Wednesday, October 29, 2014

BREAKING: Obama Makes Move Against the Bundy Ranch… This Is Tyranny

BREAKING: Obama Makes Move Against the Bundy Ranch… This Is Tyranny

Earlier this year, the topic of federal government control over public land in Western states came to the forefront, as all eyes in America focussed on the Bundy Ranch in southern Nevada, and the heavy-handed, militarized response of federal regulatory agencies to unpaid grazing fees.
Thanks to an immense effort by protestors and supporters, backed up by armed citizen militias, the tyrannical feds backed down from the stand-off they created.
But nobody thought the issue was entirely over, especially after Nevada Senator Harry Reid threatened as much, saying “something will happen” to the Bundy’s and their ranch.
That something may be happening now, as the feds prepare to seize control of millions of acres of land in southern Nevada, placing it off limits to people, according to a post on theBundy Ranch’s Facebook page.
An official notice was recently released by the Federal Registry, proclaiming that upwards of 3 million acres of land in southern Nevada would be declared Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) and placed off limits to virtually all human activity.
Some of the restrictions placed upon ACEC land include closing roads and trails to all motorized traffic; closing camping, hunting, and recreation sites; closing all livestock grazing and water access; and even restricting hiking and horseback riding in the area.
This declaration wasn’t a piece of legislation passed by Congress, nor was it agreed upon by the state, or the people, of Nevada.  It was simply decided upon by nameless, unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., and imposed against the will of the people.
The Bundy Ranch believes that this move by the feds is in direct retaliation against them and the people of southern Nevada for their stand-off against the Bureau of Land Management.  Although they have no direct proof, they point out that all of the newly declared ACECs are located in southern Nevada, virtually surrounding the Bundy Ranch by off-limits federally-controlled land.
For their part, the Bundy’s say this federal tyranny won’t stop them from continuing to ranch and graze on the same land their family has used for well over 100 years.  They are asking for an outcry from the states and the people so loud  that it can no longer be ignored by the feds.
The states need to stop allowing this type of thing to occur.  It is time for the states to reclaim sovereignty over their own territories and take back control of public lands under the thumb of the feds. States could then either hold it themselves or return it to the people, to whom it really belongs.
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the obozo regime and harry reid need to be arrested. simple as that, where is the good guys?????????