Thursday, October 30, 2014


10-29-2014  Intel Guru TNT Tony  Over the weekend, Iraq did ask for an extension to pass some laws they thought they needed[Do you think the negotiations are finished?]  I think they’ve finished. The banks must believe it, or they wouldn’t be bringing all these people into the banks and walking them through the process. Banks that haven’t been engaged for months have been bringing their people back in.

 [Will we be at the bank this week?]  I never thought we’d get to this week because I know we were supposed to be in the banks last Thursday! The banks had people in, and Iraq told their people this is it – last week!   I still think the weekend makes sense, but they could do anything at this point. Everyone is gearing up for now, but they could drag it out for another week, I don’t know. The rate has gone back to $3+, though we don’t’ know for sure where that will come out. [Do you really think we are there now?]  Yes, the amount of preparation that’s gone on in the last 48 hours shows that something big is going on.

29-2014  Intel Guru DC    In the US, on blackout in the UST, IMF, law enforcement, in Congressional advisory positions, all the rest – everyone is in a high, intense level of readiness. They are not doing that for fun or because this is weeks off. The banks are on super-standby.  [Could this possibly come out in the middle of the night?] Many believe it will come out 2 - 5am. Another large contingent of bankers prefers middle of the day. They have nearly done it many, many times – in both time frames.   [Do you really think it will come before this weekend?]  I think everyone is cued up for this to go before the weekend, but I get nervous about giving exact times. However, it doesn’t make sense to me that people have been called in and then this doesn’t happen for five or six days. We strongly believe that everyone is on lock down and blackout because they are ready – bankers, law enforcement, security and all the rest. Iraq is extremely ready to get this done.

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