Friday, February 23, 2018

To all Americans! You are needed NOW! Paul Revere is screaming for you!

This has gone on long enough!

From 1868 to 1871 the corporation U.S. UNITED STATES aka VIRGINIA Company was hired to provide 19 governmental services to the people and due to the 1861 DeJure Congress sine die when the south walked out and an insufficient number of people for quorum remained to adjourn and schedule the next meeting.

I hear people screaming about their treatment by the foreign DeFacto Corporation’s taxes and unjust laws of the sea being enforced against them daily and spending untold amounts of time and energy fighting within their system for a shred of justice.

Usurpation. So many people are fighting the symptoms of the problem but almost nobody is going after the cure! Stop playing big pharma with trying to use their internal regulations and rules against them by fighting the symptoms of the problem and making them wealthy. Going to jail and/or paying fines for victim-less crimes takes a lot of time and money away from your family and life.
Yes, we put Donald Trump in the CEO position of that foreign corporation so he can drain the swamp and return the power back to the people. Reference this 15-second video clip: . Donald Trump cannot complete his promised job until we the people assemble to take that power. The Pentagon is complying with orders issued from the lawful civilian authority. Donald Trump being president is due to a result of those orders. The orders were issued several years ago. Reference this link for a partial list of what was issued to the Pentagon.

Trump must be careful how he brings these monsters to a stop. Remember this is all interlaced like a complex machine that some parts are needed that would be badly affected by other parts halted. Cause and effect. Trump knows this and it is a nightmare to figure out the best way to shut things down without having an adverse effect elsewhere.

What would work the best that is out of Trump’s jurisdiction and control would be the people returning to self-governance via the county and state assemblies so the entire machine can be overseen and dismantled with the assemblies stepping in at the appropriate time. That would make for a smooth transition with minimal catastrophe. It all hinges around all of us getting our county assemblies up and running! We had 59 callers on the conference call tonight! That is a pathetically small number! We need to add a couple zeros to that number and fast!

The Florida school shooting was staged by the criminals within that hired foreign corporation and took 17 beautiful lives from us! 9-11 and all the false flags that have happened will continue until a majority of county and state assemblies are resettled! At this time Michigan is the only declared DeJure state with all its land settled with assemblies. False flag attacks don’t happen in Michigan because of this. Michigan has an unrebutted lawfull body politic as We THE People assembled that can and will hold them accountable for any injury to anyone on Michigan land. This is the cure for the cancer known as the hired foreign U.S. corporation in D.C. You want it gone? Get assembled! Resettle your land jurisdiction! It is a lot easier and healthier to do this than to keep fighting the endless fight against the symptoms! 

If you want the power Trump is trying to return to the people then get it done so you can receive that power! Conference calls for assistance is every Thursday evening at 9 pm Eastern time. 
1-712-770-4160, access code 226823# 

If you cannot make that call then at least send an email to with your state in the subject line. First name and email address are required. If you choose to include any additional contact info that is up to you. Your information will only be shared with coordinators for your county or state assembly. Nobody else will have access.  
If you cannot be active in doing the work then you can at least be counted as a number for your county assembly. Generally, 1 tenth of members are active. But the numbers allow the steps to become a settled county and state assembly. The Handbook and resettling of the counties are proven safe and effective. No goons or badge wearers will interfere or harm you in the process and guidelines outlined in the handbook. Nobody goes to jail for peacefully following the footsteps of our founding fathers. Feds are aware of it and declared it lawful. Your county, your family, your life, your freedom, your assembly. 
So there is no excuse to not be involved. 

Email or be on that call or watch America fail. Donald Trump cannot do it by himself. Donald Trump is our inside operative. It is up to us the people. It is that simple. Sorry to be blunt but we are running out of time!

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