Sunday, February 25, 2018

SEDM and Family Guardian

By Anna Von Reitz

Beginning in 2001 a quiet endeavor began--- and I suppose that it can only be compared to compiling a virtual arsenal of paperwork and publishing it on the internet--that has grown into SEDM and Family Guardian and related websites:
All these websites are sponsored and maintained by the same Mom and Pop Christian Ministry, and they provide an almost unbelievable treasure trouve of forms, explanations, and processes. A first visit can be totally overwhelming and for that reason some people turn back, throw up their hands, and run screaming into the bushes. That would be a mistake.

This vast compendium of information is actually well-ordered once you learn their system, and there are abundant connections provided to related forms. You can also, for a modest fee, join their membership organization and get additional help and guidance.

I first became aware of SEDM/Family Guardian in the early 2000's when it was still a somewhat fledgling effort. When I checked back circa 2008 it has mushroomed into a mega Data Base. When I checked back in 2015 it had undergone additional mammoth expansions and improvements and it is today the single largest compendium of court-evidence-quality legal and administrative paperwork available for free (or for a very modest cost) on the internet.

The Founders, like most people, cut their teeth and got involved because of attacks that the "federal government" made on them. Out of their own bitter experience, they resolved to take action and to help others defend themselves. The SEDM and Family Guardian websites are the result.

Perhaps because of this beginning and the desire to help others who are enmeshed in struggles with the Territorial and Municipal Court Systems, the focus at SEDM and Family Guardian is on helping people who are already trapped in court battles fend off or break free from the clutches of these foreign courts--- in other words, on defensive actions one can take to forestall, nullify, challenge, and otherwise overcome the claims and predatory actions of these foreign courts on the court's own turf. 
Their secondary (and corollary to my own) focus is on helping people re-establish their birthright political status and deal with the Territorial and Municipal Government in the day to day exercise of their fundamental rights.

This is a somewhat different mission overall than the one I have engaged in, which is to rescue and remove the 90% of Americans who should never be in front of these foreign courts to begin with---and to restore the American Common Law Courts we are owed, but it is a complimentary effort.

Whether defending against these foreign courts or restoring the proper court venue and political status of the American People, both efforts dove-tail together and are vitally necessary.

I am being barraged daily with requests for individual help from people already engaged in court cases--- child custody, foreclosures, D.U.I.s, right to travel, immigration---you name it, and I have received requests for help, but the fact is that I and the other members of The Living Law Firm are already fully engaged in prosecuting the large scale international issues for everyone's sake; we can't possibly catch the Arsonists if we stop to fight the brush fires.
We wish we could help everyone, but we can't, so we try to get the word out and direct people to groups that already have a solid established record of providing the kind of help people need to hold their own once they are entrapped in a foreign court case. 
SEDM and Family Guardian are tried and true.

We also recommend Mark Emery's Lighthouse Law Club for those who already have a basic knowledge of what we are up against and want to take part in the quest for relief, and the Michigan General Jural Assembly for help getting your local county jural assembly up and running. 
I am often very humbled by the efforts that Americans have already made and the years of dedication they have sacrificed simply to help their countrymen. There is no better or more shining example of this determined and unselfish commitment than you will see for yourself upon visiting the SEDM and Family Guardian websites.

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