Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russian Women and the Lack of Jealousy - An interesting prespective.

One of the things that really blew my mind when I got here was just how much Russian Women respect each other’s beauty without being jealous.

With all the girls I have ever know I have never met a Russian girl who ever showed any hint of jealousy towards another attractive woman. In fact just the opposite is true. I could be with a date walking down the street and the two of us could pass another group of beautiful girls and I will not hesitate to look at them. Nor would I ever “pretend” to NOT look at them.
Almost always the Russian girls that I am with will just smile at me innocently and say..

“Russian Women are really beautiful.. Yes?”
And I’ll just smile back and say..
“Yes.. they sure are…”
As you can guess.. this one little thing says a WHOLE LOT about their general character.

So let me give you my TOP 10 Reasons as to what this all means..
10. It says that a Russian Woman is openly proud of her country and with the many other beautiful women who also live there.

9. She admires and respects beauty in others just as much as she respects it in herself.

8. There is no shame given towards beauty because beautiful girls are openly admired and given straight adulation by this society. Beauty contests at the local, regional and national level are more accepted and widespread then they are in the States. There is not the slightest hint of feminist controversy over these events as being a form of “female exploitation by the male patriarchy”. I’ve been to quite a few of these contests and the women in the audience always greatly outnumber the men.

7. In-spite of the huge sexual competition these women face against each other in finding a good Man these Women DO NOT openly cut each other down like they often do in the States. Instead there is MUCH more focus on doing what she can to improve herself.

6. Because jealousy is a fundamental human emotion it still exists here in Russia just like anywhere else but open displays of jealousy by women are considered to be shameful and only magnifies the unpleasant fact that she is losing her man to a rival. I have only known of one woman the entire time I’ve been here who showed a great deal of jealousy and hostility when her husband left her for another woman. Even-though the husband was at fault this woman’s behavior totally marginalized her and caused people not to respect her.

5. There is an old cultural belief among Russian women that says that they are responsible or at fault if their man leaves them. Russian mothers will traditionally drill this belief into their daughters. Because of this if a man rejects them they will usually suffer this loss in complete silence and isolation. They will do everything possible to put on a brave face and to keep their composure at all cost.

4. Russian girls show absolutely no sign of jealousy or sadness when their girlfriends end up getting boyfriends or husbands. Again it’s just the opposite. They are very proud and happy when their girlfriends are able to get married even if they realize that their own chances for achieving this are slim.

3. Russian women have a high degree of REAL female camaraderie and excellent understanding with each other. They have extremely deep and meaningful relationships with their girlfriends which provide for a great deal or emotional strength and stability. For example it is almost unheard of for a Russian women to go to a psychologist for help in dealing with her own issues. In Russia these women are expected to go and confide in their girlfriends first and foremost.

2. Russian Women are physically close to each other without any hint of being lesbians. Russian women like to hold hands in public and often greet each other with a lite kiss on the lips. In this culture these open displays of affection simply means that these 2 women are friends and nothing else. Another example of this is to commonly see Mother’s with grown-up daughters still holding hands while walking down the street.

1. Above all.. what a lack of jealousy tells me about Russian Women is this.. It means that these ladies have the most valuable thing of all in their lives.. Something even more valuable then the beauty, intelligence and grace that is so abundant here.

It simply means that these Women have an IDENTITY.
An IDENTITY they are very proud of and rightfully so..
An IDENTITY which allows them to naturally relate to each other as women in ways that I have never seen before.

And an IDENTITY that gives these women a source of strength AND a foundation for their own well being.
And if you had all of this too..

Then you’d also understand why it’s pretty darn difficult to be jealous regardless of what you have or don’t have in your life.

Look at this! This is a picture from Kazan Russia! I like! Nice double barrel!



Anonymous said...

I was introduced to a few Russian women back a few years ago, and I will tell you right now, they were gorgeous! I dated one in high school, and as long as you treat them the way you want to be treated, they'd do just about anything for you, and they just love American men, and the way that they dressed, well, that is another story- WOOOW!

Freewill said...

I agree. I have been looking through profiles on Russian women and I really like what I am reading. They just put up who they are and ask for little in return. Most are just looking for lifetime companionship and devotion. I read through American women profiles and many set stringent conditions. Sorry but I am not looking for meeting conditions. I will stick with the Russian women. You can see it in their eyes and faces. Russian women have the kind and open hearted qualities I do not see here in America. Who knows. I may just decide to pack up and leave this dark and destitute country and head for the places where Real feminine women are. I have distaste for manly women who don't need a man and that is ok. They will not have this one.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Freewill!!!! Here, here!! I know for a fact they really want to be needed and loved to the max, and the more that you love, need, and adore them, along with the attention that you show and give them, the returns are ten fold- You cannot ask for a better woman- Can you just imagine what it would be if only a 1/3 of them were here in the U.S.? Oh my god!!!!!I would walk a mile through their excrement JUST to kiss where it came from!!

Freewill said...

Funny but true! I would too! Had to add a pic to the bottom of the post that I found.

Anonymous said...

Freewill, I love it!! Encore, Encore!!Just the way these sultry, beautiful ladies present themselves tells you they mean business, yet in a sexy, loving way!!Oh my god!!!! I ain't getting any sleep tonite, I guess!! WOOOW!! Thank you for the delectable pics!!

Anonymous said...

I HAVE TO TELL THIS : I AM A WOMAN - Was it 1967 ? Was it Times magazine ? .... On the cover , there was a woman, KIM , a russian woman...... I NEVER FORGOT the effect she had on me - - - - I would like very much ...if someone help me ....... find this cover of 50 years ago - - Signed: A woman in Quebec city - At that time, i was living in Riviere-du-loup ( Wolfe's river ) ...and ''zines', from usa, were available - i was about 15 years old - - Please someone, help me, with this ......

Anonymous said...

11:27 a.m.- You could always get hold of Time Magazine and ask about a certain year and pics/stories about subjects for that year, like a lot of newpaper publishers and companies always have preserved copies of the old newspapers over the years, in case someone would like a copy of them- If you are STILL in Quebec City, try this approach to your query, and I'm sure you can find the info- It is out there, if you don't find anything in the papers of that year in the city you are/were in, try Time Magazine- Best of luck!!