, but can kill you in more ways than one.

12. Here is the ironic part -- any person with a history of the above medical (see #7) problems, that gets sick from the purification program in the future or during the Purif, is declared as a Potential Trouble Source or PTS or as a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON. Now once you are declared as PTS or SP, it is OK for them to fair game you according to their own policy.

Warning to all parents that have lost their relatives to $cientology and have sued them. You are also now classified as suppressive persons and will be targeted by their fair game policy. You have been warned!!!

13. It is a fact that $cientology has killed too many innocent people. But to them if you ever get sick, complaint or protest or had a relative killed by them, you are their enemy according to their PTS -- SP technology and can be sued, raped, molested, abused, scammed, robbed, hit, and fair gamed for the rest of your life. Another fact in $cientology -- it will hide any crime committed by staff, including murder, rape and molesting children!!!



As always send this data to all Patriots for their safety, prosperity and survival.
Under communism you KNOW you don't own anything, under socialism you THINK you own some things.

"There is no religion higher than TRUTH"


Anonymous said...

AMEN on this report. BEWARE! ANY one considering investigating or getting involved in this 'cult' is treading dangerous ground, not to mention expensive. STAY AWAY.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! This is about as bitter and hateful a comment I have ever heard here. Totally unfounded and vicious. Makes this blog look bad. By the way, niacin is vitamin B3. May God help you.