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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony's conference call (long)

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*** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** / TNT Tony's conference call (long)
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Date: Wednesday, 29-Oct-2014 17:40:50

Hi, Folks -
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10-29-14 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):
Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#
Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, October 279, 2014. Here we are! I didn’t expect to be here, to tell the truth, based on what we know. Pam can’t talk, so we can get through this quickly. We have DC for 30 minutes – why are we here, and when are we going to see what we thought we would see?
DC: East to west, Iraq is very ready with great results from their business conferences and the resulting contracts, which are huge. In parliament they had an emergency session to finalize the last laws the US wanted at the last minute. Everything is done, although the US is really nitpicking. Anyway, they passed them all last night.
Tony: Over the weekend, Iraq did ask for an extension to pass some laws they thought they needed.
DC: Everything has been done. They could have done the RV before then, but these are nice add-ons, not ‘must haves’. It could have gone many times before then. Iraq is extremely ready to get this done, with more frustration by everyday citizens about why it isn’t done because it’s making life difficult while battling insurgents. The 2015 Budget is still not 100% done, but we’re not waiting on that either. The coalition had a few more good wins over the last few days…
Most of the world had a rate of $3.58 while the US had $1.18, and now we understand that has been changed back to $3.58 last night. They were using it as a negotiation, as suspected. It confuses me that they actually wrote contracts at $1.18 in the last day or so. Those can be changed, by why do it at all?
Tony: Two weeks ago, the contracts were at $3.58, and then in the last week, they changed them to $1.18 because the US refused to change and they wanted to get it moving again. Now they have changed them back – so what was all that for?
DC: We think it was just part of the game. However, it is just possible that it could come out at $1.18, so have a plan for that, too, just in case. That’s about it for Iraq.
Tony: Yes, on the television, it still keeps scrolling that “all issues will be addressed”, but the contracts have been changed and they are ready to go now.
DC: They met until 2-3 in the morning last night and they are still at it, wrapping up any nice-to-have laws and details. In the US, everybody and their mother is on blackout in the UST, IMF, law enforcement, in Congressional advisory positions, all the rest – everyone is in a high, intense level of readiness. They are not doing that for fun or because this is weeks off. The banks are on super-standby apart from a few who are as exhausted and frustrated as we are. They have lost so much money on overtime, they don’t care any more. They don’t’ want to be called until they see it on their screens, and even THEY are on standby or doing last-minute meetings and brush-up training sessions. They are ready to get this through.
Tony: They are training, they have the schedule for this week, they were told it was supposed to be last night. Some banks were calling people in to walk them through the actual process. Someone’s brother got called in and he named the bank on the forum. Many banks are doing this, taking 10-015 people through the process. They actually thought it would be Thursday, and everyone was ready for it to go then. It’s my belief it would go at the weekend and that was the plan last week. This week – who knows?
DC: We understand there have been more changes in the rollout procedures in the US, so be prepared for the shotgun approach OR the slow rollout where they bring in groups (like us) to handle the crowds better and for fewer headaches. We believe they are still on that slow rollout plan at the moment. The contract rates are still there, and at least we will have a fighting change at those like everyone else.
Tony: On the slow rollout, you will hear about that, and that is a real possibility. When you go to the forum and the guy said his mind went into a haze – that’s what many of us will have that same moment of panic. Write down your questions, and you will know where you have to go and what you have to ask, because when you get the call, your mind will go crazy! So prepare yourself now…
They have asked me to ask some of the forum questions:
Q: Six weeks ago the US gave control to Iraq under Plan A. Supposedly if this didn’t go nicely, Plan B would go into effect. What happened?
DC: Two months ago the US signed that, and they have been supportive the entire time since. They were nitpicking every detail and that slowed down the process. They wanted to make sure it was good and solid. Now, the dollar:dollar deal – that was not in the agreement. The US did do what they said they would, but they also tried to block some things that no one expected, and that has caused frustration, anxiety and anger around the world including amongst our closest friends and allies. They are livid and feel it was all very underhanded, that the US waited to screw us over at the end. It’s put everyone on notice that if there is anything that might still throw a kink in this, they had better bring it up now, not later.
Tony: There was a Plan A procedure, and Plan B was so complicated that basically the US called their bluff, saying “Is that what you really want to do?”
Q: What’s the latest you’ve heard about NDAs and bank contracts? Can we have rates, please?
DC: Our understanding is that on the international rate ($3.58, which it is back to), there will be no NDA – it will work like a normal currency exchange, like when you come back from Mexico and want to change it back into dollars. They have a screen or book that they will check to make sure the bills are genuine. They seal it and send it to a counter, and give you the credit the next morning if it’s all legit. It’s simple, normal and anti-climatic. For contract rates, you call the 800 numbers and they will direct you to several different banks. Whether you will get the contract rates depends on how much is still in the pool and they are trying to limit that so everyone gets a fair shake at the pool. Those not paying attention will probably not get the contract rates, but we have a good shot at getting them. You will call the 800 number, go to your appointment, and there will be a marshal as well as a banking person in the room. They will count the currency, run it through a delarue machine if they have one, and credit your account. If they don’t have a machine, they write up a receipt, send your money off, and credit you the next day.
The regular DNA is only four pages now, and it basically says “Do not talk about the dinar or contract rates, or else we will freeze your accounts.” If you cannot keep a secret, don’t sign the NDA! That is a legal agreement they will hold everyone to, and law enforcement has been taking the entire accounts of those breaking their NDAs. The second meeting will be with a wealth adviser who will walk you through what the bank can offer you.
DC: The dong, rupiah and zim still have rates attached, but I’m nto supposed to say what baskets they are in. IF you have them, great! If not, that is your choice.
Q: How can there be a contract rate if the rate is one dollar?
Tony: One doesn’t affect the other because the contract is a PRIVATE contract for those who have the opportunity to get it.
Q: When you consider is controlling the final release, are you as concerned as when you created the Twitter campaign?
Tony: No, because we are being told what the rate is, that there are contract rates and that it does include us. We know this is going to happen, that everyone is preparing for it to happen with some agonizing about why it didn’t happen. So I don’t have that level of concern about it happening.
Q: Will we be at the bank this week? Next week is November… it’s been two years!
Tony: I never thought we’d get to this week because I know we were supposed to be in the banks last Thursday! The banks had people in, and Iraq told their people this is it – last week! I still think the weekend makes sense, but they could do anything at this point. Everyone is gearing up for now, but they could drag it out for another week, I don’t know. If you’ve only been in this for two years, you’re doing well.
302 caller: Okay, so we’re almost there and we’ve missed it again, and I’ve been told by someone that PM Abadi got a huge loan from Kuwait…
Tony: I heard they got a loan from China until this process is completed. They are never going to have to worry about money anyway; they won’t let Iraq go bankrupt when it depends on the dinar going to RV.
Caller: How long can they keep this going until someone pulls the final trigger?
Tony: I can’t answer that until Iraq says “enough is enough” and our allies do the same: that they tell the US that there are others out there being affected. It’s all negotiation. They are telling people they are doing it at this time and they were negotiating in the background, and you have to get all you can get because this may be the only time they can do it… on a global scale. It’s not about us. If it were about us, then we would have reason to be upset, but as it is not, all we can do is to tell them to get on with it! They can continue until people here in the US say “enough is enough”, that they have done all they can for the economy and the country, and now everyone IS saying that. They have fixed all they can right now, and LET’S GO! Supposedly that’s what they’re saying this week.
I am looking for it right now because of the level of preparations and lockdown in the last 48 hours – more than we have seen in months. Everyone is super-excited that this time it may actually happen. There is nothing more to do relating to dinar, the RV or the people; all of that has been accomplished. It’s some outside deal that is stopping it – it’s being held hostage.
Caller: How comfortable do you feel that this brother in the training is for real?
Tony: I know the guy personally, he called me from there, and we went through the steps – which absolutely match the steps we already know about.
208: Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas because we won’t be able to say that later! Do we have a time limit on how long we have to exchange our currency?
Tony: I think there is a time limit on the contract rates, and also on watching the value of the market rate, but after that it will just be a common rate. After that first thirty days, they are concerned about stability, that’s all.
Caller: If we are NOT taking the contract rate, perhaps we should delay going to the bank?
Tony: I’ll tell you what I would do. If the dinar came out at a dollar, I wouldn’t’ exchange at that rate because we know it will be near the surrounding countries. The hedge funds would rush in and push up the rate very quickly. It doesn’t make sense.
Caller: The people who got the SKRs and such, is it possible to exchange directly into another foreign currency?
Tony: I don’t see why not. Call the currency dealers and ask them directly.
Caller; We keep hearing about the symbols changing; will you be able to let us know which are the real symbols in the package?
Tony: I don’t know what is in the package, and they are clearly not going to tell us until the time comes! But they will exchange at whatever the rate is for that currency, no matter what the symbol turns out to be.
I went to the mailbox and it was full of letters from you all – responses from your congress people and your personal stories. I’m trying to get it set up so that we can add your stories to the book. I love the ones that say ‘thank you’ and especially the lady who sent the hand-drawn pictures of Jesus. I appreciate everything you all have done, and I do love the cigars! I couldn’t believe some of the comments and stories and who they were from, and I know they affected people’s lives. I have read every one of your personal letters. Out of all these letters, exactly ONE Senator said it was not a scam.
423 caller: This is Chris on the board. With the procedures…
Tony: Hold on, let me go back over that. Remember, different banks may do different things. The guy who went over the process, they explained that he would meet certain people, they would count his dinar and said that when he left the bank, he would have money in hand to spend. Often, they do send the money off and credit your account overnight, but in the case of this person, that bank credits your account immediately.
Caller; I will be in Texas all this week.
Tony: When you call, they ask for the zip code where you want to exchange, they give you the nearest exchange center, and off you go!
Caller: [Appreciation] I donate when I can and I’m saving up for Pam’s bus!
Part 2
832 caller: Those test cases, how did they pick those people?
Tony: We didn’t have anything to do with it! They were people who went in and talked to bankers, and gave the manager their number, and when the banker finally got involved, the manager remembered and gave that person a call to walk them through and make sure they got the kinks worked out. I don’t know their criteria.
Caller: Does the NDA have different terms for different contract rates?
Tony: They do have different terms for different rates. For the basic NDA, I believe that is for five years. Mine is supposedly for 15 years, I don’t know why!
Caller: there was a recent post that investments in Iraqi dinar will not be taxed…
Tony: What I have been told so far – and don’t hold me to this – if you go in and say the right words you won’t be taxed, and if you say the wrong words you will be taxed.
Caller: So if you say ‘exchange’ you will not be taxed, and otherwise you might?
Tony: That’s about right.
Caller: Some got their funds a year ago, so is fairness in taxation covered in the NDA as well? You said that the key point is access to the contract rate. You say you will know that if we are having access to the contract rates, and if not, then you will not hold yourself bound by the NDA. Is the same true of the tax situation?
Tony: For the international rates, you will not be taxed if you say the right things. I have heard that there may be a flat 11% on the contract rates. Were they taxed a year ago? I don’t know. I am hoping they will do that in all fairness. There are enough people involved in the process behind the scenes, who helped us with #wearethepeople, and I’m counting on them letting us know.
404 caller [yet again]: Should we pay attention to 1. November when the rates change on the UN site?
Tony: I’m looking for a phone call with the 800 number, nothing else.
Caller: I heard next Tuesday is a holiday in Iraq – is that significant?
Tony: I got word of that but have not confirmed it. Of course, it’s Election Day here.
Caller: If all those agencies are in lockdown, how long will that last?
Tony: As soon as the RV happens, they will be released to do what they do. Pam is telling me that the holiday is Monday the 3rd (in Iraq). We vote on Tuesday.
352 caller: Can you explain in more detail what you call the slow rollout for us?
Tony: As I understand it, and we’re just saying this because it’s already out there, the slow rollout means getting the groups paid out, both formal groups and dinarians on the internet. They want to do that in the first 72 hours, and THEN exchange the others who have a little currency but who haven’t been paying attention. That was always the plan, to get 250,000 people through in the first 72 hours.
252 caller: Will the China rate be available to us in that slow rollout?
Tony: Yes, I understand it will be available for everyday citizens until it runs out.
601 caller: when you exchange your dinar into a separate account, how long do you have to leave it by itself for the government to track it?
Tony: I don’t know. I just told you what we were advised by someone at the UST. It’s a taxation issue. You don’t want all your eggs in one basket anyway – I certainly have more than one account right now. I would think it would be just for the exchange so you know what you’re being taxed on, but not forever.
Caller: I know about the NDA and I’m not worried about that. However, DC said something about the contract being so long it would take a lawyer an hour to read it. What could be in a contract that long that we should be aware of?
Tony: I don’t know. Supposedly it’s only four pages long. A while back I saw the NDA; DC has reviewed the NDA and says it’s pretty simple and straightforward. I think it would be smart to give us a copy beforehand so we can review it with you. I don’t think they want it complicated because they want to get you through in twenty minutes!
Caller: It’s the contract I’m worried about, for the contract rates.
Tony: Oh. I don’t know. It may depend on how much you have. If you have enough currency and you think it’s a big deal, take your attorney with you!
Caller: [restated the question for the third time]
Tony: They may take 20 minutes for you to exchange; setting up your further accounts and contracts could be a second appointment at another location. I don’t know.
817 caller: A week from today, will we be going about our lives better?
Tony: You need to be ready and prepared to do THE call. I’ve been prepared for months! The banks and such are more prepared than they have been for months, and I’m ready to go, but I’m not going to stand by the door with my suitcase in my hand.
Caller: Do you think the negotiations are finished, that the negotiators are ready for this to go further?
Tony: I think they’ve finished. The banks must believe it, or they wouldn’t be bringing all these people into the banks and walking them through the process. Banks that haven’t been engaged for months have been bringing their people back in.
Caller: I see Pam posting on the forum, but I’m disappointed she hasn’t put up a picture of her bus!
908 caller: I’m calling from Chapel Hill. Did you say that the zim and the rupiah…
Tony: Someone asked for the rates of the four currencies, and I said that they don’t want us to talk about dates and rates, but all four of them have great rates, much better than you could have dreamed a few years ago. Some said they heard only two will be released, but I get the feeling they will all be released at the same time, because if they are released in a few days apart, we rich dinarians will get even richer. I think the second basket will come out some time after January, and within six months.
248 caller: [Appreciation] You mentioned that this fourth quarter would be a great time for the GCR because it would mask any devaluation of the dollar.
Tony: I do think it is a perfect time because people spend money for the holidays, WE will spend money and they can pretend it’s all the economy. Also, in Iraq they told everyone they would have the new rate for the 1. October, and they have gone 30 days past that. It’s not their fault, of course – it’s been the US mainly that has held this up so long. We’re really good at that Statue of Liberty play…
Caller: What’s another industry beside 3-D printing that are good to look at?
Tony: I like 3-D printing, but financial services is one, energy sources, and the growth of third-world countries. You can get in on the ground floor and not have to spend much to get great returns. Google “Blacks without Border”, and see how people are becoming millionaires by going over there and building cities and companies where there is little or no competition. I know a guy who is a multi-millionaire from starting a cable company over there. An everyday person can do it!
Caller: About the next basket of currencies – will any of those be in North America or South America?
Tony: At least nine countries are supposed to be in that second basket.
Caller: Every time we ask this kind of question, they put up a steel fence around those currencies, once we give them ideas. That’s why I’m being cryptic.
Tony: That’s why they monitor the calls! They use our own ideas against us.
703 caller: I finally got on the call! My name is Sophia… I bought the dinar and forgot until January of this year. [Appreciation] Do you really think we are there now?
Tony: That is not what it says on the board. Yes, the amount of preparation that’s gone on in the last 48 hours shows that something big is going on. I do favor the weekends, that makes the sense to me, but who knows? I think it’s detrimental to Iraq and the psychology of their people with all these announcements when they tell them every day that this is happening. The people are getting frustrated, and they might lose confidence in their brand new government. They’re not giving them what they promised, while ISIL is giving them hundred dollar bills, food and goats. They are playing with fire!
Caller: I’m so ready for this, and can’t even imagine what’s like for those who have had it for so long. Do we have to have an account already open, before the exchange?
Tony: I think they would prefer for you to have one open beforehand, but for this amount of money, they will open 3-4 accounts if you need them! They will do the exchange and if necessary have you come in for another appointment. If you know which bank you want to use, just go open an account with $50, then withdraw the $50 and leave the account open and ready. But they will do it at your appointment if necessary, because they don’t want you to leave their bank with all that money.
Caller: What about taxes?
DC: Prepare to pay taxes on capital gains or unearned income, at federal and state levels. We understand that some are pushing for a ‘no tax’ situation, but we just don’t know. I think it is quite likely we won’t find out the tax situation for a month or two down the road. I’m not a tax professional, advisor or attorney, but if they give us the opportunity to pay 20% up front, I’ll still set the remainder aside until 15. April, because I’m not convinced the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. This is a lot of money and the government might well try to go after it.
Tony: If you open a bank account for the dinar or dong, they will not let you have a bank account specifically for that. You’re just opening an account for your own purposes. Also, don’t pay tax upfront – I’ll keep my money in an interest-bearing account until the last minute I have to hand over my taxes.
DC: Be conservative with it, because you will have to pay that money.
Caller: Could this possibly come out in the middle of the night?
DC: Many believe it will come out 2-5am. Another large contingent of bankers prefers middle of the day. They have nearly done it many, many times – in both timeframes. They’ve nearly done when the East Coast banks open, when the West Coast banks open, or when the West Coast banks close. So just keep an eye on the phone!
703 caller: So if it is released at 2am, when will you talk to us? [already been answered!]
DC: The two most probable scenarios run like this. If they release the RV in the middle of the night, Tony and I will be woken up because they’ll be so excited. They intend to let it populate through the system, and then call up a few folks to do a final phone call. We would immediately send out a tweet with the 800 numbers and the time of the final call. If they don’t want the 800 number going out to 250K people, they may have us say it on the call. I believe they are back to the more controlled deal where they give out the 800 numbers to 20K on the call first. If it happens during the day, the same thing will happen only more quickly. They would like people to go through the exchange centers for the first week or so, but if you only want the international rates, you can go directly to the banks.
Caller: So one scenario is that they give you guys the 800 numbers, and you send it out with a tweet and we can set up our appointments, OR Tony will only give out the 800 number ON that final call. So if I make my appointment right away, I could possible be at the bank before Tony’s call! My suitcase is ready at the door, but I wanted to get it clear in my head beforehand. Thank you.
Tony: My plan was to get the 800 numbers, tweet it out, tell you exactly when we would have a call, tell you’re the rates and the procedures. They have their own plan, and now that we have been asked to be part of the process, I don’t know what the plan is! I don’t know what they want us to do, whether it’s 15 minutes, an hour, seven days or 14 days. We want to help make the entire process smooth and easier, and we just don’t know!
405 caller: Will there be an exchange center in Oklahoma City? My father lives four hours away – do I make my own call first, or get there to help him walk through it?
DC: Yes, OKC has a number of dinar holders. They want each person to make a separate appointment, so you’ll have to work out what could work for him.
Caller: In your heart of hearts…
DC: I think they have backed themselves into a tight corner here, and I don’t see them being able to stretch this out any further at all.
936 caller: There is a financial forum about the currency exchange and the NDA… they have been using the term ‘investment’. If the banks are going to trip us up, and they ask if they ask “Do you want to do a cash out?”, we have to stop them as say we are there to do a currency exchange. And what about the two different forms?
Tony: For years, I’ve had bankers telling me to tell you to be careful, that people will try to trick or mislead you. You need to look out for you! In the last two weeks, it has been re-iterated to me that you must be vigilant. They have a process to redirect you if you mess up, but they are just following the rules. If you say the wrong things, they have to react to what you say, not what you intended to say.
Caller: Do you really think it will come before this weekend?
DC: I think everyone is cued up for this to go before the weekend, but I get nervous about giving exact times. However, it doesn’t make sense to me that people have been called in and then this doesn’t happen for five or six days.
Caller: I have only (say) two million dinar, and someone else has 20 million, and another person has one 24K dinar note – do we have equal access to the contract rate?
Tony: I don’t know the criteria for the contract rate. If there is a limit, DC will say!
DC: They are trying to allow as many people as possible to have some of the contract rate, so they are saying you can have up to X million dinar at contract rates and the rest at street rates. They have been respectful of allowing those would don’t have as much to get more buck for their dinar.
Caller: I hope this is the last call – I’m ready to go quail hunting on Friday if we can. DC, once this hits, you have my number, and you can come with me!
DC: Everyone is cued up throughout Iraq, with special laws all passed. They are all ready for this to go through. We strongly believe that everyone is on lockdown and blackout because they are ready to – bankers, law enforcement, security and all the rest.
Pam: Daz said, “One thing is for sure, whatever happens or how it happens, we are smack dab in the middle of it, with prior knowledge, and that is an experience in itself.”
Tony: These people in lockdown are not used to be restricted, and they won’t put up with it for too long. The weekend makes sense to me, but I would love for it to happen this afternoon. They are ready, with final briefings; they are back on three shifts after months away, and banks that have stopped being part of this have re-engaged in the process. The rate has gone back to $3+, though we don’t’ know for sure where that will come out. All the rates look good that we are aware of; all of them are superfantastic for what’s about to happen.
“There is a some group going around saying they have authorization to exchange your dinar for a starting fee of $30.” This makes me sick that we are this close and people are still doing this nonsense. If anyone does this, they deserve what they get, which is probably nothing. If they were just running a site about dinar and future investments and you want to pay $30 per month for that, that’s fine. But when they say they will exchange your dinar for you, that is absolutely wrong. The bank and any dealer is going to charge you a percentage for your exchange, because that is how they make their money. I hate it that someone it trying to abuse you this close to the exchange.
Please enjoy your day. Be careful until it’s time for you to exchange, and more careful after your exchange about these people who are lying in wait to take your money rather than just buying their own. We’ll be here, doing our job. Thank you! And send those response letters from your Congressmen, and thanks to those who have done so!.

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