Thursday, October 30, 2014

Want to cost Harry Reid millions?

Want to cost Harry Reid millions?

Democrat Senate Majority leader Harry Reid understands how important the Alaska U.S. Senate race is to his maintaining power, and has spent millions of dollars from his super-PAC defending liberal Mark Begich.

Not only does Harry Reid not want to lose the Democrat's Senate majority, but he doesn't want to lose a close ally in Mark Begich, who helped pass Obamacare and has voted with President Obama 97% of the time.

To defend his interests, Reid has made a heavy cash investment in Mark Begich.  Do you want to help us defeat Mark Begich and ruin Harry Reid's investment and control over the Senate?

We still need to raise $10,500 in the next 48 hours!

With the election only 5 DAYS away, we may not reach our goal and will not be able to continue to run our "No More Harry Reid" ad to defeat liberal Senator Mark Begich and take control of the Senate.

If we can reach our goal, we can ensure that we finish this campaign out strong.

Despite our best efforts in the Alaska Senate race so far to support conservative Dan Sullivan, he has not been able to pull away from Senator Begich. This race will be decided in the final remaining days. 
Our "No More Harry Reid" ad features Alaska conservative leader Joe Miller and is a rallying cry to make sure that all Tea Party members show up to the polls on November 4th.

Our "No More Harry Reid" ad is currently on the airwaves across Alaska, but we need your support to make sure we can continue to run it.
A special thank you to the individuals who have joined our "Heroes Wall" below by donating $100 or more!

Will you be the next to join them and be added to the list in our next email?

Richard S. - Jackson, WY - $500.00
Allen S. - Chandler, AZ - $500.00
Stephen D. - Lompoc, CA - $250.00
Kelly N. - Mill Valley, CA - $250.00
David W. - F'airbanks, AK - $250.00
Sharon W. - Mission, TX - $100.00
Aleksandr K. - The Woodlands, TX - $100.00
Mary S. - Palmetto Bay, FL - $100.00
Wayne G. - West Chicago, IL - $100.00
Ronald R. - Bryan, TX - $100.00
David A. - Portland, OR - $100.00
Billy A. - Kosciusko, MS - $100.00
Shelley D. - Visalia, CA - $100.00
Louis L. - Saint Peters, MO - $100.00
William H. - Estill Springs, TN - $100.00
Robert E. - Clermont, FL - $100.00
John S. - Pensacola, FL - $100.00
Hunter K. - Franklin, TN - $100.00
Barry B. - Campbell, CA - $100.00
Edith H. - Lafayette, CA - $100.00
Joy E. - Palmer, AK - $100.00
Dwight P. - Gold Canyon, AZ - $100.00
Ken L. - Silver Spring, MD - $100.00
Diane P. - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - $100.00
Kenneth M. - Sterling, VA - $100.00
Patrick C. - South Lyon, MI - $100.00
Nancy J. - Tallahassee, FL - $100.00

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