Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Wednesday, 29-Oct-2014 13:55:27

Dear Friends,
I have decided today to resign from my position as "The Voice of Mother/Father God" and "The Voice of Sananda." I will not be channeling messages from the Ascended Masters for the foreseeable future. I will explain why.
For several years, I have kept my promise to channel the voices of the Company of Heaven with absolute fidelity. I have changed not a word, not an inflection, not a bit of what they have given to me. I add nothing and leave out nothing. And so, the messages stand as they were given. I do not take credit or blame, except perhaps for having been the messenger for a program that evolved, little by little, into a series of cheerleading, encouraging and repetitive messages which have turned out to be, finally, a carrot without a prize.
I was told unequivocally that it would happen this past weekend, with details, times and specific instructions. I was assured repeatedly that they would never again promise me something that was not to be. I reminded them not to give me details if they are not fact. Once again, after enormous build-up, their date came and went, with more explanations and promises. The same ones, again.
The whole RV build-up was a way to help people envision helping one another to build a new world. I was delighted to represent the promise of hope, peace, and prosperity which could raise all of us out of the dark control of the cabal and discover our own power to change the world. But ultimately, it has been all about money.
The explanation was that we would beat them at their own game, take back control of our institutions, our structures of governance and our own lives, to live no longer under the yoke of the overlord, Money. We were to do this by having more money than God, as we joked. Perhaps this makes sense from a certain perspective - that there are some who can be entrusted with great wealth, who can buy back our freedom and our dignity.
Is this what we really need? This promise of material riches to set us free of the brain-washing, the poverty, the misery and want that was created to keep us divided against one another and against our God?
It has been my life's work to help people search within themselves for the anchor to their true Center - the heart and soul connection that can free us from the brain-centered selfishness that co-opted all of us into believing we are not good enough, worthy enough unless we have great wealth. I still believe this is the real work we need to do, to be true to the body and soul we were born with, to live a life of integrity and Love regardless of what propaganda and mind-control our brains may have been subjected to along the way.
I will continue this work, the Visual Centering that has proven so effective in helping so many to find their center, to free themselves from childhood pain and childhood programming. This is what matters to me - to see people reach deeply into their hearts, beyond religious beliefs, beyond any teachings or philosophical arguments, to find peace with the beauty they came here to express.
I have given notice to my beloved friends in Higher Dimensions. I will no longer channel any messages from them because they broke their promise to me to activate the revaluation of currencies, the flood of blessings we were promised by this weekend, or I would refuse to channel anything more. I commanded that it be done, and they accepted my declaration that this was enough, enough cheerleading, enough promises, enough explanations and seeming apologies.
We have done our work in good faith. We have searched within to connect with our highest good, and it makes it impossible now to accept anything that is not pure. Pure truth, pure Love and Light does not support manipulation or lies, not for any reason. The end does not justify the means. Not now. Perhaps the months and months of encouraging messages were necessary to help us raise our vibration to accept the energies from the Central Sun. Perhaps you were testing us to see how long we would tolerate any kind of untruth.
I for one will not tolerate it any longer. I have promised to the dear people who have followed me and my messages that a new day is here, and it will be filled with Light and endless Love. I will not be a part of disappointing them again, not for any reason, not for any excuse.
On Earth as it is in Heaven? I do not believe Heaven is a place of tricks and riddles. Only here, in lower dimensions, do we accept half-truths and "well-meaning" white lies. No more. I will not be a part of helping to create a drama, a house of mirrors, a slide down the rabbit hole into upside-down rationalizations, supposedly reasonable sounding explanations and outright lies.
We are aware that God is powerful enough to intervene when the time is right to do so. We have given our vote to request help where we would have faced the threat of assassination if we were to face down the cabal, who feel no restriction against murdering Lightworkers wholesale. Nevertheless, we have taken them on directly before, and I for one have no reluctance about doing so if necessary, if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised.
Perhaps that is one of the rules of the game we agreed to before coming here, that we would go it alone, without intervention from outside ourselves. We are told we are Them, we are One, and we have the power to manifest the Paradise on Earth we were taught to envision. If we truly believe that, then we do not need their intervention or their money (Thanks, St. Germain, but are you true to your word?). We are the Light.
I see brilliance all around me - the rising energies of unbelievably talented and powerful individuals who graciously share their blessings, their unconquerable Light, for the benefit of all. Do we really need more than that? When we join with one another to make our world a better place, it does change everything.
Why have we been promised these things that do not materialize? Why have we been asked to believe in the face of endless disappointments? Was it to help us, the small group of Lightworkers who truly trust in God's good Truth, to finally accept that we need nothing more than our own strong hearts and sturdy souls? We have been forged in the fire of hundreds of lifetimes here. No matter how dense the Veil, we still know we deserve real support, real nourishment for our tired bodies and our souls that really are reaching for the Impossible Dream. We will settle for nothing less.
I pledge my heart and my energy to making our world a better place. Continuing to channel these messages no longer feels right. I am profoundly sad to have to refuse to bring messages from those I love deeply, but I must do so for now, until we are all made aware of why this has been handled in such a strange and uncomfortable way.
Perhaps I will channel again after we have received the blessings I still hope to see manifest, but only after I have been given a clear and reasonable explanation for why we have all been dragged along with endless seemingly empty promises, until everyone is exhausted, fed up and on the verge of losing faith in the proclaimed Gods who profess endless Love. I command that they show us the faithfulness and good will that we have given to them. Nothing less would be fair. Love is Light, and Light is Truth.
I remain, in service to One, Kathryn
Kathryn E. May, October 27, 2014, 10 pm, New York


Tracey Cooke said...

.Its just like Cobra always says...Most of the channeling has been off...don't take it personal.....isn't anyone listening to all intel being given?, including all the monkey wrenches being thrown into's hard to have a POSITIVE date when someone is always trying to stop the RV...from so many directions...Nothing is written in stone,,and the future CAN CHANGE,,,,if EVERYONE would WAKE UP and SEE the IGNORANCE...and PUT A STOP TO ABUSE AND SUFFERING...They will certainly have a November 5th like no other... 182,248,656 views

Anonymous said...

AND THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHANNELERS, even the well intended are fed a mile long line of fraud and bullshit with no evidence or results. Keep this in mind with " Sirian Channeler " Sheldan Nidle, aka, MUCS ( Master Used Car Salesman ), Matthew, SaLuSa, Tolec etc. This boils down to a mix of ' New Age, ' conjuring, magic, deception, and likely some MK Ultra secret stuff tossed in, about what you expect up front from your average Palm Reader or Séance. 'NUFF SAID TYJM frj

Santa Croce said...

"if our Friends in High Places refuse to step in as they have promised."
Dear Kathryn - we have all been deceived at one time or another. Perhaps they weren't in "high places" after all but lower places and deceived you into thinking otherwise. - some recognized the failings of your "contacts" a long time ago. St. John of the Cross was one who was a Dr. of mysticism and discernment of spirits - He is a great study and especially his works.
Bless you on your journey
signed - a miserable wretch - but full of joy :0)

Anonymous said...

If people will live from their heart and do what feels right from within we can help the truth to manifest in my opinion. I am somewhat weary as to the "channeling" thing and almost believe that the CIA may be involved in "trying" to make people believe lies so they can continue to pull off their Agenda on the people. Also the St. Germain thing may be a setup to get people to believe something that isn't true. You do know they run propaganda websites to deceive people with and "they" have technology where "they" can put words into your head and you may not realize what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

I saw this coming months ago. I do not trust any of them, due to the fact that they allow their emotions to play the biggest part. You know they are lying when what ever they say does not come true after about two times.

Anonymous said...

This may be regarded as a predictable response, Kathryn, but it's TRUTH nonetheless (and quite simple, really). 2 Corinthians 11:13-14 says, "For such are false emissaries, deceptive workers, masquerading as emissaries of Messiah. And no wonder! For Satan himself masquerades as a messenger of light! It is not surprising, then, if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works!" Channeling spirits is a dangerous game.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later the rv gurus will start disappearing as nothing happens. This Christmas will come and go as the bad guys continue to run the show.

Anonymous said...

Good, she finally woke up! Carrot on a sick is the perfect term she used. All negative disguised as positive!

tina said...

I was reading The Zeta Talk the other day and the zetas said our friends from other planets are not to solve our problems or step in and save us we are suppose to do it our selves, when we raise our consciousness high enough and become enlightened then we can do anything we want, but to get there we have to want to be with God more than anything else and do not have any other desire or want.When we have desires that are not to merge with God we, wont be able to get the most incredible experience wihch is our inheritance to be with God every second of our lives. Until then we stay down here suffering.When we read biographies of true Masters on Earth and how they became Masters in the first place then we can manifest what we want. I study Yoga from a living Master here on Earth her name is Shree Maa, in Napa Calif she was born enlightened a true Avatar. She does mantras, fire ceremonies , singing, all in Sanskrit these people know the secret formula of ascension and these are the people to follow, they light our way and make it easier for us. Try to find one of these living Masters and they will help you. Namaste.