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More than 5000 victims due to an alleged "outbreak" in West Africa since February. We are told that a virus is responsible and not the contaminated environment, or pesticides, industrial pollution, excessive (mis)use of antibiotics and vaccines, malnutrition, deliberate poisoning of wells with Formaldehyd, or threatening of the diamond-, gold-, or oil industry by local protesters in the infested regions lately. The symptoms are often identical to those of Ebolero as we can read in the presstitutes: bleeding from orifices, vomiting, dizzyness, fever.
It is stated that some 10000 people are infected with Ebolala already. Because of these "epedemic proportions" (sic!) eggspurts of the WHO have met in Genf immediately. It was decided to classify Ebolala as an international emergency situation. So the WHO could adopt global measurements, as ordering travel restrictions for the affected areas. Please keep in mind the term "global"!

In an WHO-'eport from 2009 we can read about something called "seasonal influenza" and its impacts:
- Annual infections, worldwide: almost five million people.
- Annual deaths, between 250000 and half a million.
Although this spectacle of indeed 'pandemic' proportions repeats year after year there is no warning or announcement issued by the WHO. But some thousands of (questionable) cases within six months should be enough to transform the whole world into a panic asylum?
Finally we have been reaching a point where the WHO is considering the possibility of experimental dosages of vaccines that have not been fully tested yet for safety or effectiveness with humans, Guinea-Gangnam style. When until now the snake oil sellers of big pharma had to undergo at least some minimal gatekeeping and procedures to get FDA-approval it seems now that even this meager obstacle has been flattened to zilch thank's to this newest outbreak of media hysteria.
One of these "cures" labeled Zmapp has been developed by MappBio over the years. Majority shareholder has beenPerseus Soros Pharmaceutical Fond. Which as well has been a donator of the SCRIPPS-USAMRIID-NIH experimental laboratories in the Kenema hospital/Sierra Leone for "research" of biological weapons which has turned out as one of the hotspots of the outbreak now. Moreover the U.S. Military installation donated to MappBio Mio $28 this year in March. A possible antidote would come fromTekmira Pharmaceuticals, within the vicinity of Monsanto. And it gets even worse: in 2010 the US Centers for Disease Control won a patent on a particular strain of Ebolala known as "EboBun" (patent No. CA2741523A). Patents are usually granted for biological parts only when altered by man.
And how long does it take to grow genmanipulated tobacco plants? Wouldn't it be nice for inventing a "cure" firsthand, and promoting the illness later?
Some facts:
Until now an alleged evidence for an infection is done by the PCR-method that says NOTHING about an actual OUTBREAK of the illness if no titer (quantity of a particular germ in a patient’s body) has been determined. By that "proof" of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) only a tiny part of the patient's genetic material is taken, while it is unsecure whether that includes parts of that virus or some irrelevant debris. Starting with that sample of genetic material the PCR amplifies it so it can be observed. But to consider the possibility that a virus is causing a disease in a patient, there must be huge numbers of that pathogen working actively in his body --that can be only determined by a titer-- but can never established by PCR alone. You may have lots of viruses or bacterias inside your body without being ill if you have a healthy immune system.
Nevertheless, by arbitrary definition everyone counts as infected whose PCR turns out to be positive. A very questionable agenda, even overruled by the inventor of that very test, Nobel laureate, Dr. Kary Mullis.
This campaign reminds me of the exorcism from the medieval times where the term "demon" has been substituted by some entity named virus.
In that context the hypocrisy of the U.S.Ltd. under the recent CEO in the White House along with the Wicked Witch of the West is highly noteworthy! In 2010 they had to apologize to the Guatemalan regime for misdeeds of their predecessors authorizing human experiments with Syphilis and Gonorrhea in that country during the 40ies. Questionable test by U.S. officials that had been uncoverd by a historian only some 70 years after. If you look deeper into the matter you will find even more cases where the public has been deliberately misled. Therefore it is not far fetched to suggest that the recent case of Ebolala might have been artificially induced as well. Starting in January 2014 Tekmira together with the Dpt.of Defense held various Ebolala vaccianation experiments without publishing the results afterwards. Could it be that we can read those results in the headlines, worldwide nows?
All those government agencies that you would love to trust blindly seem to lie far too often if the financial wellbeing of their sponsors is concerned. Do you remember thatsupreme pig flu pusher at the CDC who is receiveing her life estate at the vaccine division with Merck nowadays?
Another reason for this CAMPAIGN is the introduction of a global allopathic system of dependence. A medicinocratyalready responsible for 100-thousands of lethal cases annually and rather interested in favourable ROIs and stock exchange rates than the wellbeing of their clients.
The campaign claim reads: "We can't fight this pandemic successfully if there are no equal proceedings within ALL COUNTRIES worldwide regarding methods of quarantine and treatment." Including mandatory travel restrictions and --first, merely-- "proposals" for medications. Followed by coerced vaccination, martial law and at the case of infringement the march towards the next detention camp.
For the sake of our all wellbeing. For our all safety. If not now then surely by tomorrow with the little help of another virus-X. As these kinds of "medical" crises seem to be ideal for evoking the obediance of the cattle. They camouflage the odor of the otherwise obvious financially/politically motivated intervention by an alleged altruistic "helping the other". A wet dream for globalists and usual fearsellers.
Another Psy-Ops from the highest levels along with a PTB-orchestra playing an off-key Ebolero.
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