Thursday, October 30, 2014


IKO WARD: As you all know I've been analyzing patterns. For months now Forèx would always revert to the same spread as the CBI...1164/1166. The high/low/open would varie depending on market. Then, for the past few weeks as they tried to get this through, the spread went to 1136/1186 and the high/low/open would settle each each night at 1136. Tonight, after the close of the U.S. market, things changed to 1149/1191 with the high/low/open at 1149.

This tells me  Forèx changed their position based on new Intel, new analysis. I don't think it's going tonight. But I do think this is a change covering the rest of the week. A last stand so to speak. I still side with Tony favoring the weekend roll out.

Couple other tidbits. Whenever a post goes up in rumors it is always read instantaneously by 30. As Seinfeld used to say, who are these People?

Also, to simplify, Forèx acted one way all year up until last month, then it acted another way the past few weeks, and tonight, it changed again, enough to warrant notice. The people at Forèx analyze what's happening and adjust accordingly. Clearly, they saw some kind of change tonight

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