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TNT Tony's conference call, Cliff Notes version

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TNT Tony's conference call, Cliff Notes version
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Date: Friday, 31-Oct-2014 17:42:56

Hi, Folks -
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Sunny:This is the highlights of Tony's CC and will be updated as the call progresses - Sunny

*** Iraq for Tomorrow, Saturday: Announced the coins will be released tomorrow; Qu cards have been mailed out nation wide; fully ready to implement the release of the three 0's.

Tony: . . . “looking for one hell of a day tomorrow!” DC – “Yes, they are!”

QUOTES: Security – Tony - what they will do about fraudulent, or smuggled currencies, here or in the Middle East --- even some guru's are gonna get the shock of their life!

DC: "Everybody is really ready to go and very, very eager. . . Let’s pray this is the final, final thing.”

  • Parliament continues to meet

  • ISIS - more progress made against it.

  • UN is quite eager and NATO partners ...doing their parts, final checks being done.

  • BIS and IMF is working like dogs to make sure everything is ready to go and lining up. DC everyone across the world all lined up and happy.

  • USA: Administration is supportive and happy.House & Senate: the different committees, financial, etc. fully briefed & eager to be done.

  • UST in lockdown. Running successful checks.

  • Exchange: expect to get us all done in 72 hours

  • Contract Pool: Know it’s available but don’t know the % of it.

  • Groups: US roll out is supposed to be controlled. Financial as well as information groups. They are half way there. Some groups have 5, 10, 20, and some have 1000's. There are 300 groups. Some have gone through; some of the big ones with the public are holding off. Those groups/people with a banking relationship are going in now. Tony's listeners are considered an informational group. Are currently on alert to be ready. Those wil SKR's will redeem when it RV's.

Tony said, -- ALL groups will NOT go thru -- some who put groups together are on the LIST to be picked up.

Lost Receipt without a receipt it will be considered earned income. (higher tax rate than capital gains) Military: will need your orders from when you were there.

  • Currency Ownership: Approx. 5 million peeps hold IQD. 200,000-300,000 have VND and less than 10,000 have the ZIM. Most people have 100,000 of dinar. 10 million or more is held by 2,000 – 3,000 people and less than 1,000 people have 50 million or more dinar. T- “They have been tracking these numbers for years.”

  • TNT Sphere of Influence: 300,000 listen to the call. 30-60,000 listen to the TNT recorded call in the 24-48 hours following. DC said he'd been told "we have what they call a 1.4 million field of influence."

  • DC Addressed Rumors about him and Tony: SDC Sterling Currency and others was making "incredible amounts of money before they came along" . . . DC: they are monitored closely by the UST. . . Plus they're constantly audited . . . scrutinized by the FBI, SEC. . . .we are all about to make an enormous amount of money . . . the money is too great here to worry about making a mistake . . .- why risk it for some petty law? . . .who would I be working with? . . . . It's immoral to do things like that.

  • DC revealed much about himself today. IMO, reading between the lines of what he said and Tony contributed, DC has had much to do with the planning and preparation that went into the RV.

  • All About DC: Tony said DC is a scientist, has a photographic memory, attended MIT and undergrad work at Baylor. In his military career he attained an unusually high rank for his tender age; knew about the RV plan a long time before us and during his tenures in Iraq his position had him interacting with Maliki. He got the name “DC Guy” because Tony pulled it out of a hat.

Childhood: DC said he grew up on a ranch where he started helping out on when he was six years old. He would be in the field from 6:15 am to 6 pm. Said that is where he learned his work ethic. (For you youngun’s that was the way of life not so many years ago and all hands are needed on ranches and farms).

Professional Career: When he went to MIT he was amazed a “farm kid” was hired for this selective, federally funded program, a “think tank.” He’s been involved with quasi government programs. Militarily he focused on battle command, surveillance; coordinated artillery and air for army, air force and marines. He said he loved working there. DC had a broken vertebrae so could not see action. DC's had both technical and covert jobs, where he did classified work with coalition partners.

DC – “My point in mentioning it, I love the military and after 911 everything got much more real.”

After 3 times in Iraq he rethought his goals and began contracting his services and started several IT businesses. Said he knew as a child he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Personal: He had two children, late in life, which are his treasures and that he doesn’t answer a phone on weekends as that is family time. He’s been married for 15 years. Likes travel, bird hunting, fly fishing. Reads several books at same time. Like biographies, mystery’s, financial reports along with one international paper a day and several national. Does no social media. Talks fast to allow for more people to get in on the call, but says he is capable of talking slow.

He’d been out of the military style work for 10 years when he remembered his IQD in the drawer. In November, some people started getting paid out. Some were cash, some SKR; some SKR with 1% access fee, etc. which was unsettling to everyone. A lot of very, very good folks, on both sides of the military aisle, around the world, IMF, BIS, around the world started saying this isn’t right.

Told his government contacts he was going to help Tony out. Has strong connections in UST, IMF, CBI, security and defense contractors in Iraq and Washington. Has developed connections because of his background in intelligence. He learned how to get around basic things and kind of keep things above board and talks on the radio so he does not get him self in trouble.

DC, "I’m trying to protect privacy of those who were talking. Don’t want any classified info or anyone “snooping” around." Thought he’d only be doing this for 2 weeks. He keeps thinking it’s done. Been so close. Thinks it could have gone 100 times since April.

POST RV Plans: Going on vacation and plans on starting businesses and three foundations. One foundation will be for disabiled learning children. Said he was one. Another foundation will be to feed hungry children. Third foundation will be to revitalize neighborhoods through parks. He's very excited about either partnering with a museum/research facility or creating his own to record the history, process, politics, etc. of the RV and GCR. This is one of the reasons he asked for our personal stories.


DC: Everybody in Iraq geared up , ready to go. . . . Don’t know a time. Think it will be very soon. . . . pressure so immense (to get everything done.) . . . have a plan. For the love of God, have a plan before you start spending money. Hope we helped everybody. Pray to God this is the last time. Thanks.

Pam: You know Tony served in the Air force for 15 years and served our country. Now you know how DC was in the service and served our country. . . (expressed gratitude for their service and to mods, transcribers, members, etc. – Pam talks fast too.) Wanted to thank you all.

Ray – Continue to enjoy this fabulous Friday and we’ll see what the upcoming hours bring us.

Tony: I know this sounds like goodbye. Everything pointing to goodbye, but we don’t know when. I like the weekend play . . . it’s the one that really makes sense. Numbers are good . . . really good. Where they should be. Not the nonsense. . . This thing was supposed to go in 2010 and they are saying it took 5 years to accomplish this, not that another 5 years (is needed).

Have said, “they are absolutely ready.” . .. Nothing else they need to do to do the RV. It is all there. . . . This should finally be it. Should be over. Promised people it should be done this weekend but they have promised before. . . If we don’t see today or tomorrow, don’t get depressed. We are looking forward to your next call to be your 800#. Let’s hope it happens. Anything at all that is exciting, event changing, world changing . . . we will tweet it out. . . . I will let you know. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy Halloween. . . I’m feeling really, really good.

"There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think." ~ Winnie the Pooh.

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