Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 9:31 PM
Subject: RV/GCR UPDATE, 28 OCT


10-28-14 R.V. / GCR: 
Treasury is on lock down and a Black out right now. The problem seems to stem from the roll out of the United States note ....seems Obama has dragged his feet fifty ways to Sunday on this ...the United Nations has been in meetings all day to figure out what kind of fines to levy on America.

And Germany has just announced they will no longer take America’s fiat dollars ....this is huge as it will cascade down and cause a negative domino effect.

Ok the value is back to $3.58
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Anonymous said...

the treasury is on lockdown? again? obama is refusing to sign and the un wants to punish him? again? obama unfortunately is not only the president of the united states, but hes also the president of the un security council. so the un wants to punish the us while at the same time our twisted president is leading the un's most important active council, and arguably most influential council? ok.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya with the same old k-rap from the gooo's that never pans out.

Trouble is, the website this "intel" came from isn't even worth $3.58 in total and they're trying to boost ad revenue by getting noticed.

Unknown said...

People, this is untrue garbage as to the "note" and other "new monies".. this is all CIA attempt to own the Foundation Divine and it has not and will not work.