Monday, February 19, 2018

An America Without Guns

An America Without Guns
It Happened to People JUST LIKE US 


just some dude with dsl said...

Ive found that most, not all but a significant percentage of anti gun folk dont own guns... Thats too bad because they cant come to the aid of someone being attacked or defend themselves in a unexpected change of events that can happen at any second. Same time most of these folk go to movies that contain scenes with people using guns to promote drama and close out character arcs. Not to mention 99% of all video games involve shooting a gun, laser, ball, a projectile of some sort. First thing I did when I turned 18 was to purchase a 8mm Mauser. First thing I did when I turned 21 was purchase a 357 magnum. To this day thankfully Ive never had to use them in fear for my life, but ya know I keep them close... Gun training should be taught in the 1st grade. But that makes too much sense for some folk that think guns kill people on there own............................................ I feel safe living around gun owners, sheet I might be an redneck?

Anonymous said...

If you said you were going home to 'load' the dishwasher, and you got your 'ol lady drunk, THEN, you'd be a red neck!! Or you were out mowing your lawn after 3 years, and found your wife's '57 Buick out behind the house! A redneck YOU would be!! LMELFAO!!and, YES, I own guns!!

Curaetor said...

The leading cause of violent death in the United States is auto accidents,
so I guess we need “car control” right? Tom Steininger, St Petersburg FL